Welcome To The Sub-Level

Welcome to The Sub-Level.

Here you find a lot of ‘Insights’ and ‘Exclusive Access’ to how many (if not all) Books, Novels, Micro-Novels and Scripts are written. Most of all, we want you to enjoy the journey along with us, as we head off into a Marathon of 1,700 books in just 5 years!

The Author

Marcus Kasabian De Storm was born in the West Yorkshire, England. His passion for writing at a young age resulted in his very first 60+ page short story “Blue Angel” being written at the age of just 10. Through a normal life, absent the hard knocks, he managed to become published at age 17, while winning quite a lot of Poetry Competitions in his search for a Publishing House.

By 21, Marcus had written more than 3,000 poetry pieces, over 70 short stories and two full novels – by hand. It was at the age of 22, he used his parents old “Olivetti” electric typewriter and rewrote the infamous “Rainbow Colours” novel to paper. Just 2 years after writing it, part one of the two part Autobiography held in folders was lost in a Seacroft house fire. Only the 2nd part remains intact.

From the age of 28, Marcus has accumulated more than 30 books, novels, micro-novels and scripts, all books published on Amazon and Kindle, as well as Barnes & Nobles, too. From Drama to Comedy, Crime to Erotica, Action to Fantasy, Marcus’ variations in people’s taste’s is wide.


Many of the inspiration that enables Marcus to write comes from those Writers, Producers and Directors who have fueled his imagination since a young age. Growing up reading much of Charlotte Bronte, Catherine Cookson and, though he hates to admit it, the illusive “Mills & Boon”.

TV, Cinema, Books, it has been all of these combined that has drawn the lines for imaginative writing. All that Marcus has done is exceed the limits so as to invigorate the senses, channel the psyche and finally reach a relevant piece of ground that the Reader can relate to. This can be seen in all of his writings.

For the likes of Fantasy and Science Fiction, his liking and avid watching of TV Shows including: Blake’s 7, Doctor Who, Knight Rider, Power Rangers, Space 1999, Thunderbirds, Joe 90, Captain Scarlet and many more British Gems. With a list this long, it isn’t hard to realize that Films played their part too, and these came in the visual form of: Star Wars, The Black Hole, Flash Gordon, Krull, The Time Bandits, Superman, Batman, Logan’s Run and Starman, to name but a few. All of these Shows and Films having given some inspiration at one time or another, has led Marcus Kasabian De Storm into a new 21st Century Writing Style that will surprise many.

Goals & Dreams

Unfortunately, his Goals and Dreams are – or were – simple. he always dreamt of becoming a Writer and on becoming Published (by a Publishing House), but alas, Self Publishing became an only temporary way to achieve this. Other than the two above, his dream of World Peace seemed a little high on the agenda.

Advice To Would Be Writers

“If you have an idea that running through your head continuously, then write it down. If you wake up one morning with the strange urge to pick up a pen or word processor to write, don’t lay there scratching your head – write! If nothing is Written, then nothing can be Read. Fact.”

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