Suburban Heat: Master To A Lord – Synopsis

The continuing story of the original “Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire” sets Master Xander O’Neill on his dangerous journey through the world of the Orders. The second synopsis below.

Suburban Heat: Master To A Lord

Having been tracked and chased, betrayed, beaten and left for dead by The London Agency rogue, Lord Kasabian London, Master Xander O’Neill’s only hope of surviving the journey is in Milan. Bringing together the Houses of the world’s largest Secret Orders now his only hope of restoring and finally being able to return home, he travels under stealth with only a small select group he can trust.
Coming face to face with many new challenges, Xander’s eyes are opened to both consequences and rewards to an otherwise hidden world locked in a timeless battle to gain power over the world. Milan, Berlin, America and New Zealand are just a few of the countries he must convince to join in unison with The Sanctum of The Order, the last, best hope to restore balance and peace.
In an explosive precursered conclusion to Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire, the journey of Master Xander O’Neill and his trusted personal protectors will face bigger challenges, even greater losses, and eventually bring to light a more sinister wakening lurking in the shadows.
Born of noble blood, Xander’s destiny awaits in the turmoil of desperate leaders, corrupt politicians, as well as vicious Overlords, who all see the young man as a threat to their ways, laws and hold over kingdoms. This is the last stand of peace. The final destination of a Master To A Lord, who will stop at nothing to take his rightful place within both family and global history.

*NOTE: Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire (including Master To A Lord) is a fast paced Adult orientated Political Thriller that is both Sexually Explicit and Violent throughout. Reader discretion is advised.

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