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Avid Viewer Of The Professionals

Marcus Kasabian De Storm has been Writing since the age of just 10-years-old, while only taking it seriously at 17. And, considering that as a teenager of the 1980’s he got to watch many [now] banned or scrapped “Cop Shows”, one of his forthcoming Novels should be well known.

Concentrating on the awaited Redux of “The Brotherhood Of Justice” (previously titled: The Brotherhood Of The Realms), MKDS has diverted much of surreal energy of the book and put it into “The Professionals: Hunted”. Reinventing the Character’s Body and Doyle, as well as their Superior Officer, George Cowley.

“It was a need to do Project that has been knocking around my head, along with other ideas on yesteryear themes. What I wanted to do, was quite simply Level Up the atmosphere, the private lives of the MI5 Officers, and turn up the heat to match a modern day society with all of its dangers.” MKDS told us.

True Brit Grit

The first of several installments that take the Reader into the lives of MI5 operatives and their besting of Crime, Espionage and Terror Attacks around Britain. The launch in December 2017, will see “The Professional: Hunted”, which reintroduces the two main characters Bodey and Doyle. Going into both men’s private life, as well as other areas where the Original Television Series didn’t – or couldn’t!

Containing Moderate to High Mature Language, Sexual Content and Violence, it is with an RX-18 certificate that the Writer felt more relaxed in the knowing that it would be targeted at Mature Adults. In this instance, the re-runs of the show on Satellite TV, are aired during daytime hours with no real Rating or Certificate before the broadcasts.

“The Professionals for me, as an avid viewer of the great series from the 1980’s, has been one that not only gave me the feel of MI5, but also the emotions of both lead characters. Unfortunately, however, as times have changed, I believe that the new novel “Hunted” will appeal to and satisfy fans all over the globe.”

Book To Script – Perhaps!

As the land lies at North Gable Productions (UK), plans for familiar to popular Scripts are bound in the form of “Raffles”, “We’re The Jones'” and “Evermore”. What the Production Think-Tank aren’t letting out of the bag, are the Redux and Reinventions Scripts that have managed to seep little information as to be sure. So, will we be seeing a Workable Script to “The Professionals: Hunted” any time soon?

“Maybe. There is always room for improvement in any Series, whether New or Old, so it is possible that we could do a Book to Script where our viewpoints to the series is concerned. When we reinvented “Raffles” for the “Configuration Of Nine” Script, we left the essence of Raffles untouched, while updating the times to present – a little like Sherlock Holmes’ transformation, but with a wider scope to include other stories.”


Here’s what we know about “The Professionals: Hunted”

The book has been stamped under the 180 Format

It delves into the private lives of the three main Characters (as a Pilot should)

There is Moderate to Mature language, as well as Sexual Preferences throughout

Violence arises from Criminal Activity and Bad Guy Shoot Out’s

Interlinking side stories will be found throughout the book, as well as dedication to Lewis Collins

A Special Edition Version will be available in late 2018

What’s Next?

With four titles already given to GWN, it would appear that Bodey and Doyle are back with a bang!


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