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To any discerning Reader, picking up the new novel “The Opium Emporium: Rising” would read just like any other ‘Stand Alone’ book, but it is different.

Casanova Da Vinci has been writing material for the past 10 years, bringing together the “Sexual Healing Guide: For Beginner’s” as well as the controversial “Sexual Healing Guide: Adult Edition” late last year. But it has been the Writing and Style of literature that has led this 21st Century Writer into Storytelling – and what better partner to put him with than MKDS (aka Marcus Kasabian De Storm).

Creatively writing “The Bordello Tales – Series One”, along with MKDS, Casanova Da Vinci has sought through the every day routines and brought a captive audience to the series alone, from the dark drama that is “Evermore”, an non-erotic story of “Love Gained, Love Lost, Tragedy”, to “The Opium Emporium: Rising” and “The Opium Emporium: Sanctum”, both of which included within the Epic Series.

The Bordello Tales is a compendium of “Resheen”, the ultimate final “Collection” that will see each and every book of “The Lexicon” being completed: 1, 396 Novels and Projects under one Production Company – North Gable (UK). Having looked in depth into the whole concept that MKDS has marked out, it was pretty straight forward in creating the atmosphere and time-line adaptions. Evermore was the first to be written, its story line linear to a typical ‘Love and Loss’ synopsis, but given a little extra for the impact, and of course, the ‘Cause and Effect’. The Project that is been nicknamed “Resheen”, has, at best, one of the best adjustable cusps there has ever been in a Saga or Collection project to date.

“Evermore was a history changer, especially for myself and Marcus, as it was a headache to get your head around at first; seemingly the Time-Line was seen as a little dullish and 50 Shades Of Grayish, too. So, we incorporated a side door – simply – what if the reader didn’t enter through the entrance of reading the book? What if they could enter by the stage door and venture into the story where the Time-Line discreetly changes? It was here with this thought that I included the abstraction of current world functions; mobile phones, technology, vehicles, transport, even modern day clothing. Basically, how I conceived and how I wrote “Evermore” was without a doubt with the Bohemian atmospheric feel.” Casanova Da Vinci told us from his home in Walton, England.

From the exclusive and high societal plains of “Evermore”, it wasn’t long before a second mini-novel to the series was written, only this time it opened a big bag of controversy that would beg for the balance to be met. The title “Midnight Sun” was reordered around Marcus Kasabian De Storm’s “Midnight Heat” stand alone novel, but was reconfigured and rewritten with only one person in mind from the “Resheen Compendium Series” – Alice Gruber.

“Alice Gruber was a woman who made up the 35% of Resheenian and Chatandran Regions of Society: Secret Order’s are the background stories, while Populous and Politics are the forefront stories. The changing from The House of Cards in Suburban Heat, to the introduction of the real Power Houses of The Lexicon Rule- The Knight’s Castle and The Sanctum of The Order. Bringing in Alice Gruber as a solid state character for Midnight Sun, it became doubtful that any other would meet the needed criteria MKDS was aiming for. Its is sexually explicit, and it carries a XXX-21 certificate with North Gable Productions here in the UK, but its story-line is one which, again, disregards the present and sends the reader back in time, until the whispered functions of technology and progress sooth the story and settle it back to a period that only the minds eye can take them.”

Rejecting the negativity through the voiced concerns of the sexually charged ‘Love Gained, Love Lost, Tragedy’ tale of “Midnight Sun”, Casanova Da Vinci again wrote out the continuing Saga’s third book “Breathe”. This coinciding with the mop up of “Midnight Sun” and also adhering to the unanswered questions from “Evermore” too.

“Breathe was a story-line that had to be placed in line of the third release, it was critical that it stayed linear to both story-line and background story too. It was no way in any threat of being considered controversial, unless there is the hot spot of religion, that is? Bringing together the characters who made “Midnight Sun”, it had to be perfect in its mixing and setting of Alice Gruber’s life, while Michael Slattery’s introduction as her Adopted Nephew had put the cat among the pigeons! Additionally, the concurrent story-line of Lord Lucas Cavendish, the cousin of Lady Melissa Evermore, was kept safe with the insertion of his alter-ego. In all, the series was doing good and it was on perfect target for a 2016 ending.”

Taking a detour to what MKDS and Casanova Da Vinci refer to as “The Hardline 80’s”, brought us the high-octane erotic thriller “City Limits: The Long Way Out”, again, filled with sexually explicit scenes and violence that would leave even any recent ‘Car Movie’ standing. Again, just three months later saw the release of another ‘Hardline 80’s’ episode that was “The Factory”, fitting hand in glove with both “City Limits” and “Resheen” combined.

“City Limits and The Factory, both books were destined to be a part of the overall “Resheen Project”, with the characters alone it would have been sad to drop the two. As for sexually charged erotica…yes, the Octane it would seem takes a backs seat on these two books, but certainly doesn’t kill the story-line or time-line. Influences in the writing of these two mini-novels hinged on Fast & The Furious (Action Movie) and Burnout: Revenge (Xbox 360 Game), so it was easy to pinpoint my imagination – though there are no erotic scenes in either the film or game. Of course where the violence enters the books, it is of the main characters, the outside characters and those characters hidden within the background story that makes the reader see exactly how time-lines can flick and change between one another, and still it keeps stability and believability to the series.”

And, so on to “The Opium Emporium: Rising”. The journey has been long, the creative elixir turned up a few notches and still, with a further 5 books due out before we all say goodbye to 2016, Casanova Da Vinci brings Readers “The Opium Emporium: Rising”, a ‘Rootsic Tale’ of Borello Town’s Corruption. Favored for the entwining routes that take any reader down into the chasms of Societal Secret Orders and Power Houses, it is here that we are re-introduced and introduced again to some of the Most Wanted of characters in the series: Michael Slattery-Gruber, Lord Lucas Cavendish, Danielle La Grande and Elizabeth Spinks. So with what looks like a hell of a lot of fire power and Vigilante’s, would we be right in saying that “Evermore” and “Borello” are going to war?

“Evermore and Borello are always heeled on the plateau of war, whether it be all out or just a skirmish, like its recent “50 Day War” which left both Michael and Lucas casualties of, but by no means by their own submission. The Opium Emporium: Rising is in essence the rise of The Orders, and by picking up both “Suburban Heat: The House Of Swan” and “Suburban Heat: Master To Lord”, you will be faced with the ultimate crowd pleaser. The first: Rising, re-introduces Lucas, he’s been left in a bad way – not as bad as his Cousin Master Xander O’Neill, but bad enough to realize he could well die. Lucas’s return to Borello brings Michael Slattery-Gruber (Midnight Sun) to his aid, while a stranger and new character to the series enters to stir things up a bit – Danielle La Grande (Midnight Blaze). What we learn from “The Opium Emporium: Rising” is something that is as deep as as history itself; The Paroxinate Religion and Order of the entire continent of Chatandra. With drug use, very strong language and kick arse violence and death, it is with a reluctant smile that it is without any such erotica that would be found in “Midnight Sun” or “Tears Of The Rain”.”

Casanova Da Vinci’s “The Opium Emporium: Rising” will be available soon in Paperback and Electronic Formats on 20th October 2016.

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