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Tears Of The Rain

The Bordello Tales

Casanova Da Vinci

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Evermore had been the home to so many of the Brindley-White’s and Evermore’s blood line relatives, it’s ancestral entitlement spanning more than five generations, but for one. The Cavendish Family were hatefully tagged as ‘Half-Breed’ by those who were ‘Full Blooded’ family members, of course, and those of The Cavendish descent were not one of ‘Them’.

During the 1972 Charge of Borello, more than one hundred men fell to the ways of their captures; many hung, while others were taken into the vast lands of Evermore to be tortured before being executed by the side of unmarked graves. This was seen as an “Atrocity”.

But that was 1972, a long time ago.

It was 2002, thirty years had passed an almost restful town of Battle Ready residents who would pick up arms at any given moment to protect their lands, livelihoods and family. There was nothing that they each wouldn’t do for their Kin.


Redstone, 2002


‘Isn’t Evermore…like cursed, or something?’ Rebecca asked.

Evermore was believed to be cursed, as from the very first family member to sit within its Manor, to that of the current in the line of Evermore descendants. The problem was, nobody in the family believed it to be true – except me.

‘Yes, but only to those who abuse their power, Rebecca, not those who want good to come out of it.’ I moaned at her inability to keep up with the information that I had given her over the exhausting hours we had been hanging out together.

It was summer break; six weeks of being bored shitless! That was what the holidays were to us all during the nineties, as well as other more mundane things like “Traditions”; everyone it seemed in Evermore had something to celebrate, commemorate or give some special thanks to. Truth be known, I didn’t know there were so many Special Days in the year when it came to those of much older generations finally meeting their maker – or whatever it was that waited for us all on the other side of life!

‘Your Cousin will want to see you before you go back to school, I should imagine, Natasha!’ My Mother exclaimed suddenly appearing at my bedroom door.

Aunt Melissa was not the easiest of people in the family to get on with, but at least she was fair, considering that her daughter, Carrie, was always being punished for being cruel to others.

‘Will Carrie be there, Mother?’ I asked carrying on with what I was doing without looking up at her.

Rebecca tapped my arm. ‘Carrie is going to be there?’

She gave a gulp which told me that maybe these two had come to blows at some time or other, whichever it was, I needed to know before we arrived at Evermore.

‘Yes.’ My Mother replied closing the door and walking away.

Giving my Mother time to leave and return downstairs, I turned to face Rebecca and prepare myself to find out what the big deal was with her and my Cousin, Melissa.

‘She’s my Cousin, but she does sometimes have the head for an evil Queen, don’t you think?’ I remarked dryly.

Rebecca nodded her head as if hardly bothered by the statement I’d just made, which would suggest it was something else entirely.

‘She dresses up beautiful,’ Rebecca declared, grabbing a hold of my dress laid on the chair before dancing around with it smiling and singing. Rebecca was so…so crazy!

‘Rebecca Finch, if I didn’t know any better I would say you were absolutely off your rocker.’ I laughed out loudly joining her by her side.

Rebecca was encouraged to dance around some more while I was suddenly interrupted by Mr. Ives, the Head Butler – not much head as he was old and loyal to my Mother.

‘You have received a telegram from Briarstone, Miss. St. John,’ he announced handing me the letter from a small silver tray, while in his eyes I saw the affliction of a twitch.

Reading through it I found to my disbelief that a dear friend of mine had died. The look on my face must have been a perfect picture for one of those moments you’re never prepared for.

What is it? What’s wrong, Natasha?’ Rebecca cried with so much urgency in her tone. ‘Is it College?’

I could not bring myself to explain my sudden composure, but to hand Rebecca the telegram before falling back onto my bed and staring up at the ceiling aimlessly.

Rebecca read the news and became quiet – too quiet.

‘I have to go back on my own, Rebecca, back to Evermore…’

I was suddenly silenced by a firm hand placed over my mouth.

Shhh! If your Mother hears you, she’ll be none too pleased.’

I understood what she was trying to tell me; it had been so long since any St. John walked into Evermore Manor, that person being my Father, Lord Edmond St. John, who was not reprimanded for this deed, but was banished along with the rest of his family here in Redstone.

‘I will tell her I’m going to your house for a couple of weeks, you can vouch for me, can’t you Rebecca?’ I had it all planned out – or so I thought.

‘But what are you going to do?’ She panicked. Rebecca always panicked at times like these, when the pressure was starting to become too much.

And…Breathe!’ I gasped at my friend.

Rebecca was in a state, like the day after the night before when you wake up in a strange house! On this occasion, if I didn’t know better by her reaction to the news of my leaving the very confines of my prism here at Cavendish House, she was about to mess the whole of “Plan A” up.

‘Rebecca, listen to me, Okay? Now, we’re just going to say that I’m at you’re house…’

I can’t do that, Natasha!’ She gasped out suddenly, but had  stopped jittering about which was something I guess. ‘I’m going with you!’

At first I didn’t hear her come-back, maybe because nearly all of her answers and replies were those that were so predictable of someone like my best friend Rebecca – and there were lots of Rebecca’s in Seacliffe, if not the whole of Resheen.

‘Oh, yeah, that’s right! I’ve got you booked on the Evermore train for this time…Never! You can’t come with me, Rebecca, you’re my alibi. I can’t do this without an Alibi.’

The little heart to heart took almost sixty seconds before I caved in and agreed to take her with me, though this was nothing to do with what she said to me.


A Fond Farewell


The train for Evermore was expected to arrive at 12:28, however, there being an incident on the tracks earlier that morning, the Ticket Inspector hazarded a guess it would be later. As it was, time had caught me up enough to realize that being seen at the Station along with Rebecca, my Mother would run down here and take me back kicking and screaming. But that was my Mother, the one who had cared for me, protected and looked after me. How different we see life, when we are caught within the patented petals of our own demise – our very own Self Fulfilling Prophecies.

I’m thirsty!’ Rebecca called out to me from the long wooden bench that she’d seen and taken a pew. ‘Can you see the train yet, Natasha?’

My inner self was telling me to do things that I would never have dreamt of doing, while in the heat of the moment my patience broke and I went to lunge out at my friend. And it was right there that I noticed him. Standing right in front of me was a man who blocked out the sun and spoke out softly to me in what sounded like a harmonious, enchanting voice.

‘Excuse me, I’m looking for the Evermore 12:28, has it…’

‘No,’ I replied with a heart beating so fast that I was sure that all those people standing around could hear it too. ‘It’s…erm, it’s just running a little late, that’s all.’

I couldn’t believe that I’d got my words out without messing up, as I was sure that Rebecca certainly would, as she suddenly stepped forward and stared at the gentleman.

‘Do you work out?’ Were her very first words to the man who had everything, or at least he soon will have.

‘Yes, as a matter of fact, I do,’ he replied with a smile.

‘You do know that my friend wasn’t really asking…’

The man bowed. ‘Indeed I do, and there, I have said it again. My name is…!’

I cut in just as he was about to announce his name. ‘Lord Daniel Lawrence, you’re friends call you “D”, which I find absolutely irritating. Who would…Oh, sorry I’m babbling!’

Turning to me immediately he pushed his lips together and started to play with them, his whole routine of going into deep thought was impressive. I stood for a few seconds looking right at his soft lips while he made up his mind.

‘Then I will allow you to call me whatever you wish, until my train arrives at least. Do we have a deal, Miss…?’

The offer was purely coincidental. The man before me was that of a Lord, one who has remained to be spoken of very highly, too. It was my decision to turn down the offer.

‘My apologies, Lord Lawrence, but I believe that a person, such as yourself, should decide their own name. I am just a simple Redstone girl travelling to Evermore with my trusted friend here.’

Daniel looked at me with an off-the-cuff knowing glare in his eyes, which just happened to look straight into mine as I declared the bad news to him.

‘Oh, come now! To be honest, you look like your more than a simple girl from Fire City. In fact, I’d wager all my lands and property on you being more than you let on to be!’ He replied in a most civilized tongue I’d ever heard. I was almost memorized to the point of being hypnotized.

‘And what exactly would that be, Lord Lawrence?’ I asked in a half dry manner that admittedly, I seldom use in the presence of other people outside my family, of course.

‘You’re beautiful. You’re well dressed and well groomed! Are you a Princess?’ He finally laughed out loud to the deafening sound of the train pulling into the station, it’s steam blasting out a loud burst of whistling water mist..

I had to laugh, it was funny. Lord Lawrence had made a joke, one of the things that he didn’t normally do while mingling with the normal everyday people of the cities. Truth be known, it was for this reason that I found no cause to idolize or support his cause.

‘I have an idea, why don’t you two join me in the First Class. That way you can think of what to call me along the way.’ He suggested quite suddenly, and to both mine and Rebecca’s dismay.

‘I’m afraid not, Lord Lawrence, we are unfamiliar to one another, strangers…almost!’ I gasped out with the strength to, again, turn down his offer.

‘But you want to…I can offer you food…drinks.’ He spoke in a light and feathered tone that had me shaking my head.

Turning to Rebecca I advised her to board the train while we still had the time to get clear of the city limits, once beyond these, we would be free of Redstone. It was while having this thought that I also had the weirdest feeling niggling at the back of my head: What would Mother do when she found out that I was gone?


The King Of Hearts


Lord Lawrence had finally talked me and Rebecca into sharing his carriage in First Class at the rear of the train, the last three longest carts that gave complete luxury to the Lord’s travels.

‘This is my one hundred and thirty-eighth trip to Evermore, my last, too, if I can help it!’ He called out walking around the room until stopping at the bar. ‘You see, my Cousin, Sebastian, has got himself into a bit of tight spot. And, of course, he needs me to get him out of it. But that is a problem best left until I get there. Drink?’

I couldn’t help but get the impression he was somehow in a position of vulnerability; the tell-tale signs of nervousness, as well as his clammy hands would suggest that he was.

‘Is Sebastian like you, too?’ Rebecca asked sitting down to rest on a nearby comfortable seat.

His response was not immediate, but it was excused for being a little late coming with such a long pause.

‘Not quite. Sebastian is…Sebastian, I suppose!’ He answered while steering the conversation away to talk about something else – that something else being me and Rebecca.

Lord Lawrence handed me a glass of Brandy, while in his further guessing of Rebecca’s drink, he returned with a tall glass of Sheekan Wine. He was very good at guessing – too good.

‘How did you…I mean!’ I choked suddenly.

‘A couple of years ago, my Father held The Redstone Ball, there I met everyone who entered the building. You were standing with your Mother next to Lady Alice Gruber, do you remember?’

Lord Lawrence definitely jogged my memory to a point in time that I’d almost forgotten about, and with good reason, too, I must add.

‘As amazing as that sounds, Lord Lawrence, I’m afraid…!’

‘Do you remember Tristan? Michael? The two men in Lady Evermore’s life, who just happened to be a little different. It was Michael who switched sides to Borello, while for Tristan, he was killed!’ He declared swirling his Bourbon around in the bottom of the glass.

Michael had been a big part of Alice’s life, according to the chatter that passed between The Houses. Tristan, however, he was some other piece in The Evermore’s climb to power.

‘So, you know who I am, and yet you don’t see me as a threat to you, Lord Lawrence. Why is that?’ I whispered with a readiness in me that would take his throat out in seconds. ‘The true story of Michael Slattery, is that he was cursed with the madness that he and all of his other families ancestors died of, too – or at least half. As for Tristan, he was executed by Lady Melissa Evermore, we all know that to be true, Lord Lawrence. One family against the other, but for no known reason but their own…’

‘Ah, you are a philosopher in the mechanics of ancestry, are you, Lady St. John?’ He asked while addressing me by my name.

It was hard to admit it, the journey bringing the heat to an almost passing out gauge, and the Brandy now starting to make me feel light headed and giddy.

‘You read too many newspapers, Natasha…May I call you Natasha, instead of your formal title, I mean? Call me Danny.’

He said this with the same temperament as both me and Rebecca sat there in the carriage with him, even to the point where we began to talk of old legends and stories that had been passed down through our family generations until finally finding a place in our memories.

‘Evermore…Have you heard the song?’ He asked looking between both me and Rebecca. ‘Forever more in Evermore, my heart shall stay forever more. Forever my soul upon its Moor, My Tale’s and secrets shall finally be told of Evermore.’

The song, as Danny had put it, though he didn’t attempt to sing it to us was acknowledged for its familiarity. Though the full song had been rumored to be written and lost, it would have many of Evermore’s people out looking for it. Did it exist? Yes, it did, and it had the power – according to locals – to bring back the 12 Houses into indefinite neutral peace.

‘Do you know any more of it?’ Rebecca asked intrigued.

Danny was curious as to why she had asked.

‘Because according to the legend, the material which the song was written on came to disappear around The Valley Of The Gods…am I right?’

I asked this because it was what I had been told at a young age by my Aunt, Lady Melissa Evermore, one less fan of the whole affair.

‘The manuscript was misplaced, not lost,’ Danny began, ‘You are right, however, it disappeared somewhere between The Grey Wood and The Valley Of The Gods. I believe that the song is somewhere in the Wastelands, east of The Grey Wood, because if it’s true that it gives the person power, that’s exactly where I would hide it!’

I hadn’t the mind to wonder whether he was in belief of the legend or not, all I knew was that Redstone was now more than thirty miles away, and so was my Mother.

‘Would you excuse me, I have to use the bathroom…Stay here Rebecca, I won’t be long.’ I excused myself while insisting that my friend stay and keep Danny entertained.

Having our host pointing out the way to the bathroom I left the room to take from my pocket the mobile phone I had switched off before boarding the train earlier, it’s pinging sound shrilling out at me as I switched it on and discovered twelve miscalls – Mother.

‘Natasha, you get back home here, right now!’ She screamed down the phone at me. She was angry.

‘I have to go to Evermore, Mother, if I don’t…!’

Evermore! No! No! No! ’ She broke down crying, setting me off, too. ‘You can never go there, Natasha, please! Tell me you are coming home?’

The attempt at telling my Mother that I was alright and that she had nothing to worry about failed. Unable to take anymore I hung up the phone and wiped away my tears the best I could, but there were still traces showing I was upset as I entered the carriage to both Rebecca and Danny laughing at a joke he had told her. My entrance was immediately noticed.

‘Is everything alright?’ He asked seeing that my eyes were still red with the tears. ‘Have you been crying?’

His voice was filled with a deep concern; it would be one of a long series of thoughts that filled his mind, one of which would be of someone on the train causing me upset.

‘I…I was silly and wanted to see the front of the train…the smoke didn’t want me to see it, as you can see!’ Came my quick response that managed to satisfy Rebecca, but not Danny.

Food! ’ He exclaimed suddenly jumping up from his seat and walking over to the door. ‘I do believe its Fish and Chips.’

I was hungry, admittedly, as I hadn’t thought of having any breakfast that morning. At the same time of realizing I’d not eaten, I also remembered that Rebecca had bought a snack bar at the station when buying the tickets, nothing that would have had her last this long, however.

‘Sounds yummy, right, Natasha?’ She looked over and winked.

I nodded and gave a strained smile. ‘Yes, Yummy.’

The three of us walked through the Residence Cart into the Dining Cart where we were greeted by a Waiter – Philip – who showed us to a table before handing each of us a Menu.

‘Is the Fish and Chips on today, Philip?’ Danny asked opening the Menu and scanning through it while awaiting an answer.

‘Indeed it is, Sir, the Coddock was caught fresh this morning from The Resheenian Thames.’ Philip informed him with a smile.

As it was, my appetite for anything was crying out from my grumbling stomach, maybe loud enough for Rebecca and Danny to hear it too.

‘May I have a Coddock Sandwich, please, Danny?’ I whispered.

Danny was surprised. He laughed. ‘Coddock…in a Sandwich!’

It was too late to take it back. In a way I believed that by the way everyone was now laughing, as if I’d said it as a joke, were now making fun of me, even Rebecca.

‘I am so glad that you can all see the funny side to it!’ I sighed.

Danny was the first to break the sheer ice wall that I had put up as a form of defense, with a sudden cease of his laughter and a shift in his seat to turn to the Waiter.

‘We will have three of those, please, Philip…unless you don’t do Coddock Sandwiches, that is?’ He finally spoke up giving his Menu back to the now dumbstruck Waiter.

‘I can…I mean, certainly, Sir, whatever you wish.’ Philip took the menus from the table and made his way back quickly to the kitchens where he would be looked upon as mad wanting the order that we asked for.

Danny sat close to the table, close to me, with an occasional brush of my leg as he moved around. It was somehow a nice feeling to have, especially when his knee came to stop while leaning against me gently.

‘We should be arriving in Evermore soon, and alas I will have to say farewell to you both. Tell me, Natasha, where will you be staying while in the town?’

Danny was asking something that I had not prepared for, nor did my good friend Rebecca, either.

‘My Aunt’s house…’

‘I see!’ He snapped, as though seeing through the attempted deception straight away. ‘Well, I have a friend in the town who has an apartment he is no longer using…if you like…’

Of course this was a sure display that he suspected us of lying, though a forced pause to stop myself from shouting out at the less than respectful words. Timing was all that was needed, however.

‘I’ll write the address down for you anyway, I know that living, or staying with family is sometimes not the best idea. If you’re Aunt becomes…Well, anyway, here you go. Mrs. Towler will give you anything you need, if you tell her I sent you.’

Danny handed me the napkin he’d just jotted on before calling the Barman over with a wave so that he could order some drinks for us before the meal. The rest of the journey to Evermore was as it should have been: Relaxed and pleasant.


Forevermore In Evermore


The train had arrived on time, it’s speeding up half way through our journey to make up for the accident earlier on the track near Redstone, to the relief of the travelers who were panicking and becoming upset. Alas, however, we had made it to Evermore.

‘Where will we go, Natasha?’ Rebecca whispered softly, so as not to let Danny hear her inquiry. ‘Do you know anyone here?’

It was a well-known fact that the only people I knew was that of my Aunt and her family, which was something that Lord Lawrence needed not know, also.

‘We’ll figure something out, I guess!’ She came back with a little moan that told me she was already finding it hard being away from her home – as I was, too, but we had to see this through.

Danny had been to sort out his luggage that the Porter’s now took from the train and loaded into his car.

‘Well, Ladies, it has been delightful seeing you again, maybe we will meet again?’

‘Maybe we could…!’

‘Maybe we could share the train journey back to Redstone, perhaps! When will you be returning?’ I intervened and took away the suspicion from Rebecca’s cry of pain.

He gave a satisfied smile as to my invitation. However, this was his last and final voyage from Redstone to Evermore, until further notice from his Father, that was.

‘Maybe we’ll see you around the town,’ I answered taking a hold of Rebecca’s arm and waving goodbye. ‘Thank you for the Coddock.’

His laughing smile told us both that it was his pleasure before he made his way to his car and drove off away from the station.

‘Well?’ Rebecca bleated pulling herself away from me and standing at the roadside with her hands on her hips.

‘Well what?’ I asked.

We were back on the subject of somewhere to sleep, preferably not one of the low-cost rental rooms from the many shady hotels that were scattered around the town. To be honest, the arrangements for getting a roof over our heads, or a comfy bed to sleep were the last things on my mind.

‘You worry too much, Rebecca, come on follow me.’

Just as we were about to leave a man holding a platform ticket in his hand approached me, his dress and manner something to better.

‘I’m looking for the Redstone to Evermore train…has it arrived yet?’ He asked with concern in his voice.

I informed him that the train had only just arrived at the station and that if he made his way inside, he could see for himself.

‘My wife, Eleanor, she has come back.’ He said.

This was good news for him, I believed. Leaving him standing we left for the town, walking down the weathered cobblestones until coming to a Diner where a large group of people had started to gather in their masses. A woman near to the crowd stood with a look that was suspicious in itself, and yet, on a second glance at her I began to get the funniest feeling that I recognized her.

‘Excuse me, do I…Oh My God! Rain Cosgrove!’ I did know her.

Rain could only have been nine or ten the last time I had seen her on a previous visit to Evermore with my Father, though our close relationship had drifted apart over the years. She looked well.

‘Natasha St. John, as I live and breathe. How the hell are you?’ She cried rushing up to me and giving me a big tight hug. ‘You’re back. You’re back in Evermore!’

Suddenly the sense of a mistake filled me. ‘No, I’m just…’

‘Have you got somewhere to stay?’ She cut me off to ask. ‘Come and stay with us, Natasha, please?’

It was totally out of the question, Rain and her family were the close friends of my Aunt Melissa, and if there was the slightest clue of me being there, she would use her power to have me sent back home to my Mother, and no doubt included would be a stern warning, too.

‘You know I can’t do that, Rain, your Mother and my Aunt…’

‘My Mother died…two years ago now, but my Father is still here making a difference, somehow, I guess.’ She revealed to my sadness which had Rebecca coughing into her hand for attention.

‘My apologies. This is Rebecca, my Bestie, Rebecca this is Rain, my previous Bestie from what feels like a million years ago.’ I introduced them both to one another.

Of course there was all the niceties that both young women shared, as well as the smiles, heirs and graces that accompanied each and every one. But there was something there that was much more out of the blue, a hint of jealousy, maybe?

‘Come on into the Diner and have a coffee, you can tell me everything that has been happening since we last saw one another. Did you hear about Lucas?’ She invited us to join her while hitting on the one thing that had brought me back to the town.

Finding a table in the Diner I sat down with both Rebecca and Rain to the immediate approach of the Waitress, who after taking out her pad and pen asked us what we wanted.

Rain ordered for us, three coffee’s and a double scoop cup of ice cream that we could share among ourselves, though Rebecca had the slightest feeling that this did not include her in the feast.

‘I received a letter,’ I told Rain, handing her the envelope over the table and asking her to keep it out of sight. ‘You cannot tell anyone I am back, Rain, my Mother is on the war path…’

‘She has already rung my Father, he said he’ll keep an eye for you. You’re Mum said you’ve ran away from home!’

This was bad. ‘He was my Cousin, Rain, she would never understand what we had!’

Rain started laughing. ‘You make it sound so mysterious, but vulgar at the same time! But, it’s a good job I know what you mean. Have you got anywhere to stay while you’re here?’

Having her promise not to tell anyone of my presence there in the town, Rain nodded. After reading the letter she passed it back to me under the table as the Waitress returned with our drinks and served them to us.

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