Suburban Heat: House Of Swan – Synopsis

House Of Swan

It is considered one of the most controversial novels of its time; bringing both Masonic and Erotic overtures to the foreground of any Adult Political genre. And yet, within the pages that introduce the fictional characters and created locations that Marcus K. De Storm founded from the stories he wrote as both a teenager and adult. It is the very apex of the stories build that brings together a unique flavor of time line history and current affairs that make it intriguing to points of interest: Politically and Publicly.

Suburban Heat: House Of Swan (Synopsis)

When Lord Terrence O’Neill dies unexpectedly, the whole world is sent into a state of chaos, politically, publicly and sociably. His standing within the public, private and secret societies among the wealthy and rich Socialites is crumbling, while the one heir destined to take his place as Lord of the Manor is yet too young to be appointed.
Seventeen year old Master Xander O’Neill, son of Lady Maria and Lord Terrence, has but one year to bring Order to Chaos; by reuniting the Twelve Houses (Secret Orders) of the world and stop a global collapse that would send every nation back into the Dark Ages forever. But this quest would not be easy, as waiting in the shadows, splinter Factions and Order’s of both Light and Dark, are hell bent on stopping him from succeeding.
From Britain to Europe, Master Xander O’Neill must find the trust in alliances, family from friends and discover truths of himself before taking his place upon the seat of Cacciatori Svlegliari Villa – Wolf Wake Manor – one of the twelve houses that rule over the governance of the countries political, authoritive and social infrastructures.

Forced on the run, Xander must survive the grueling, fast paced under handed tactics of a corrupt system that will stop at nothing to keep him from acquiring The Harpsen; he who holds The Harpsen holds the power of The Four Corners, as he who rules The Four Corners rules the world.

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