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In 2012, the one book that was passing through the Internet was one which caused a lot of talk. It was Masterly compressed down from 1,200 pages to just 740 for it’s Grand launch that same year. And, it having 13 Chapter’s in the original concept, the eventual publication brought it to just 12! It hardly seemed right to cut the novel in any way, but with this came the ‘Extending’ of the changed format.

Just less than 8 months after the release of the huge book, Marcus Kasabian De Storm set about the best solution to one mega problem! The paperback was big – huge – in size, heavy in weight, and, to be truthful, it would have been hard to read…even in bed…with a stand. And so came these…

Having taken 28 years to complete, the single novel was split in half, re-edited, extended and polished until finally released as ‘Special Editions’. Unique in their own right, but sharing one amazing journey – The Lord Xander O’Neill’s fall and rise.

Unfortunately, as “Suburban Heat” and all those books baring the name are TOO HOT to put up a Free Sample Read, it is far too risky to put together even the shortest brief.

Suburban Heat “Rise Of An Empire” follows the life of 17 year old Master Xander O’Neill, a child left Motherless from the jealousy of a Father he is estranged to. Only his Aunt, Lady Melissa James-Cartwright, a mystery in herself, has a vested interest in saving her son from the grips of her Nephew’s peers after Lord O’Neill dies suddenly.

Destined by his Father’s estate to enter The Church of the New Found Faith, Xander and his Aunt escape to London, where she believes he will be safe. Additionally, with the aid of her Bodyguard and Driver, Captain David Price, the escape seems to have worked…

With long, dark, seedy and historical secret’s, shadowy Order’s and the very cusp of World Domination, what Dan Brown’s Masonic books left out, Suburban Heat makes up for – and then some!

Suburban Heat: House Of Swan – Amazon Paperback

Suburban Heat: House Of Swan – Amazon Kindle

Suburban Heat: Master To A Lord – Amazon Paperback

Suburban Heat: Master To A Lord – Amazon Kindle


What’s Next?

Blazing through the 1990’s decade…Suburban Heat: Fall Of The Law Lords will make Suburban Heat: Master To A Lord look like Midnight Sun. Read it. Feel it. Experience it.

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