RAYTHEON Tipped For The Top

RAYTHEON tipped to ‘overshadow’ “City Limits” with it’s Dark Noir introduction to the spotlight.

When Creator and Writer of “RAYTHEON” set out the outline of his new concept Micro-Novel on the 180, it was seen as a bold move against his previous work on “The Hardline 80’s Collection“. Even with the third and final “City Limits 3: Takedown” ending Joshua’s Story, the Writer insisted that “RAYTHEON” would feed the passion, accelerate the adrenaline and most certainly invigorate the senses.

RAYTHEON: The Dawn Rider introduces a Hero to the call of Highway Bandits Victims who are being terrorized (himself included) on Redstone’s infamous Route 105, and only with the intervention of his secret identity can he stay one step ahead of the street gangs and bosses of Redstone, as well as the police.


Finding such television and movie research, viewing or inclusions, MKDS has seen some of the very best Productions to Screen over his life, to know what sort of Hero the character in his new book should be!

RAYTHEON is a stand-alone concept, pre-actively associated with City Limits, The Factory, Road Rash and The Grid, respectfully. Though the character himself is what gives the concept the fuzzy feeling of being a success.” Says Author MKDS.

Bringing into play both a custom Car and Motorcycle to the story line, it was asked whether the Hero in the new books would have access to anymore vehicles and Hi-Tech equipment? The answer, of course, is “Yes – a lot!”.

RAYTHEON, as a normal human being, is happily married to a woman he loves more than anything else in the world. His status, as you can expect from a Redstone Tale, is of nobility and wealth, which gives the Reader a feel for his Playboy lifestyle and unorthodox behavior. In the real world of his loss, he was known as Raymond Theon, a Lord to The Governance of Resheen and its lands. But in the shattered world of a man and wife ran off the road at high speed and left for dead, he is the Dark Rider, the Seeker and the Taker of those lives that helped destroy his world.” MKDS added.

Ultraviolence, Sex And A Good Playlist!

All but the Children’s Books that MKDS writes, every now and again, the many Readers of his work have found “Ultraviolence“, “Sex” and “Torture” come hand in glove with nearly all “The Hardline 80’s” pieces. While titles such as “The Opium Emporium Trilogy” and “Suburban Heat Saga” intertwine with “The Bordello Tales” and “The Redstone Tales“, each one consists of what the Author refers to as: “Ultraviolence“…

“Ultraviolence was first recognized (in my view) from A Clockwork Orange. It’s raw mystique to the fearful gangs, while their dishing out of punishment and victimization pure and absolute. In those titles that I call Collections, there is a formula that posses a mix of many ingredients, and Ultraviolence is one of them. As for Sexual content, it is essential that Readers feel comfortable with Real Life situations being told to them, not glamorized slush that would raise the realization question in anyone’s head when picking up a book.”

The Borello Hood – Is He RAYTHEON?

A lot of comments have suggested that the Hero of Redstone’s Highways is that of The Borello Hood – Lord Lucas Cavendish! While others have suggested that RAYTHEON is the son of ill-fated Tristan, from the Romantic Drama Micro-Novel “Evermore“. The truth is, however, the Hero here is – or was – Lord Raymond Theo, one of the closest friends to Lord Xander O’Neill (Suburban Heat) and, a formidable contender of Squash to Lord Lucas Cavendish and Sapphire St. John.

RAYTHEON: The Dawn Rider will be released at the end of the year, along with several other Micro-Novels that accompany “Collections” throughout varies series. Certified as a 15+ story line, the inclusion of Sexual content will be limited and will be safe for persons of this age and over to read without adding any further strain to the Population Explosion! Scouts honor.

RAYTHEON: The Dawn Rider – What’s Next?

Before continuing with the title, MKDS put to paper the three main ingredients to writing a solid book which could be intermittently put down, and so began the “Micro-Novel”. Putting a limit to the pages placed a unique feel, lowering the price gave it flavor, and finally, giving the Reader a condensed novel that has had all the boring parts taken out, it isn’t surprising that inspiration for writing Books and Scripts comes so naturally to this British Born Author.

“To better City Limits, I would have to create a Hero that is as unique as a rarity in the eyes of everyone. To accomplish something as simple as establishing Bravery, Valor and Control, then there lies the formula that will see RAYTHEON shine brighter than any other character in the entire series schedule.’ – MKDS.

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