Preacher: Hotter Than “Banshee”

Preacher: Hotter Than Banshee


Fresh and unique in it’s wake – or schedule – Banshee introduced it’s Mature audiences to ‘Ultraviolence‘, as well as a shit hot (agreed by 38 million followers) plot that kept us all on the end of our seats. With the excellent character performances of Lucas Hood (Anthony Star), Carrie Hopewell (Ivana Milicevic), Kai Proctor (Ulrich Thompsen), and Job (Hoon Lee). And, as Hot TV Shows go, nothing could have lit up the senses more than “Banshee“…or could it.

Believing that there could never be another series that could stand up to Cinemax’s successful offering, we came across “Preacher“(amc’s little gem). As well as the title sounding like a “no thrills”, and the fact that the main character is a Preacher called Jesse Custer, it appeared at first like the show would be similar to “Nun’s With Guns” or maybe something that people happy with “Banshee” would never tune in to watch. But this was it – or this was something that we agreed (after the third episode of season one) as ebbing along the same lines as “Banshee“.



An ex-con assumes the identity of a murdered sheriff in the small town of Banshee, Pennsylvania, where he has some unfinished business.

It was a great shame – but alas inevitable – that Cinemax’s Cult Hit “Banshee” ended with a teary end for both Actors and Fans worldwide. One dilemma to the next followed, including what the “next fix” of such a successful show was to be replaced with – could there be another Banshee?

The similarities between “Banshee” and “Preacher“, are pretty tight; in Banshee, the Sheriff, who is an ex-criminal landing lucky to be in the right place at the right time. His sidekick girlfriend being the one person that has changed his direction, and ultimately resulting in him staying around.

With “Preacher“, the same-ish style, but with a Preacher whose Father was gunned down in cold blood to lay way for his son, Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), to take over the Church and Congratulation that he believed needs saving. Jesse being an ex-con too, but too far embroiled into the Hard Life to resist the charms of Tulip (Ruth Negga), his on/off girlfriend, takes over from his Father. But, as with “Banshee“, it is “Preacher” that we look upon with satisfaction from the sudden Ass-Kicking that Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun), an old Vampire, gives to a group of half a dozen men 30,000 feet in the air. Tulip’s introduction to the show comes with a gritty fight scene in an even tighter space when she kills the driver and engages in combat with a man who eventually loses his ear!

Season One of “Preacher” is available now on Blu-Ray at a reasonable price. Season Two picks up with a much wider story of Jesse’s searching out God, as his absence fro Heaven brings a perilous Gunfighter seeking out the “Preacher” to not only rid him of “Genesis“, but to kill him with tainted bullets.

Whatever your flavor in the Evening Viewing, both “Banshee” and “Preacher” have become successful. As action, drama and story lines go, there are more and shows out there that are trying to equal or better these shows, but with wavering formulas, it is seldom the most predicted that make it to a second, or third season airing.

GWN Review:

Having seen both seasons – so far – of “Preacher“, we have found no reason to doubt its popularity. After all, it has everything and more to offer the viewers, including action, comedy, ultraviolence, drama and a little bit of faith. Though this is not a religious program (not in the way of Songs of Praise), it has the sense that maybe along the lines it is poking fun at the whole Faith thing…but it is Mature Entertainment where Jesse Custer’s teaming up with some of the most Misfitted characters drive the series into truly watchable status.

Jesse, Cassidy, Tulip and Dennis (Cassidy’s son!0 for a little while, all make up the cast that leaves you breathless at the end and satisfied that the fix you’re needing to fill in the time until a new series starts with just as much Kick-Ass, is all about done in the space of an hour per episode. Definitely not for the squeamish, the feint hearted or WWI’s who prefer their prayers and good will deeds done without passing bullets, sharp teeth, angel massacres or the voice that can send you to Hell just by the given word!

Preacher is amazing, fresh and unique to its different blending of characters who are caught up in a criss-cross story line that goes full circle back to Jesse – the Main Lead. Our Wednesday evenings would never be the same without a dose of good old Southern Brawl!

Season 3 will be aired: 2018

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