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North Gables Amaz(ing)on

Welcome to “The Authors Page”. Here are the Links for all Novels: Paperback and Kindle, for Marcus Kasabian De Storm and Casanova Da Vinci.

Late last year, North Gable Productions (who also create Scripts and Think-Tank Ideas) revealed that they were ceasing all Writing’s, only to be inundated with calls for “Continuing The Lexicon 5 Project”. With just 20 Titles out so far, it was announced (4th January 2017) that both Casanova Da Vinci and Marcus Kasabian De Storm would raise their pens shortly this month.


The MKDS Collection: Marcus Kasabian De Storm

Men Of The Gods

More titles coming soon:

 “Titles such as ‘Looking Glass: The Mirror Shard Sphere, Night Chapters and The Factory 2: The Jackal’s Fall, will be completed in 2017. Fairydown and The Brotherhood Of Justice (The Brotherhood Of The Realms [Re-Write], will be prioritized as relevantly as they were intended. New novels, such as ‘The Circle’ and ‘The Light’, though not crucial – at the moment – as to align ‘The Suburban Heat Series’ to present day media and truths.” MKDS revealed.