Rift Chronicles 2: Night Of The Creatic

The Rift Chronicles Series By Marcus Kasabian De Storm

Synopsis: Detective Marcus Chance is brought back to Seacliffe, to investigate the strange death of a man who has been attacked by a Resheenian Creatic long believed dead.

Arriving at the home of Sir Walter Davies, Chance is met by DS. Danielle Fairchild, one of only a dozen female ranking officers in the police force. Together they investigate possible involvement of local Occult group “Black Heart”, but are only plunged deeper into an even darker web of mystery and trail of deaths.

Bringing to the case a disturbing piece of information that has DS. Fairchild suffer surreal nightmares, both day and night, the Occult leader, Leon Stryder is arrested and locked up in Seacliffe HQ. But as tensions rise from the Creatic’s free roaming and killing spree, “Black Heart’s” daring jail break of their leader unleashes more than what they or anyone would ever expect.

In a race against time, Chance must decide between the fate of the city, or his own destiny in which continue the long journey through “The Rift”.


Key Notes:


  1. The Creatic that has killed Sir Walter Davies is a Sheekan Hal – one of the most dangerous of all the species – which in a previous confrontation with Chance, was allowed to live.
  2. DS. Danielle Fairchild is a descendant of a notorious Vigilante known to DS. Chance as Danielle La Grande (Midnight Blaze), who disappeared (The Opium Emporium: Circles Of Eight) under mysterious circumstances.
  3. Sir Walter Davies did not dabble in The Dark Arts, however, his home was a place where ‘Black Magic’ was once the centre point for ‘Devil Worship’ and ‘Necromancy’.
  4. This is not the first time that DS. Chance and Leon Stryder have met! Previously their paths have crossed (Black Silk Road), and that, as this occasion, both involve the Dark Arts and an insatiable hunger to raise Demonic Power by Stryder.
  5. Black Heart’s is a cult derived from “The Albion Witches” from Northern Resheen – The Darklands.
  6. The 3rd victim (Veronica Castle), is identified by Chance, twenty-four hours before a confirmation is made on her name. DS. Fairchild is then suspicious of the young Detective and of what he actually knows of the case.
  7. Chance reveals that ‘The Rift’ is not time set: It can take a person to any ‘Timeline’; past, current, or future.
  8. When confronted by “The Albion Witches” in Seacliffe, Danielle Fairchild is “Touched”. According to ancient legend, the touching of a mortal being results in death, but she is not vexed with the curse, nor does it result in her death.
  9. Stryder’s reasons for calling upon “The Albion Witches” is said to be on the cusp of revenge, but, when confronted with his own fate near to the end, he reveals that his ability was given to him when first he stepped through “The Rift” and met a young woman who bewitched him.
  10. The Creatic that has been killing the victims holds one major clue to its origin, and it is this that brings Danielle face to face with a very dark secret of her past.


© 2017. Marcus K. De Storm.

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