Spirit Walker Will Haunt You…

It has been almost a decade since Marcus Kasabian De Storm wrote “The Brotherhood Of The Realms” aka “The Brotherhood Of Justice“. The story’s main character, Detective Marcus Chance, having mysteriously disappeared inside ‘Bluebell Wood’ never to be seen again…Until now!

After five years (Seacliffe time), the cursed Detective returns to a case that is familiar of a past incident in the area, but for reasons that become apparent, the cold seeded Detective can’t remember. His return alone bringing difficult questions, concerns and bridge building.

Spirit Walker tells the story of Lily, a young girl who is found in a house of horror’s, her Guardian put into some deep coma state, while Lily herself, not very talkative becomes the prime suspect. Her abilities as a child are extreme, hate fueled and directed. Only one person, or so it would seem can solve the case and finally release Lily from whatever she possesses inside of her. But for this to be successful, the price may be costly to the young Detective.

“When I was kid, my first realization of conquering fear, was to keep looking out of the open curtained window into the pitch dark. The more I did this, the longer I did this, the less afraid of the dark I was. Eventually, after looking into the darkness outside long enough, I started to think of characters and places, while writing them down and creating my own Horror Tales. Conquering that Fear and writing today has excelled my ability to emphasize and detail some pretty scary shit!” Said MKDS.

Marcus Kasabian De Storm’s Spirit Walker, to be released before the hugely anticipated “THE SHIMMER“, is set to break the mold of Horror writing altogether. With both Micro-Novels, the Reader will experience the Writer’s feelings and emotions inside an intense environment of unnatural forces.

Free Read Samples of the two Micro-Novels will be posted soon.

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