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It is sometimes hard to imagine a world without Touch, Smell or Sensation; vested in many abilities that we all share a common interest in together as a Society, not to mention as a singular unit: Woman and Man. Without such people as The Explorer, The Womanizer, The Romantic, The Poet, or The Love Seeker, the Human Race would be in one big pickle. They are the ones who lift another person’s imagination, arouse their thoughts, trigger attraction, and bring into effect things that can only be described as Magical!

Without people – Human Beings – we are led to believe that “Love”, not mistaking this for “True Love”, will cease to exist! One the other hand, our own observations on the animal kingdom and their behavior, brings that question to “How do we succeed in making ‘Love’ survive, forever?’ The answer still, will remain: We cannot.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me gather research and factual depictions that created “The Bordello Tales Collection”, and for supporting me through the years.

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The Opium Emporium: Rising


For more than 300 years, the two towns that border Yorkshire’s North and East: Evermore and Borello, have been at war; through each generation since the very first in the late 1700’s, to present, both families have been taught by their peers to hate their neighbors, while all the while during countless battles, something has caused a great change in each their retaliations.

For the Duchess of Evermore, Lady Melissa Ellington-Evermore, the present day changes in her family have led to the death of her youngest niece, Carrie Brindley-White.

Lady Evermore’s husband, Lord David Evermore, the last remaining Evermore, is too saddened to bury his niece, because he is inconsolably troubled to find that her death was through no accident, but murder.

In Borello, Lady Mallandra Gruber, the land owner of Borello and all of its houses and businesses, comes head to head with the hands that deal fate. And from “Evermore” to the dark, seedy confines of “The Quarter”, love, passion, lust and depravity may well conquer all within the adult erotic stories of The Bordello Tales.


‘Love gained, Love lost, Tragedy’

1 The Opium Emporium: Rising


The Saunders Institute scandal had been ended more than eighteen months before I staggered into Borello with nothing but the clothes I stood in and the scars of my detention. For all of this time I had no recollection of where or who I was with, or indeed if I’d had been anywhere other than unconscious. The Square was packed, but not too packed not to see an almost broken man collapse before them. Between my semi-conscious state I was beginning to wonder if I was just lucky in the fact that Michael had returned from his prison in America; the last place on earth that he would ever go back to, while within the confines of Borello House, Lady Gruber’s heart was finally melted; the return of the only one man in the world who could have fixed her broken spirit after the cold blooded murder of her lover, Tristan Lazenby – a potential victim of forbidden love it was said behind closed doors of Evermore, and even in very close quarters of Borello House, too.

Michael was the one who found me before the Borello police did, which was a good gesture, but certainly not a good move – I knew all about the torrid Alice Gruber and Michael Slattery Affair that had begun after he left Redstone University.

Alice will have you killed! ’ I gasped.

Michael did not flinch or falter from picking me up into his strong wide arms and carry me to an apartment in the East Square Tenement’s, all the while nodding and greeting all of those who greeted him with a smile. Once we were safely inside the silently dark apartment he bumped against a light switch that had the whole room illuminate; brightly colored walls, picture frames, posters and immaculate furniture waited for my body to be rested down on the giant leather sofa that beckoned me to its gentle embrace.

Making sure that I was settled, he checked my eyes with a roaming arc-like swirling finger that waved in front of my face.

‘Well, it’s not concussion at least. You look like hell!’ He assured me that my head was okay of any serious injury, before raising his tone to demand I tell him of some attacker he believed assaulted me.

I looked at him with a cold stare that showed both my fear and an overwhelming fail to hold back the pain.

‘I’ll get you something for those wounds.’ Michael declared walking off into what I presumed was the kitchen. The wall which separated both rooms was hollowed out, so that through the hole I was able to see him walk up to a cupboard and quickly take out a First Aid box and a small bowl that he filled at the sink with fresh clean water.

‘You need me…’

‘Yes, Lucas,’ Michael interrupted suddenly crouching down in front of me at the sofa with the dish filled with water and the First Aid box opened. ‘I need you to get better. I’m going to ask you a couple of questions, Okay? Now, this is going to be difficult for you…’

My thoughts were excromocated, strewn and mixed up like I had never known. The hypnotic tones of my heart beat had me down my head to the pillow, while all I could think in my head was that I would be the perfect trophy win for The Gruber’s.

‘You want to know the secrets of Evermore?’ I replied in a strained voice that had him rush away and get me some drinking water in a large glass tumbler.

Telling me to drink it slowly, I sipped a few drops before I gently pushed the glass away from me coughing at the sting that caught the back of my dried up throat.

‘The Institute really played a number on you, my friend.’

‘And are you, Michael – A friend? ’ I whispered.

His answer did not come as I had expected. ‘Yes, we are all friends here now. You have to rest, I will bring a Doctor…’

The word alone made me physically shake from head to foot.

‘Alright, it’s alright, it’s a friend who is a Doctor, she will be able to help you. Don’t worry, the Institute is no more, Lucas, you are safe here with us. I promise.’

It was a promise that Michael would live to regret.

Leaving me alone in the apartment for a short time he told me to make myself at home, while he left to find his Doctor friend, Sylvie Harper and bring her back to see to me. In the meantime, I rested, then rested some more, until eventually I couldn’t rest anymore; the hours turned into points of concern, worry and all of a sudden fear. The pictures unleashed behind my eyes were unbearable, sick and vile. My time inside the “Hell Cells” of The Saunders Institute had been of pain, torture and the most perverted experiments performed on my body; the scars below my neck and back showing very clearly the healed wounds of cuts, incisions and skin grafts. I didn’t know how many operations I’d had, or how much of my blood had spilt out onto those illegal Operating Room floors. But what I did know, was that I was finally out and that I was alive.


Gentleman Or Thief?


With frequent visits from Michael and Doctor Harper over the passing months of my healing process, I began to gain back my mobility and strength to defend myself in any time of trouble. In his spare time away from Borello House, both Michael and I would spar with one another, wrestle and even sword fight to have me at my best. Still, I didn’t know why he saved me in The Square that day, and still I waited for him telling me the real reason behind his defiance against The Gruber’s – Alice especially.

‘How are you feeling now? I thought a walk into Borello may help you get your confidence back?’ Michael suggested.

The whole idea of walking out of that apartment door and into a place that may well reject me was surfacing fast to my objecting tone, until I had a single thought in my mind that spoke something completely different and most surprising – Elizabeth!

Michael stepped back suddenly. ‘Is that who you came back to Borello for, Lucas, Elizabeth?’

I nodded as he started to rub away at his chin. ‘Then it shall be Elizabeth that we go and see.’

He said this with quite a happy delivery of character, one which found me surprised. ‘Go see Elizabeth!

His very much abrupt pause in glee had him return to me with a look of knowing, though Michael’s lack of interest in knowing more about me did bring no end of apologies.

‘You want a woman right? Well, if there is one thing in Borello that a man really needs, then it’s in The Bordello…’

Elizabeth is a prostitute? ’ I gasped with awe.

It was at this moment that Michael knew he had mistaken my needs as some silent call for a common paid whore to tend me.

‘Apologies, Lucas, I wasn’t thinking straight…’

I excused him – this once – by default, of course. Though this was at the time seen as a huge setback in our strange friendship, we were just able to move on. And on we did, into Borello Town.

He showed me all the places, both of trading and residential, unbeknowing that for so long I once haunted the streets, rooftops and those out of the way places of the town before being sent away to die in a clinic that served slow death – as far as I was aware, that was.

‘Doctor Harper says you’ll be almost one-hundred percent by the end of the week, hopefully, have you got any plans?’ He asked grabbing out at a fruit cart and taking two red apples.

‘Here, start right in the day and keep the Doctor away.’

Taking the apple from him I tried to find the right answer in which to reply, it was hard enough only just coming out of the apartment into the town. Maybe my hesitation would have sufficed a temporary ‘Step back’, but it didn’t.

‘Come on, I’ll treat you to breakfast at The Bastion, it’s not that far from here. Then you can tell me of your plans when your back on your feet again.’

And that was that. We walked the short way to The Bastion and entered the Tavern like there was nothing to stop us from doing so. At first the Landlady looked up, and then the locals.

Michael! ’ Molly Cooper the sultry looking Landlady cried out with suspicion.

Michael told me to go and find a table while he went to speak with the Landlady, who was beginning to look none too sure about either of us coming into her establishment.

‘The Lexicon Rule, Michael, have you forgotten it already?’ She growled out at him with desperation and sincerity.

‘Molly, come on, he’s a family friend, don’t be like this.’ Michael appealed to her better side, though to be honest she didn’t look to me like she had one – ever.

Incognito! ’ She exclaimed indicating two fingers flicking from her eyes to his and mine, clearly indicating that she was keeping an eye us both.

Michael looked at me now sitting down at an empty table.

‘Incognito…and a round for the house,’ he smiled.

Molly nodded and began to pull a pint of ale. ‘That’ll do nicely. Just remember where you are?’

The time spent with this man who was no other than the lover and soon to be husband of Lady Alice Gruber, whipped up my curiosity. He was at best interesting, though his very nature itself became fascinating.

‘You’ll find we’re all friends here, Lucas, so tell me, what are your plans?’

The repeated question had not gone from the forefront of my mind, it had been answered already through a hundred reasons already that had flooded my brain whilst making our way to the Tavern through the town.

‘Can I trust you?’ I asked, knowing only too well that Michael was just like anyone else. ‘With a secret, I mean?’

‘Well, I can’t guarantee it won’t be tortured out of…Shit! Hey, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…’

Michael was embarrassed by his lack of tact. ‘It’s fine. Really, it’s fine. Borello has changed so much since I’ve been gone, does the old church still stand by The Bell Tower?’

I guess it was an opportune moment, something that would lighten the blow of the secret in which I was to tell. Surprised as he may have been at first, too, the facts of my identity in Borello Town previous to my return made him laugh out very loudly in an exaggerated tone of disbelief – or denial.

‘You mock me, Michael?’ I cried.

He began waving his hands in front of me. ‘Of course not.’

‘Then why the laughter, friend?’

Shifting forward in his seat Michael waved me closer.

‘The Hood was a man of code and honor and spunk, not a man…excuse me for my insensitivity, Lucas, but that is definitely not you. The treatments from The Institute…’

Did Michael see me as someone who didn’t have these very same habits, traits and values as The Hood, or was this some attempt to have me explain myself more clearly? Either he was goading a reaction, or he was merely dismissing the idea of Borello’s most mysterious Night Hunter because it was dangerous for me to claim.

‘Then he is still here…The Hood?’ I exclaimed heartedly.

Michael shushed me. ‘Keep your voice down, Lucas, do you want everyone to hear you? That name we no longer use around here in Borello, my friend.’

I quickly calmed myself down and apologized to an immediate acceptance of a slow raised hand and brashed winked smile.

Molly brought us our drinks and some food to the table while stopping at a nearby table where two occupants, a couple of women pointing at us as if asking who we were. Molly whispered before continuing on her way with the food.

‘Anything we have to worry about, Molly?’ Michael asked.

‘That depends, your friend is causing quite a stir with the ladies around here, they wanted to know how much you charge for the hour, Kid!’ She replied as though considering asking the very same question herself after a brief roaming of her eyes upon me, the dilated excitement of her findings pleasing.

Michael laughed to himself. ‘Tell them he charges…’

I threw myself at him. ‘Hey, what are you doing?’

I was not happy with his sudden choice of humor.

‘Relax, it’s just a bit of fun,’ he was quick to come to his own defense. ‘Tell them…a hundred for the hour, one-fifty if he can take them both!’

Molly was suddenly surprised. ‘Seriously! He looks like he needs more than a Sheekan’s Lunch to get his dick up!’

Michael gave her a disgusted look that had her shrug her shoulders and give a very mischievous smile before returning back to the women’s table to give them the offer. While she was away, I told Michael that I was looking for someone who was last seen here in Borello.

‘I would hazard a guess and say it is that Elizabeth girl you were asking about earlier?’ He said not once breaking his stare from the two women who were soft waving to us both.

Returning to our table Molly gave a smile. ‘They said go fuck yourselves, the Kid is only worth fifty at best.’

Michael seemed disappointed that the two women had turned me down like they did, as for me, I didn’t care that much about the whole joke he was playing. Maybe I should have channeled a lot deeper in my mind to find those instinctive feelings to notice that Michael’s fast decline in temperament would lead to the death of two women later that same evening. Their bodies mutilated beyond recognition, cut to pieces and displayed across half a mile of Evermore dry seed land. Of course this was not where they had been killed.

Stopping Michael with the pushing of ale before him, I had in a slightly convincing manner distracted him from the other table and finally found his full and undivided attention.

‘The way molly looks at you!’ I exclaimed cryptically.

His eyes seemed to hover in the air as if looking at something, but all the same looking at nothing. He heard the statement and yet, with no other show of expression except for a low smile, he wiped the remnants of froth from his lips.

‘It’s complicated, Lucas, as is are all things to do with this damned town! Listen, I know all I need to know about you and that…well, let’s just say, I know the story so far. As for me on the other hand…’

‘Would it soften the blow any easier if I was to tell you that I, too, know much about you?’ I replied between a short sipping of my ale and a raised eyebrow.

Michael was not so impressed by the bold statement, but he was certainly in favor of building up his kept laughter at the way that I presented it to him.

‘In a couple of weeks, I will be Master to Lord of Borello House, it’s residences, businesses and Houses, so help me god! There is nothing more to know about me than the obvious, and even that, my friend, is a little loosened on facts.’

His marriage to Lady Alice Gruber would indeed bring him the title of such an honoree position of Lord, though the sovereign laws of the land would deny him any true status. He knew it and so did I, as well as any other privy mind in Resheen.

‘The Houses will not yield to your rule as some would like!’

‘And that is where you are wrong! I don’t intend to have my town yield to me, I intend them to have hope in a future where they only have to yield to their own demons and flaws. I will bring freedom to Borello, or I’ll die trying. I am hoping that we can become great allies, Lucas, you’re House and my House.’

The suggestion alone was bulleted in the guise of “Surprise”, and then some. Allies against scores of other Houses that would see Borello burn, rather than allow its reputation to fall unto the cascades of simplicity. Chaos had reigned too heavily on the town for it to change its ways now.

‘Do you remember Xander O’Neill, a Cousin of mine from a House near Seacliffe? He once told me, if I wanted to gain from nothing a better reputation, then all I had to do was stop and listen to the people’s voices. For his actions seen as hostile against the dozen Houses, he was killed, tortured and maimed for standing in the way of the cruelest son-of-a-bitch this side of The Rift. Your crusade is flawed, but only by default of your secondary status. We are Assassin’s, Michael, living among the dead who would rather end their suffering and pain by less harsh means, than to be witness to depravity and evilness.’

He listened all the way through without as much as a blink.

‘Lord London and his men did not have the blessing of any House, not when he tried stopping your Cousin, anyway. In my case, I have no contenders, no enemies, and certainly no Lords from The Baker’s Dozen wanting to kill me. It is by Royal appointment that I take my place upon Borello, not by instructions of The Machine that drives Evermore and its puppets…! Fuck! Hey, I’m sorry, Lucas!’

He apologized for what seemed like the thousandth time in one day, something that was quickly becoming a habit for him.

I was calm, maybe because of the ale going straight to my head, or maybe because I believed that Michael’s heart was in his town, the people and the belief that one day it would become free of all outside influences. The outburst meant nothing except for the truth that he felt inside him.

‘Unlike those of my so-called family, Melissa, I see no such Majesty in Evermore. I believe allies is not something that the Houses would expect, but then, I believe they would never allow it to happen, either.’ I returned a fact that had him in a fit of drunken desperation finding the words to reply.

The moment was gone. ‘Let’s get out of here, before we get ourselves in Molly’s bad books. I can say, it’s better to be on her good side than in the way of her punches!’

Laughing as we stood and plotted our walk to the door we were stopped by a man, middle aged, rough and drawn looking as if he’d been traveling some distance.

‘Lord Lucas, I apologize for this rude intrusion, but I must speak with you and Master Slattery at once!’ He whispered up quietly before us. ‘News from a mutual confirms that The Houses are in disrepute, as are others around Chatandra. My message brings only bad news I’m afraid.’

The Houses, four in all within Resheen and its outer borders, while more than three hundred more around the world looked on in pandemonium as the founding axis of power began to teeter on collapse. There were – and still are – more ways than any to begin such a move, the only thing, of course, was that no matter who pushed the button to begin the sequence of all present and future actions. They would find no peace in the spoils of their crimes against The Sanctum of The Order.

The man left as soon as he had delivered the message, his own well-being in threat of being hanged as a traitor, if not just simply a trespasser entering an unstable town.

After leaving The Bastille Tavern, we made our way to The Bell Tower, once here Michael pointed up to the top of the steeple where an open window stood half open.

‘Rumor has it that The Hood used The Bell Tower as his hideout, though this is just rumor, of course. His work was not alone, it is also claimed. He was once a savior of this town, Lucas…’

Savior! But you said…’

‘I said his name is no longer mentioned, which is true if you don’t wish Alice to discover your secret. It is hard to believe, but I knew as soon as I saw you in The Square that you were him.’ Michael made no fuss in letting me know he knew the truth about my alter-ego – The Borello Hood.

I had no idea what he was talking about when referring to The Hood in the way that he did, except for the small fragments that my tired mind processed now and again. I was becoming weaker, colder with the refirmation of my healing and the power of the high dosage drugs that were slowly leaving my blood system.

‘Here, let me help you find a seat.’ Michael looked around for something for me to rest upon and gather my strength. ‘Here, sit down and wait here, I’ll be back in a moment.’

He disappeared quickly from my sight to enter The Bell Tower, before he did, as he said he would, he returned a few moments later with a hoodie, pair of boots and shirt.

‘Here, put these on…be quick, we don’t want to be seen.’ He advised me checking that the way was clear.

When I was dressed he told me to follow him through the town to a part which was very much off of the beaten track – Dragon Town.


Dragon Town Express


It was a forgotten small part of town on the edge of Borello, its population small, and yet prepared for any sudden hostilities against its people. It boasted more than eight hundred homes, apartments and other places that tenants called Home.

‘Have you ever been here before, Lucas?’ He asked as if half expecting the answer to be “Yes”, but the answer being a definite “No”, simply to the fact I had heard of ‘Dragon Town’ just never had any reason to come here.

Michael introduced me to Raymond, one of the House Seers; the head of an exclusive household that offered the very best in entertainment and leisure, including hard drugs that had many attendees hooked on coming back for more, until finally overdosing or being executed for one reason or another – mainly that of bad debt, sometimes by Contract. It was a harsh place that had many harsh customs, rules and laws.

‘Stay close, Kid, don’t wander off in here.’ He warned me.

From the very moment of entering the tall steel gates that separated the community from those of Borello, I was greeted with naked women who were trying to negotiate prices for a fuck, hand job, blow job, even a threesome, if I wanted to get kinky. The tone was low, but what people said they meant.

‘The woman there on the right, that’s Carina Del Marriere, you need to talk with her. Offer her fifteen, she’ll take ten, but you need to get her quick before those guys over there do!’ Michael said dropping his stare to a young woman with a limp in her step, before changing his glancing direction over to a small group of five twenty-something men.

Calling the woman over Michael did the negotiating, and as he had predicted she agreed to take ten. As soon as an agreement was made we were taken to a small apartment of hers where she began to undress me – this was not part of the deal! A few moments after getting into Carina’s place Michael came walking through the door and introduced himself.

I ain’t got any money! ’ Carina piped up worried and believing that it was a robbery.

‘This is Lucas, he is looking for a beautiful woman that calls herself Elizabeth.’ He announced to the woman’s sudden strange, if not weird reaction.

Elizabeth! ’ She gasped. ‘Elizabeth Spinks, you mean?’

Carina seemed to know Elizabeth, or at the very least, she knew of her full title.

‘Can you tell me where she is?’ I asked with a surge of uncontainable excitement that was bursting from my voice and seemingly scaring the woman.

‘I’m sorry for your loss Kid, Elizabeth Spinks died just a few months ago there, she was right as rain one day and then the next…!’

Michael stopped the woman with a gentle hand resting on her shoulder, the look of needing time alone with me showing in his face. Carina nodded silently and then made her way out of the room. Stopping her momentarily Michael handed her some money to compensate for the time and keep silent the incident.

‘You knew her, didn’t you?’ I said dreamily, taking in the news of what the prostitute had just told me. ‘You knew her?’

Michael rose his head. ‘Yes. Yes, I did. I’m sorry, but I had to make sure that it was by other means you found out, do you understand?’

There was a visible rage that Michael recognized in me which had him hold out his arms and lift up his chin to me. ‘I deserve…!’

Really, do you really think that a man who has fought hell itself to come back and find his one true love dead, isn’t going to avenge anything that held the essence of Elizabeth Spinks’ name, or memory? Wake up, this man who claims to be my friend kept from me the one thing that was keeping me together – now I was unhinged.

The first punch that I gave out to Michael’s face was hard enough to put him on his arse, whereas the second was met by his large hand that flipped me over onto my back – I was taken by surprise. I was down, but not out.

‘Your attack is sloppy, Lucas!’ Michael stated as he stood ready against me. ‘Try again!’

There I was on my arse with the thought of kicking his, but in my spirit I felt nothing but resistance to my calls to get up and carry out the simple command. I couldn’t move.

Michael put down a hand to pull me up off of the floor, my refusal making him break his stance and turn away while I struggled to my feet. He turned back and gave a strained smile.

‘What the fuck happened in that place, Lucas?’ He asked as if dreading to know the answer.

Maybe I would have told him everything, if I could have trusted him a little more than what I did. But with Michael, he had already made his very first mistake by lying to me about Elizabeth, my private life was none of his business.

They killed me! ’ I replied, making my way out of the apartment back into the Borello streets.


~ End Of Sample ~

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