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Michael Benningfield is an American author, artist, and musician. He started playing music at the age of five and routinely plays piano (which he has called his ‘first love in life’), clarinet, bass, drums, guitar, saxophone, and harmonica among other things. His music has been published and picked up by independent artist radio stations and played – though he has never sought compensation for his musical endeavors as he refers to them as simply “my passion – I would never charge anyone to enjoy something that I am passionate about in the music world.”


By fifteen years old, he was writing regularly and was already an award winning, published poet. He no longer publishes his poetry in books, but offers all his poems online for free to read courtesy of websites such as All Poetry, and Poetry Dot Com. After meeting fellow poet and accomplished author Marcus De Storm, the two formed a great friendship. Marcus, having read some of Michael’s early drafts of short stories, encouraged him to forge ahead and write the novels he has always wanted to write.


And so, in 2015, Michael began the writing journey for what turned out to be a classic fantasy book titled Dwarf. The book, though short for a fantasy novel (and with a few errors due to no editor on staff) was received with instant praise from the fantasy community. The way in which he tells a story is not typical of normal authors. There are authors – those who know how to punctuate every sentence and string sentences together; and there are storytellers – those who know how to paint a compelling picture and hook you into their world. Michael is, without a doubt, a storyteller, as every review of his book online has one thing in common: everyone cannot hardly wait for the second book to be published.


He is currently working on book two of his Great War Chronicles, entitled Demoweir’s Rise. It is set to debut sometime in early 2017. He is also signed on to do a reimaging of the fairytales Snow White, and Little Red Riding Hood – in a book titled Red Snow. It is a dark book full of vampires and werewolves. Also on the horizon are the books Grandma Grace – a time traveling grandmother dealing with Alzheimer’s disease; and Hound of Justice – a noir type thriller set in 1930’s Dallas, TX, where Mr. Benningfield was born and raised.


If you’d like to follow Mr. Benningfield, you can find him at these various locations, but be warned – as the author himself has noted many times on social media: “Unless something I post is directly related to one of my novels – do not take it seriously. I love to troll the internet and will purposely say things that are not true just to get a rise out of people. How else do you think I’ve become so popular in such a short amount of time?”




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