Suburban Heat: Rebooted

Suburban Heat: Rebooted

It has been 3 years almost to the day that MKDS (aka Marcus Kasabian De Storm) has written under his own name (pseudonyms aside), which makes any new Book Launch something to talk about. With the original concept of his previous colossal Novel: Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire, the first Epic Novel of 3. And now, after going back to the drawing board with the 740 page 1 foot long paperback novel, it has been saved…

“The whole concept was somehow overlooked from the overall formula of ‘Book to Print’, which should have been focused on at the beginning. It was obvious that Rise Of An Empire would bring about controversy, but never would I have thought that it would be through the format of paperback! It was too big – and at 740 pages throughout 12 chapters, the only label it lacked when being published was ‘Epic’. It is sad to say that it has taken 3 years to rectify the problem, but to understand the sheer energy that a book such as Rise Of The Empire takes out of a Writer, is truly phenomenal.” Marcus told GWN: Online News.

The first installment, aptly named “Suburban Heat: The House Of Swan”, introduces the Readers to Master Xander O’Neill of a very important Stately Home in the scenic backdrops of West Yorkshire, England. Sprinkled with historical facts that readers will find beneficial throughout the “Suburban Heat Chronicles”, it isn’t long before the mild mannered allure of the young man spins the whole story line around. Unhinged by bad language (contextually written), sexually charged mature scenes, violent overtures to the point of perverse reaction, and containing both the essence, caliber and reveal of Secret Order’s around the world.


Suburban Heat: Rise Of The Empire was first written in the bleak Winter of 1984, it was more than 60% complete by the turn of 1990 – MKDS’s length of Chemical Generation inclusion – which brought the novel to halt. Come Summer 2010, the novel was again picked up and retried, only this time, it took a turn for the worse when posted to the internet!

“I received a notification on my Writer’s Blog page at WordPress, basically telling me that it was an insult to the establishment and that if I didn’t retract the small sample, then they would seek criminal proceeding’s against me! I was shocked. It was the forward writing of “The Conspired Son” which saved the day, however, when my decision to go ahead with the novel was given a green light. It was now that Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire” was born, as well as the start of two others of the same size.”

The first novel, as a ‘Special Edition’ has brought many questions, including the “Bonus Chapter”, the controversial “Petticoat Maid”.

“The Petticoat Maid was written after the completion of Rise Of An Empire, it’s main goal being to fill in the gaps between Lady Melissa James-Cartwright’s early years, to the very beginning of Rise Of An Empire, which anyone who has read the book will know she and David Price are tending a job on behalf of Whitehall’s “London Agency”. It was never really found to be controversial as such, until it was scrutinized and found to contain Masonic “Flavors”, shall we say? There was nothing that would have shown offensive or naughty in repeating; the usual names, addresses, places and clientele, that sort of stuff. As Suburban Heat – in fact all of my books across the whole board – delivers it’s own belief’s and its own religions: Paroxinate Religious Order, the story lines mixing, merging, even associating with Masons and The Illuminati couldn’t be left out.”

As we read the changing phases of Master Xander O’Neill, his Father Lord Terrence O’Neill dying so sudden, the reader is taken into the opaque surroundings of Wolf Wake Manor (Cacciatori Svegliari Villa), not the most homely of Family Estates. With the introduction of the down to Earth Aunt, Lady Melissa James-Cartwright, we find that Plums in certain mouths are assumed to be of a higher breed, caliber and society – Not Lady Cartwright. Throughout the funeral of the Law Lord, Terrence, we witness many things that in a real world would be real hard hitting and on the nail. While continuing Xander’s journey through the minefield his Father has provoked to become rightful heir to The Estate and everything else in it, the words “Enter with care” would be better described to anyone picking up these books.

“It is no big secret that Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire is an Erotic Novel, based on Secret Societies and containing ultriolent violence that surrounds a 500 year old Covenant. In the beginning, it was written as a vent of frustration; 50 Shades Of Grey had just been released and the finding of “The Conspired Son” gave plausible reason to go ahead and complete the first of three phases in releasing the book. Graphic is a good word I would use, though certainly not out of the bounds to clear and simple ‘Smut’, it isn’t without its moments, and certainly not its instances that can open ones eyes to see the real world reflect. In the world of Resheen, anything and everything is made possible.”

So the countdown has begun, the first novel “Suburban Heat: The House Of Swan” will be released this month (October) and be available to buy in Paperback and on Kindle. The second novel “Suburban Heat: Master To Lord” will be released shortly afterwards, but no official date has been set. Stay up to date with all MKDS and Casanova Da Vinci right here at GWN: Online. You can also check out Progress reports on “The Lexicon” at North Gable Productions Facebook Page

Marcus Kasabian De Storm’s “Suburban Heat: The House Of Swan” RX-18 Special Edition will available 20th October 2016…Prices TBC…

Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire


From 1979 to 1990 the British government had acquired a truce with Russia on its strategic targeting of its I.C.B.M’s, this spelling the end of “The Cold War” and so beginning the founding stones of the domino trail that would lead the way to a whole new decade ahead. But deep in the background of all these world events and political concessions there stands a more darker plan manifesting within the ranks of ‘The Law Lords’, better known between The Secret Societies as the infamous “Baker’s Dozen”; 13 men who control the Nation’s public people, while they, the Lords themselves succumb to those ‘Four Houses’ of great power: The MoD, Police, Civil Services and Justice. As one ‘Secret Order’ to the next lock horns in the battle for global supremacy, only one with hope of uniting them all and bring balance within The Orders’ stands in their way.

When Lord Terrence O’Neill dies through ill health, his son Master Xander O’Neill is put in line to become the next Lord of The House, though this is no normal House. At the young man of seventeen is not seen in the eyes of the Law as old enough to lead his own ‘Order’, he is challenged for power and title. As the Global Order’s start to weaken, crack and fall through catastrophic events they bring upon themselves protecting him as others hunt to kill the Master, his journey is accompanied by friends and enemies alike; those who stay close assist him in many fetes and challenges, as those who are distant lay down their web of deceit, betrayal, loathing and lust for the chance to destroy the young man’s soul – by destroying the Family O’Neill name.

From Yorkshire to London, to Scotland and Amsterdam, Xander fends for himself while discovering that he is more valuable to “The Orders’” dead than alive. Knowing this his Aunt, Lady Melissa James-Cartwright assigns him the protection of CPS Officers who are previous employees of “The Agency”, an intricate asset of The Home Office. And, as they each play their role in the Power Game; each being the descendant of a Noble, while each having their value and position defined by what they are: Ace of Clubs to The King of Diamonds – The House of Cards. Officially known as “The Jack of Diamonds”, not only will Xander be taking his place at Cacciatori Svegliarsi Villa – “Hunter’s Wake Manor” – but become a Lord, as well as becoming one step closer to the one true power in which to change the whole world “The Harpsen”; he who holds “The Harpsen” control’s “The Four Corners”.


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