Midnight Sun (SE)

                     Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

~The Bordello Tales~

Casanova Da Vinci





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It is sometimes hard to imagine a world without Touch, Smell or Sensation; vested in many abilities that we all share a common interest in together as a Society, not to mention as a singular unit: Woman and Man. Without such people as The Explorer, The Womanizer, The Romantic, The Poet, or The Love Seeker, the Human Race would be in one big pickle. They are the ones who lift another person’s imagination, arouse their thoughts, trigger attraction, and bring into effect things that can only be described as Magical!

Without people – Human Beings – we are led to believe that “Love”, not mistaking this for “True Love”, will cease to exist! One the other hand, our own observations on the animal kingdom and their behavior, brings that question to “How do we succeed in making ‘Love’ survive, forever?’ The answer still, will remain: We cannot.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me gather research and factual depictions that created “The Sexual Healing Guides”, and for supporting me through the years.


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Introduction    i

  1. Midnight Sun




For more than 300 years, the two towns that border Yorkshire’s North and East divide: Evermore and Borello, have been at war; through each generation since the very first in the late 1700’s, to present, both families have been taught by their peers to hate their neighbors, while all the while during countless battles, something has caused a great change in each their retaliations.

For the Duchess of Evermore, Lady Melissa Ellington-Evermore, the present day changes in her family have led to the death of her youngest niece, Carrie Brindley-White.

Lady Evermore’s husband, Lord David Evermore, the last remaining Evermore, is too saddened to bury his niece, because he is inconsolably troubled to find that her death was through no accident, but murder.

In Borello, Lady Mallandra Gruber, the land owner of Borello and all of its houses and businesses, comes head to head with the hands that deal fate. And from “Evermore” to the dark, seedy confines of “The Quarter”, love, passion, lust and depravity may well conquer all within the adult erotic stories of The Bordello Tales.


‘Love gained, Love lost, Tragedy’

1 Midnight Sun


Evermore Lake, Borello – 2 years ago

It was a beautiful day – the sun was out. The cold spell that the country had been having was at last showing signs of a break. Kirsten, my Mothers’ BFF had brought along her two adopted sons, Alan and Michael, who were adorable when they were younger, but not so much now that they had both grown up into fine young men.

Catherine and Jess, my young Cousins had already shown their faces to say that they had arrived on time at the place that they were instructed to meet, though they had no idea what it was that they had been summoned for, nor did I for that matter. My Mother had organized the whole meeting, and made it perfectly clear that we all gather here at the lakeside and nowhere else.

‘What are we meeting here for, Alice?’ Michael asked as he slumped himself down onto the sun dried grass. His legs buckling, his arms exaggerated and flopping across the green patches, while upon coming to a complete stop I happened to notice that he was missing Boxer Shorts under those tight fitting Denim Shorts he had taken almost twenty minutes to paint on that morning.

‘Were you in a rush this morning, Michael?’ I asked teasingly, returning my eyes to see that his penis was hanging down – but not escaping – the inside of his leg. Finding it hard not to look at the relaxed soft member I glanced around at the other people at the lake; the families with their children tirelessly preparing food, sorting the younger ones out with drinks and making sure the blankets were down on the ground for a hopeful day of sunbathing and fun in the sun.

Inside my mind I fought against the distraction, one which through wearing dark tinted sunglasses would give me just the right measure of discretion, as well as save Michael from embarrassment; the youngest member of his family who came from Evermore Town, but who had come to live with Lucy out in the open air cottage that sat on the edge of Borello. After adopting them from Kirsten as her own, she had done quite a good job, considering.

Michael ignored me, it was what he and Alan did, if only to wind me up and get themselves off on my rants and ravings around the house. Having left home – my Mothers’ – to stay with Lucy who was a very good family friend, I knew that I would not be bothered as much by anyone there. It was alright, under the circumstances. Often, however, I would catch both Michael and Alan trying to get a glimpse of me naked when I was in the shower – But this stopped so suddenly when Lucy caught Alan spying through my bedroom keyhole.

‘Alan, was Michael in a rush to get dressed this morning?’ I asked in a quiet voice as to keep the questioning among ourselves, and not to allow anyone other than those who were sitting within our circle know.

‘He’s a sissy, Alice, says he needed his privacy…So, to answer your question, I have no idea.’

Alan was funny, sometimes hilarious with the things that he came out with, but none more funnier than when he and Michael got their ‘Comedy Duo’ heads on – most of the time when you least expected it, too.

With no response from Michael I gave one last look at the semi-hard cock that now started to grow along the inside of his shorts and out of the open gape. The sight was alluring, almost, as if I was being beckoned to its hardness. Shaking my head a little before standing up and making my way over to the car park where I could see all the new arrivals enter and leave, through the dust clouds caused by over revved engines, it was not possible to see my Mother arrive in her car. Standing for a few minutes longer I suddenly felt a wave of warmth passing through my whole body, the entire feeling forcing me to yield. The tops of my shoulders suddenly became touched by a hand…then two, and then I heard a soft whisper blow in my ear.

‘I want you so much!’ The soft voice teased, as two strapping arms wrapped themselves around my waist.

The moment was absolutely mind blowing. Turning around to face the owner of the arms I stared straight into the face of Oliver, my illusive BF, though a lot of people would tell me that they had seen him many times fucking other women. Was this true? I don’t know, but it would take me no time at all to find out. You see, Oliver and I had this arrangement, much like an Open Marriage, if you will?

‘Oliver, what the hell are you doing here?’ I gasped.

‘Surprise!’ He called out half embarrassed.

This was more than a surprise, it was an awkward inconvenience; having taken up the position of being Oliver’s ‘Fuck Buddy’, as they indiscriminately call “Free Love” these days, typically picking out the ones who don’t want to settle down to a long life of meeting marital expectations and suffering slow decay. So, of course, now you know why my decision not to inform my Mother of Oliver’s existence was quite simply necessary, though by the looks of things that morning, I was about to introduce the man I had no intentions of doing so, to the one person who wanted to marry me off to the first man who would have me when turning eighteen.

‘Your Mother’s here, Alice,’ Jess cried out suddenly while clapping her hands together excitedly like some Walrus with an eating disorder – Jess was terribly thin, however.

Alice!’ my Mother called from behind me.

The color of my skin flattened, while Oliver, too, stepped back with surprise.

Mother!’ I replied, my whole body filled with altered states of confusion, embarrassment and the thought that explaining all of this would just about finish me off as a Bachelorette – if my Mother had anything to do with it.

For fifty-five, my Mother could not just ‘Walk The Walk’ and ‘Talk The Talk’, she could multitask on every level to almost anything and everything, especially when it came to men in particular, or in general, too.

‘And who on this god’s green earth are you?’ She cooed immediately beginning to flirt with Oliver, much to Oliver’s delight.

Oliver was at first flattered with my Mother’s eyes undressing him where he stood, until at last it came to the moment I had to explain where I had been hiding him, and why I hadn’t introduced the handsome young man before now? It was one of those moments.

As we all walked and talked while heading over to the nearby Beer Garden, I told my Mother everything that she needed to know about both Oliver and me, of course, I did leave out quite a substantial amount of information that could turn the day from a beautiful family day out, into a family gathering on planning a wedding!

‘He is so yummy…’

Mother! You can’t say things like that…Oliver, tell my Mother she can’t say things like that to you?’

Oliver was glancing over at my Mother with a look that I had seen so many times before in his eyes when we were out and about, and like so many times before it ended with his eyes hurting. What was more alarming was that my Mother was making just as many suggestive moves against Oliver as he was to her.

My God! How you look so much like your daughter, Mrs. Gruber,’ Oliver gasped a compliment that had me jabbing the thoughtless sod in the ribs.

‘Why thank you, Oliver, we often get mistaken for sisters you know?’

Pulling Oliver away from my Mother was looked upon as a wise move by the others who were forced to sit around and listen to their relative being ‘Picked up’ by a man thirty years her junior. It was becoming as irritable as the wasps that were bombarding the disguarded beer bottles and glasses around the Beer Garden, just before they came launching themselves at us. Oliver was not happy.

‘Do you have to stay here today, Alice?’ He begged with a pair of puppy dog eyes that almost melted my objections and excuses both. ‘We could jump in the Austin and be at my place in a jiffy.’

What Oliver was really trying to say, was that we could quite simply jump into his car and drive the several miles to his Penthouse Apartment in Evermore, where he would be covering his career measured cock with a Jiffy condom and have himself a very good time. Unfortunately that was not on my agenda for today.

‘Not today Oliver, I’m with my family and friends…’

‘And I’m your friend, too, Alice. Don’t you know I have needs?’ He sighed with frustration, occasionally glancing back at my Mother.

Something was wrong.

Needs, Oliver! You mean when you want to have your end away during the early hours of the morning and then sleep through till lunch time! Is that the needs you mean?’ I cried out suddenly and without reservation.

There was no other delivery of the true facts than to deliver them personally while around others who shared the very same principles as yourself, like my sister, Jennifer, who had recklessly gone out one night to have fun, only to return home with a baby in her belly. I mean, she says that she used protection, but somehow I have the feeling she was crying out for help, but the tragedy of it all, however, as nobody heard her cries and she went ahead and did it anyway.

‘One last chance, Alice, are you coming with me, or are you staying here?’ Oliver suddenly demanded from out of nowhere – or rather, out of somewhere between him feeling my sisters arse and whispering sweet nothings into my Mother’s ear, to be more precise.

I beg your pardon! What did you just say to me…?

Oliver’s face lit up with pure embarrassment.

‘I’m – Alice!

‘Drop dead, Oliver, I never want to see you again,’ I spat out in a volley of growls and orders that had my Mother look at me like she used to do when I was a cute little girl with a temper for odd and weird.

Oliver left in quite a hurry just after I gave him my answer, and even today, two years on, I have never seen hide nor hair of him. Back then, however, the world was different: On a pendulum waiting for the tipping point, my Mother would tell us all. It was a time that seemed all but a million years away.


Borello House, Borello – Today


If there was anything in the world that annoyed me more than my Mother’s calls for a man to come into my life and whisk me off of my feet, then it was a man who was obsessed with a woman who didn’t have any intentions of settling down with them; the soft spoken silent types that you knew far well were going home to masturbate over self-taken ‘Spank Bank’ pictures they’d made of you earlier, or who ask if you want them to stay overnight as your ‘Hot water bottle’ so that you didn’t get cold. Today of all days was not the day to piss me off!

‘Have you seen my shoes, Dear?’ My Mother asked checking the kitchen cupboards thoroughly.

Nodding my head I attempted to avert any direct eye contact with her, just in case there came some off the cuff questionnaire that Mother’s seem to keep at the forefront of their minds. Then, when you least expect it – BOOM – the questions start coming out like its Blockbusters Gold Run or something of the kind that has you tongue-tied and your brain without a clue as what to say back.

‘Have you tried at the side of your bed Mother?’ I whispered as she came and sat next to me at the dinner table.

‘I didn’t use the spare bed last night!’ She exclaimed with a wide smile.


This was unbelievable, because there she was attempting to load off another bedded triumph on my ears, when all that I wanted to do was get ready, get sorted and get out. Mother, unfortunately, she had other ideas.

‘Alice, how can I say this…You need a man in your life, or…!’

Here it was: The Talk.

‘Or what Mother?’ I demanded in a tone that half-near scared the interfering old cow into a heart attack right there and then in front of me.

‘Now come on, don’t be like that, Alice. Clearly you are without the rosy cheeks which one has when infected with bliss, or am I the only one who knows about these damned things in the family?’

My Mother was on a winning streak – or so she thought – where one piece of advice would lead to another piece of advice, that in the end you never wanted to hear in the first place. But my Mother said it anyway, which, to be honest there was some kind of logic, sense, strange overcoming sensation of extension that wanted me to know more – much, much more.

Of course, this thirst for more advice would not come from my Mother’s lips (forgive the pun), but would in fact come from a source that very few people knew about. So much so, it could almost be guaranteed.

‘Are you listening to me Alice?’ My Mother roared out suddenly as I was in the midst of deep thought.

‘Of course I’m listening to you, why wouldn’t I be?’

The morning had passed so quickly, the last thing I wanted to do until Dinner time was sit and talk about men with the one person who’s involvement with any man ended in Divorce or Death – Both, even, knowing my Mothers’ track record.

‘I need to be getting out, Mother, is everyone up and ready yet?’ I asked, half expecting confirmation than a loud sigh of doubt. ‘Please tell me that they’re all out of bed?’

My Mother shrugged her shoulders and smiled. ‘They’re all out of bed. There, does that make you feel any better, Alice?’

This didn’t, because I knew that she was mocking me. Without another word I turned and marched out of the kitchen and started to climb the stairs, where along my way I saw a quick glimpse of someone’s bare naked arse scampering into the bathroom. As I came close to Alan and Michael’s bedroom I heard the feint sound of crying – was one of them upset? The immediate thought brought me to prepare to go straight in there and check that they were both alright, but on hearing Alan’s voice from the bathroom shower, I now knew that it was Michael who was upset. Without another thought I turned the handle of the door and pushed it open while entering…Just as Michael began to cum!

Embarrassment came from us both, more so for Michael, as he was the one laid naked across his bed while rubbing away at his rather lengthy shaft of what looked like quality man meat standing erect between two long athletic legs. The moment slowed somehow, the initial sight saw his large clasped hand stroking the last few rubs, as my eyes set upon the Love Dome of his prized cock to see five…six, maybe seven decent thick jets of Baby Batter squirt out and land mostly on his stomach, chest and face.

Shit! I’m sorry, Alice! ’ Michael cried out while trying very poorly to cover himself up quickly to lighten the humiliation – or excitement – that he was now feeling.

For what felt like an eternity I stood in the doorway looking down at his penis, its hardness now subsiding and turning the shaft soft. Around the tip spunk was still seeping out, some thicker in places, while on his chest the hairless skin was spattered with the silvery lines of his cum juice. For seeing this sight before me, I began to feel the most peculiar of feelings; an emotional input of ‘Giddy’ and ‘Excited’, with maybe a little dash of ‘Slut’. Normally, I would have turned around and walked back out of that room, but something was begging me to stay there and wait – but for what? What was my conscience telling me?

‘That’s alright, Michael, it’s perfectly natural, everyone does it – even me…’

What the…TMI, Alice,’ he gasped while trying to get up out of bed and seek refuge in the walk in wardrobe. ‘I think you should leave now, please?’

Giving a strained nod I turned and stepped out of the room, but to both Michael’s astonishment and mine, I turned around, walked back through the door, kicking it shut as I entered and walked straight up to him where I kissed him on the lips. Unsure how to react he dropped the duvet from his young fit body and attempted to push me away, while whimpering between our kiss.

‘You shouldn’t be doing this?’ He gasped as our lips parted.

Looking into his eyes I saw something, a glimmer, something that was there one second and gone the next – but it was there. His return gaze was filled with no hesitation, no embarrassment, no shyness. With my actions I had somehow woken Michael’s animalistic side of his body – he was 19, so what real part of a teenager hadn’t woken up by that age?

‘What is that?’ I asked looking him straight in the eyes.

‘What’s what?’

‘That look you have in your eyes…!’

Michael shielded away suddenly, turning his head to the side so that I couldn’t see his face anymore.

‘You’re being daft,’ he said with a short embarrassed snigger.

‘Daft, no, I’m just trying to work this out. A young man like you with a big cock like that and you haven’t had a girlfriend – Ever, and you say I’m being daft. What is the real reason, Michael?’

Before he could answer or give any kind of reply, between the awkward silence we both heard Alan’s voice, again sounding out, only this time shouting down to my Mother from the bathroom to put the kettle on.

‘You have to go!’ He urged.

Without another word I turned and left Michael standing naked by the wardrobe door and returned downstairs where my Mother was in the middle of making a drink for us all.

‘Where did you go?’ She asked.

‘To wake the boys – but they were both up already…’

Pointing to the kettle my Mother asked if I would finish off the drinks while she went to visit the Little Girls Room, my instant agreement, however, made her suspicious in some way. It was not something that I would have normally volunteered to do for her. With a firm belief in Old Traditions, my Mother and me came to an agreement many years ago, that I make my own way, and my own Traditions. From that day on, traditional as it may sound making a cup of tea once someone else has already started making it, is not a Tradition in my book.

The boys finally came downstairs to sit down at the table for breakfast, something that my Mother had introduced to them to during her regular visits from Borello House, while for me, I always settled for a drink of strong coffee and a cigarette for my first morning meal.

‘Good morning Alan, did you have a nice shower?’ I asked with a cheeky grin.

Almost instantly his face lit up like a Christmas bauble. ‘Yes thanks, did you enjoy your dump last night Alice?’ He scowled back at me in defense of my remark. However, for the record, it wasn’t me who took a number two the night before.

‘What about you, Michael?’ I asked as normal as ever, but to find him becoming evasive, angry and verbally aggressive in his tone toward me.

‘Who the hell do you think you are?’ He yelled, just as my Mother entered the kitchen returning from the toilet and answering the door to the postman.

I didn’t understand. He was alright when I left him in the bedroom before coming downstairs. Maybe he was still embarrassed.

‘Michael, what’s up? What’s the matter?’ I conceded to sympathy.

Alan cut in to talk to my Mother.

‘I’m going to get going, I’m late enough as it is. Would you drive me to University, Mrs. Gruber, please? Normally I would…’

My Mother looked bored.

‘Yes Alan, I will take you to University. Alice, I won’t be long, love you.’ And she and Alan were suddenly gone from the house.

Michael sat with his head down over his bowl of cornflakes, his free arm hiding half of his face while the low sound of him crunching the cereal suddenly became louder – irritating.

‘So, Michael, do you want to talk about it?’ I said after taking in a deep breath and composing myself.

Lifting his head up from the cereal, I caught a slight glimpse of his eye, then his face, before finally he turned to look straight at me. Right at that moment I felt something snap inside me, between my neck and my thighs and it was something that wasn’t to be paved with anger or disappointment.

‘I said that I was sorry, Alice, what else do you want me to say?’ He exclaimed while discarding his cereal bowl to the other side of the table.

To be honest, I didn’t want Michael to say anything, I just wanted him to know that whatever happened, and whatever I saw, it would go no further than the two of us there that morning.

‘I’m sorry, too, I shouldn’t have walked into your room like that, I’m sure you would apologize to me if you had done the same?’ I put to him as a matter of comparison, rather than example.

Michael was silent too long. By the look in his eyes it was obvious that he had something to tell me. It was then that look I saw in his eyes after he had shot his load returned, making me feel strange.

‘I’ve seen you a couple of times…You know, getting dressed and stuff!’ He finally blurted out as if it were an everyday occurrence.

At first the sheer drain of dread filled me, which in turn had me feel the first wave of rage shoot right through to the back of my throat at least, before dispersing into a very uncomfortable low moan. For the first time ever while not having a penis, or sex toy inside me – I reached orgasm and came.

‘You’re mad at me, aren’t you, Alice?’ He whispered putting his head down.

Lord knows I should have been furious at him but something inside me that day brought a cleansing thought to my mind, something that would somehow mend the situation. The wetness of my excitement started to leak into my soft silk panties, that in turn had me change my position at least twice.

‘If you’re not doing anything for the rest of the day, why don’t you and I go out to the pool?’ I heard myself suggest in a completely different tone.

Michael nodded. ‘I was going to go for a swim anyway.’

With this he left the table and made his way upstairs to get changed into his bathers while I cleared up the mess from breakfast and then made my way to my room to get ready, too. By the silence upstairs it was obvious that Michael had already changed and gone to relax by the pool side.

Once inside my room I closed the door and pulled off my top and bra and then walked over to the chest of drawers near the window, all the while thinking nothing else of it in the way of having to be cautious. It was then that I happened to glance outside; the sky was a beautiful cerulean blue in color, very little cloud but what there was moved, clashed and merged into what looked like small balls of cotton wool gliding in the soft warm breeze.

On further observations my gaze dropped to the swimming pool, its outward bound ripples sparkling, glistening and radiating glimmers as the sun hit each and every one of them. The hypnotizing shimmer had me shake my head and look away for a moment, until finally I looked back to adjust my eyes to the bright light. There at the side of the pool lay Michael in his Speedo swimming trunks. He looked so adorable.

In all my 32-years, I had never looked at the possibility of being with someone as young as Michael, not that I’m saying I wouldn’t fuck someone his age, but, I have just never sought any kind of sexual relationship, short term or otherwise with any man younger than my own age. Looking – if that is what you wish to call it – at him in the way in which satisfied me, I slowed my search of the bathing costume while teasingly rubbing my hands down my arms, across my chest and gently over each of my hardening nipples – the sensation lifted my stomach almost into a somersault. It was so sensual that as my body responded to the touches, caresses and massage, my already moist pussy began to ache.

‘You naughty boy,’ I whispered aloud softly to myself, as I now rid my tingling body of my jeans, thong and socks, before returning my gaze upon Michael’s perfectly toned white skinned body.

Laid on the sun lounger with a baseball cap over his head with just enough to keep the sun from spoiling his eyes, I got the  sneaky suspicion that although my awareness was that he couldn’t see me, there was also a strange feeling that he was, at one point, watching me – as I was him.

Taking a large bottle of sun tan lotion from the bedside table I began to apply it to the tingly parts of my arms, shoulders, neck and throat. My hesitation to start rubbing the cooling oil onto each breast, however, brought me one very big question: What if he sees? Of course, the automatic impulses of my own reasoning kicked in and no sooner had I poured some more oil into my hands than I was applying it so gently around my large breasts; from my neck down until reaching my now hard nipples, then around the areola’s that rose like goose bumps across my skin. Another handful of cream, another place to treat with the same TLC as the last, and then finally, as I began to quicken with breath I reached the very place that my exploration had been searching for – my vagina; how it slurped when my finger moved gently between the lips, squelched when I inserted both middle and forefinger, too. Deeper and deeper I pushed my fingers inside myself and all the time looking down at Michael; his arms bent back with his hands supporting the back of his head, chest prominent, stomach toned and legs oiled. His tight Speedo’s were wet, indicating that he had already been into the pool before my eyes fell on him. The wet material was displaying a rather hard penis that was thick, the head bulbous and the shaft long in length under the thin material.

Looking down at myself I watched as my hand disappeared and reappeared from under me at a speed that was well and truly sending me into a maddened frenzy, one which had me successfully finger-fuck myself into a loud, messy and ecstatic orgasm. My breath was taken away by the sheer power of a climax based on a view from the window of a young man nearly half my own age.

Cleaning myself up I changed into my costume and made my way downstairs where I was greeted with a very surprised Mother.

‘What the hell do you look like?’ She commented.

‘Oh, about thirty years younger, twenty pounds lighter  and a hundred percent more confident. In fact, take a couple of wrinkles and Fuck this shit. Other than that, I probably look a bit like you, Mother!’ I declared before I could even stop myself from blurting out the words – words that could have been very hurtful and unneeded – words that could never be taken back.

‘Well, while you’re trying to be me, there’s a man at the front door who wants to talk to you!’

Mother was odd, sometimes. She would always throw the scent off of her manipulations, while at the same time displaying her Independent right to be who she was – My Mother, but to everyone else she was Lady Mallandra Gruber, estate and land owner of Borello House and its interests, and if my Mother wanted you to know who she was, then know her you would by reputation or friendship.

‘Who is it?’ I asked, expecting a simple answer.

‘I tell you what, he’s got two arms, two legs, one head. He talks like a Queer and is holding a bunch of flowers in his hands. Now, you tell me, who would come to Lucy’s house in the middle of the day with flowers?’

Suddenly I was not feeling too good, and my Mother saw it in my face.

‘Awe, Alice! You haven’t?’ My Mother yelped. ‘You’ve let him…You had sex with that man!’

I could not believe my ears, my own Mother throwing an accusation that was completely untrue at me as if I was a fifteen-year-old naïve teenager who didn’t know any the better.

‘I really do wish you would give it a rest, Mother,’ I rasped walking past her in the direction of the front door to see for myself who it was calling on me.

Admittedly, the feeling of suspense was getting the best of me, but as I opened the door to the man waiting outside – and indeed holding a bunch of flowers – I gave a friendly smile. Immediately, his eyes descended upon my bathing costume; the psychological turmoil having my mind feel him scanning the nape of my neck at first, and then my breasts, pokey nipples, stomach, until finally taking in the tightly exposed camel toe of my crouch. In a matter of moments the caller had taken in every part of me in a purely detailed picture.

‘I’m sorry, can I help you?’ I managed to ask between his eyes admiring my body – or simply just admiring the flaws of my bathing suit.

‘No, not at all, I’m sorry. I was just passing and wondered if you would like to go for a walk, Alice?’ He piped up suddenly after breaking his stare from my breasts.

Puzzled. Confused. I had no idea who the hell this man was, though he was rather handsome to say the least; his short mousy brown hair, deep penetrating blue eyes, beautiful rounded mouth and the fittest body I’ve seen in a very long time…Or any time, to be honest.

‘No. Who are you?’ I demanded, almost letting him know that I was savoring the image of his body for my “Spank Bank” that I would use on some lazy Sunday afternoon, or rainy day.

‘My name is Tristan Lazenby, Alice, I live over at the Old Mill in Evermore…’

‘Evermore!’ I queried suddenly, enough to startle the young man.

‘Apologies, may I start over? I am Tristan Lazenby, I live…!’

Not giving the young gentleman time to repeat himself, I shook my head and slammed the door shut. Mr. Lazenby’s voice could be heard through the fixture, but the more he raised his voice, the faster I made haste to the kitchen with murder on my mind.

M-O-T-H-E-R! WHERE ARE YOU?’ I shouted at the top of my lungs.

My Mother had snook out of the back door and made her way back around to the front where she could sneak away in her car, obviously something that she was rather good at considering the amount of men she ducked and dived from. Nevertheless, I was fuming and needed to cool off.

‘Have you seen my Mother, Michael?’ I asked on the off chance that he would say otherwise of my own conclusions of where she was, only for him to shrug his shoulders and continue sunbathing lazily.

Laying down on one of the spare sun loungers I began to take in the sun, pushing the sunglasses from my head down over my eyes to stop the gleam of shimmer that was obscuring and spoiling my view of Michael. He was laid with no cares in the world, it would seem, but deep down I knew that there was something that had happened to him sometime before Lucy took him and his brother in, though at this particular moment in time I was relishing the absence of ‘Problems’.

After a while my gaze turned away from Michael’s bulging Speedo’s and rested upon the water that danced and ran small rings that widened and disappeared. As it had almost done in the house when looking down upon it, so did it take a hold of me; the heat of the sun in the air was soothing, as was the warm but cooling fresh breeze that surrounded my entire body. Comfort. Peace.

In my semiconscious state of calm and comfort, the low sounds of a voice pierced the solitude of my mind behind the closed lids of my eyes. Following this, my mouth began to fill and then empty, almost as if I’d fallen asleep with something I was going to eat but instead fell asleep before I could.

‘I tried to stop myself earlier, Alice…I just couldn’t…stop myself…’ Michael voice whispered excitedly.

Opening my eyes I was faced with the trimmed bush of his crouch jumping to and fro from my face – It was at this moment that I felt the half length and width of his big cock plunging in and out of my wide open mouth. The taste and texture of his skin making my mouth water, lick, suck and cram as much of it as possible in like it was my birthday. Michael continued to whisper words that were efficiently driving me mad with horny desire and Animalistic thoughts which he would find hard to keep up to, even if he was the illusive Casanova Da Vinci himself.

‘That’s it…Oh yeah, Oh, I think I’m going to…?’

Before Michael could get his words out to warn me that he was about to shoot his load, the first jet of salted cock milk splashed onto the back of my throat before spilling back over my tongue and into every active taste bud I had – It tasted gorgeous; fresh, thick and young. My moans, including my slight problem taking all of his spunk without some of it escaping out between my lips made him shake violently, as more cum erupted from his balls into my mouth and down my throat.

Taking his cock out of my mouth he covered up and jumped into the swimming pool, just as my Mother stepped through the patio doors and onto the poolside – Had she seen Michael and me, I would have died on the spot, but, as it was well timed by the young man himself, she saw nothing but the splash of water from Michael jumping into the pool.

‘I’m sorry, Alice, will you ever forgive me?’ She said sarcastically.

Go away Mother!’ I growled wiping the cum from my face, ‘I haven’t got time for your games right now.’

Sitting down on the sun lounger by the side of mine, my Mother sat in silent mode – for a moment.

‘You need a man!’ She spat out without any consideration of her previous torment on me.

That was it, I had had enough of her interfering.

‘Do you know Mother, I’ve just given Michael one of the best blow jobs of his life…Now, go away.’

There was nothing there. She had not been phased by the confession at all.

‘Like I said, you need a man, Alice.’

Turning as if to sound off my mind at her I paused, took a deep breath and then turned away before replacing my sunglasses. The thought of debating my ‘Needs’ according to “Mummy” were not hers to make, or challenge against me.

‘You know, when I was your age…!’

It was now that Lucy returned home, while only a few seconds behind her was Alan, back from University…But why?

‘It’s murder out there, Mallandra, apparently there’s been an accident on Evermore Road. That’s the third this month.’ Lucy exclaimed making a perfect bee-line for my Mother and me. ‘Oh, hello Alice, love?’

Greeting her with a smile she rushed over and gave me a gentle kiss on the head before sitting down with my Mother.

‘Where was it this time?’ My Mother piped up knowing that Lucy was just bursting to let them know.


Lucy and my Mother began to talk about the accident across in the next town, while my mind wandered, as well as my eyes, to see that Michael had disappeared from the pool side. Glancing around to look for him I was stopped by Lucy.

‘The young man who called!’ She gasped.

‘The man with flowers, you mean?’ I replied only half taking notice.

Lucy nodded her head vigorously. ‘They say he was making his way back home down Evermore Road, when out of nowhere another car hit him head on. He was dead at the scene they say on the radio…’

‘And which radio station said that, Lucy?’ My Mother started.

The arguments which had been caused by the split-views, if you will, that talk of news found in Evermore, and news found in Borello were endless; the difference only being in the reports given out by each town as to sensitive information that neither Majesty watching over their own Houses wanted the other one to know.

‘Evermore, of course, why would I…’

Michael walked in through the kitchen door to cause a minor disruption to the small talk of Lucy, but nothing that didn’t help me escape – finally – from the house and get out into the fresh air and summer sun at last.

‘Michael,’ I exclaimed, ‘Are you ready to go into town?’

Michael gave me a slight look of confusion, until he looked across at my Mother and Lucy, who were waiting to hear his answer. Instead of words, however, he gave a simple nod before leaving the kitchen to my car parked outside the main entrance of the house. After a quick peck to both saddened women’s cheeks, I left them to talk about the accident, something that I still didn’t quite understand completely.

Michael stood against the passenger side car door, his choice of dress suddenly hitting me as I walked down the few steps to the forecourt staring at his denim shorts that were similar to the ones he had worn so long ago at Evermore Lake. Immediately, as soon as he turned to me with the look of “Hurry up” written all over his face, my eyes shot up to his expectant eyes. And jumping into the car I put on my seatbelt while Michael climbed in and made himself comfortable.

‘I’m sorry about this morning Alice…’

Sorry! Why would you be sorry, Michael?’ I attacked him immediately.

Michael became embarrassed by the way he had planned out what he wanted to say, until I shattered any chance of him recovering from his sudden self-thought humiliation. This of course, was not the case.

‘Hey, I’m sorry, tell me what you wanted to say?’

Driving off from Borello House the two of us drove down into the town, all the while talking about his life before moving to Lucy’s; strangely enough, the many assumptions and theories on Michael’s previous life before The Manor, as my Mother and Father now call it, were not even close to the truth now being revealed. His calm voice sending me into a haze of longing for freedom; an aching and overwhelming desire to pleasure the young man sitting with his knees apart and a radiant look on his face. He looked beautiful.

‘My Mother was always drinking when Alan and me were younger, you know yourself the bottles of champagne she drank at Uncle Henry’s Wedding?’

I remembered instantly the day that Kirsten made a complete arse of herself.

‘The table top dancing!’ I murmured almost embarrassed myself.

Michael laughed with confirmation as he moved about in his seat as if made uncomfortable by something – or someone!

‘I don’t think your Mother is safe to be around…!’ I paused midsentence to gaze down at Michael’s hand quickly adjusting his jeans around the crouch. ‘Alcohol.’ I finally concluded with a sudden panicked turn of the wheel as I had veered onto the opposite side of the road and almost hit another oncoming car.

Holy Shit!’ Michael cried out preparing himself for the impact, which never came, as I managed to steer the vehicle back just in time.

Pulling over to the side I unclipped my seat-belt and rested back against the headrest, the whole experience now hitting home the many possibilities, most of which had me thanking my lucky stars the two of our cars didn’t collide.

‘Are you alright, Alice?’ Michael urged unbuckling his seat-belt and shifting closer to me.

My eyes were closed tightly shut, as in my mind’s eye I was in deep thought; the scare had triggered many thoughts, some silly by any other person’s standard, but some were more than just silly and childish; like the vivid vision of Family, Friends and even those who are neither Family, Friend or Enemy.

Again, Michael asked if I was okay, and this time I responded with a glance, almost a stare that spoke to him, or rather to the Animal inside of him – the very same Animal that had taken control of a moment that crossed my very own fantasies and threshold’s that same morning. What he was going to do about this glance is what I anticipated with baited breath that had me wet in moments, while to Michael, he saw that which would assist him, especially the neon glow that emerged from my burning and sexually charged eyes.

‘What are you thinking about right now?’ He asked in a soft whisper.

Words were hard for me to speak; a fever pitched transition of lust in its most raw form started to spread around my entire body, until finally I couldn’t hold it any longer. Dropping my eyes down to his crouch I again saw his penis, it was hard and upright while having forced its way out of the leg opening and erected itself for full view. Without saying anything my hand fell down to take a hold of it, the soft flesh moving up and down easily to show the bulbous dome of his shiny Bell End.

‘Do you want me to make you cum?’ I heard myself ask, while with my other hand I lowered the searching, probing fingers under my sarong and into the wetness of my Bikini bottoms, to work on myself as well as Michael.

But Michael didn’t want this. He didn’t want me to wank him off, he wanted me to jump over into the backseat and remove both my sarong and bottoms, so that he could lean down between the driver and passenger seats so he could taste my gaping pussy.

‘You have a beautiful cunt, Alice!’ He whispered breathlessly before putting what felt like the whole of his mouth over my gash and proceeded to insert his tongue, at first, and then, with a simple adjustment of his broad shoulders he pushed two of his fingers inside me. The friction from all three, darting in and out so fast had me Cumming in seconds.

OH MY FUCKING GOD!’ I screamed to a very noisy ejaculation of love juice that squelched and squirted out too fast for him to escape the thick wet liquid sprays.

My cum splattered across Michael’s face; his mouth, lips, cheeks and eyes, which he closed just in time before the gush came and soaked him.

‘Mmm,’ he moaned with a smile. ‘You taste delicious.’

Whether I tasted delicious or not, my state showed everything that would leave nothing to the imagination of anyone passing by or finding us at the side of the road in a compromising position. We had been parked there far too long to start anything else at the moment, though there was no lack of thought on the matter.

‘I have to get myself cleaned up, there’s some wipes in the glove box that you can use to wipe your face.’ I pointed out to his agreement.

Regaining our composure Michael buckled himself back into the passenger seat and told me he was ready to get going.




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