Zsire: Femsarri Bound Go-Ahead

Marcus Kasabian De Storm, Creator and Author of “Suburban Heat” and “The Brotherhood Of Justice”, has taken over the wheel of over twenty Micro-Novels, Novels and Scripts that were headlined for 21st Century Visionary Writer, Casanova Da Vinci. The change, which will not alter the quality of the works, is set to begin immediately. As this Project included several hundred books of variant sizes, it is estimated that everything will be complete by the time the 5 Year Countdown hits Zero.

Zsire: Femsarri Bound (Paperback & Kindle)

Forthcoming Micro-Novel “Zsire: Femsarri Bound” will go ahead for early 2018 release in Paperback and Kindle formats. The only change to the book will be the new Author, but certainly not a new Writer, MKDS (aka Marcus Kasabian De Storm).

Joining the 180’s, Zsire: Femsarri Bound, is hoped to run side by side to the “Midnight Dark Collection” Series from North Gable Productions and it’s Projects subsidiary. Included in the 10 Micro-Novel Selection are “Night Chapters: RX-21 Edition”, “Rogue Order”, “Xanadu” and “Scarlet”, to name a few.

Ran under the “Midnight Dark” category, each book is separate for their Read, but combined tell a bigger story for the upcoming Summer Release (2018) of “Suburban Heat: Fall Of The Lawlords”. Previous releases of the “Suburban Heat Saga” have been seen to be satisfactory to many, and the next installment of the Adult Political Thriller will not disappoint either.

Release Dates and Pricing of these books will be made available as soon as the information becomes available over time. If you wish to look through the extensive collection of Micro-Novels, Novels and Books from the author, then please follow this link > > Casanova Da Vinci (Amazon).

For all MKDS/Marcus Kasabian De Storm Micro-Novels, Novels and Books can be found here > > MKDS (Amazon). Special Edition Books may vary in their Final Design when gone to press, but be reassured, it will not effect the contents.

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