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The Station Commander By MKDS

Station Commander - x3 Parts

Here at “GWN:Online“, we pride ourselves on three things: Ingenuity; creative or otherwise: Re-Invention; plausible denial on some, and finally Thought-Tapping; never cerebrally, but most times just freaking one another out from time to time. From these three fundamental conditions that we hold close to our nature, we find a difference between what is present and what is past…Please allow us demonstrate.

Last summer (2013) we threw around the idea that maybe the world was tired of seeing the same old mobile phones on the Marketplace, and maybe, if the perfect opportunity came up we may be able to save the day…Unfortunately, we didn’t come up with any new ideas or jazzy new concepts for to help the Manufacturer’s like Sony, Nokia, Apple or LG out – Sorry guys!

What we did come up with, however, was this:
“The Station Commander™” is (we say is because it is a Concept) a true re-defining moment of Technology and Communications, one piece of Hardware that once held and powered up, will be twice as hard to power down and give up. Designed by Marcus De Storm, Director of Storm Multi-Media Technologies and creator of “The Aqua-Tech Wall” back in 1999, the whole design of “The Station Commander™” was created around the idea that almost everyone has a “Laptop”, most people have “Desktops”, and certainly almost definitely has an “Android” or “Tablet”, right? So, what is the next key Technology jump in human evolution?

Being the Director of a UK Technology Company has its advantages, such as “Parts” and “Exclusive Parts”, not to mention “Future Proof Parts” and “Components”. Saying this, if you take one “Laptop”, one “Desktop” and one “Android/Tablet” and mash them together, what do you get? Nope, not an iPhone Upgrade…You get what we have so rightly titled “The LapTab Station Commander™” – and for a very good reason too.

Earlier this year “GWN:Online” contacted all Senior CEO’s and equivalent Senior Contacts in all major Branded “Mobile Technologies”, there was BlackBerry, Sony, LG, Samsung, Nokia, even Sony Eriksson. But, oddly enough, the heads up on our design and structuring of “The LapTab Station Commander™” brought them to tell us they were too busy working on “Updating…” or “Upgrading…” the technology which they have already committed themselves to deal with. This would of course be the iPhone 6, the new Samsung S5 and all the other devices that are clogging the whole Marketplace and third world countries doorways to keep the air filtration system working.

Welcome To The Next Generation:

When you look at the market today, we stand and face millions of Mobile Phones sat in someone’s hands or stuck out of their ear because they are that small the owner just had to see if it could be done like the Dude in the Carphone Warehouse suggested…Yeah, good one! Even though the person knows that his Mobile phone will never surpass 100GB or 1TB in our lifetime (Speaking on behalf of those 30-50 years old’s out there among us), we often ask ourselves how far will Mobile Telecommunications go?

With many questions in mind, it was concluded that a ‘Think-Tank Session‘ must be brought together and, though coffee supplies were low, we needed to answer the most important questions in human history – What Next?

It was easy to answer the first sequence of basic queries: How big, how small, how robust, how much memory; RAM and ROM, yarda, yarda, yarda! And then the real questions started to come across with less spontaneity in the replies. Questions like: Mass Digital Storage, Mass Storage Transferring, Weight, Design, Plasma Discharge…Alright, maybe not Weight, because simply being a ‘Slim Design’ by default anyway, why would we waste time arguing over who has the bigger dimensions!

Okay, so the real question was this: By fusing three devices into one unique casing, what would you have? The answer was not simple, but finally it came in the form of Diagrams, Pictures drawn from pencils (those things like pens, but instead of ink they have lead).

The Station Commander Keyboard™:

Stataion Commander - Keyboard 1

First of all, you would need a “Keyboard” – as on all Mobile Smartphones nowadays – which would be comfortable, but also durable, washable and luminous to the elements of darkness and night. The “QWERTY” keys would make this Universal, except for the additional “Keys” which control the main structural “Accessories” highlighted as ‘MODES‘; which control both the ‘Monitor‘ and ‘Hard Drives‘…Yes, there would be 2 HDD’s, one Internal and one External…Cool. The “Keyboard” can be detached from the main part of “The Station Commander™” by simply ‘Unclipping’ the connections.

The Station Commander Monitor & Exo-Skeleton:

Station Commander - Screen

The “Monitor” of any “Laptop”, “Desktop” or “Android/Tablet” these days come with High Definition Visual Graphics Accelerator chips inside, which redevelop an Environment that the user can adjust and become comfortable with. “The Station Commander Monitor™” will be no different; in fact, the low tinted screen would also become very sturdy and durable to that of waist height falls. Alas, a glass screen that is susceptible to the angry charms of a bully!

The “Exo-Skeleton” of the “Monitor” would be of a highly modified custom build to that of the normal “Laptop” or “Android Tablet”, because behind the screen there would be a small, slim compartment to house a “Mobile Phone”; specifically slim phones like those of the Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Raz-Ri (As the latter is the phone which the designer himself owns).

On each end of the ‘Monitor‘ at the (Outer) rear you will find 1x 1TB HDD (Slim), and 1x 50 hour Di-Lithium Battery (Slim). Inside the “Monitor” there will be the very latest Mod Cons (Modern Conveniences) that will increase the validation of ‘Future Proof‘ Technology. The “Monitor” can be detached, as like the “Keyboard” to “Stand-Alone”.

Additionally, the “Monitor” can be used as a complete “LapTab™” by using the “Swivel” option; flip the “Monitor” around to face outward while pressing the rear of the “Monitor” into the “Keyboard” to the “LapTab™ Conversion Position“. Any Mobile Phone inside the “LapTab™” at the time can remain, but only if it is secured by the “Slide Lock” at the “Insertion Point“.


The Station Commander LapTab™:

Station Commander - Specs

So, you want to use all three devices! Okay, the Mobile Phone is inside “The LapTab™” and you have “The Station Commander™” in the “Laptop” position. Here are some examples to sell the idea to you:

Phone Book to Laptop Contacts – Press LapTab™ “MODE” on your “Keyboard” to activate the “LapTab™ Functions” and the on screen display will bring up your “Desktop Icons”; Mobile Phone, LapTab™, Desktop…You press “Mobile Phone Icon” and instantly you will have access to your “Mobile Phones Files and Memory”. Select “Phone Book”, then options of “Transfer All Data”, or “Transfer Selected Data Only”. Now select which “Contact’s” in your Phone you want to “Transfer” to your “LapTab™ Contacts“, execute and hey presto! You’re done. This is reversible also, and can also “Transfer” non-protected “Data” back and forth – Phone Memory willing – at any time.

Skype Interactive Call – Press LapTab™ “MODE“, enable “Mobile Phone Icon” to “On” or “Always On”. When “Skype” call comes through, press “Answer” on the “Monitor” screen. You’re done.

Charge Mobile Phone – Insert Mobile Device into the back of the “LapTab™ Monitor Slide Lock” the insertion panel and you’re done. The immediate insertion of the mobile device into the “LapTab™” begins the “Recharge” process, unless your “LapTab™” is under 30% Charged itself, which in this case the “Monitor” will alert you to the “Low Battery Icon” flashing until you “Recharge” the whole device before continuing. If you have the “LapTab™” already plugged into the mains socket, all “Devices” will charge as normal.

Playing Games – What we call “Compatible Vice-Versa”, the “LapTab™” will enable you to play “Mobile Phone” games on the “LapTab™” whatever “MODE” it is in, whether or not the game was downloaded for a small screen or not, you will see exactly the same game as you would on your “Mobile Phone Handset”.

Changing From “LapTab™” to “Station Commander™“- Okay, so that you are savvy with the different “MODES“, the “LapTab™” is the “Laptop/Tablet”; you may switch between both of these at any time, but may become hazardous while juggling oranges or running silent on a Black Ops Mission. “The Station Commander™” “MODE” is when you have the device rested upon a table top, knee or some dead bad guy you’ve just killed in the Black Ops Mission…Anyway, to enable each “MODE” you must select which one you wish to use. When in “LapTab™ MODE” the “Monitor” will not release from the “Keyboard“, as in “Station Commander™ MODE“, the “Monitor” will not “Lock” into its seating position for “Docking”. This feature can be overridden, though caution to the fact that your “Mobile Device” inside “The Station Commander™” or “LapTab™” “MODES” may eject from the device without your knowledge.

From “The Red Hive’s” Point Of View, the future is looking awesome, while its gathering weekly “Concept Projects” amount to numerous other Technologies; TV’s, Multi-Regional Media Players, PC’s, and an array of other Tech Stuff, we know that the world is growing bigger and better ‘Needs’, but we also know that in a world where Hi-Spec Gadgetry and Electronics are concerned there is enough of the playground for everyone – Not just Corporations and Manufacturer’s who attempt to corner it. Here is ‘Food for Thought’: The very first “Weapon” created on planet Earth was that of “Speech”, today, we have “Weapons” that can follow a ‘Heat Signature’ and take it down from over 100 miles away…Imagine a “Weapon” that can take out a country at the push of a button on a “The Station Commander LapTab™“. If you would like any further information on our designs and Concepts, please contact us by using the links on our “Contact Us Page” here on “The Red Hive”.

Here’s to the Future…


© 1999/2014 MKDS/North Gable Productions. All rights reserved.

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