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Two years ago, Marcus Kasabian De Storm (MKDS), set out to change Literature and upscale the readability for a 21st Century audience. Taking an extra step by Writing under an pseudonym, it was then set for 25 books (mostly Micro-Novels) to be released by Summer 2018 – more than half have been written and completed. Alone, to complete The Lexicon: 4,000 Concepts, 1,700 Novels and 300 Scripts, would take longer than the 5 years already allocated to any Independent Production/Project Company: North Gable (UK).

Writing under both Marcus Kasabian De Storm (MKDS) and Casanova Da Vinci (pseudonym), it was discovered that more freedom was allowed as Casanova Da Vinci, with no limits, no boundaries, and certainly no restrictions as to Writing realistically.

Contrary to popular belief, not all books/scripts written under Casanova Da Vinci are “Erotic”, though the ones that are pull no punches when it comes to “Descriptive Realism”. “Evermore: The Bordello Tales” Micro-Novel, one of the very first pieces of work to be written, started off a series that would create a Landmark beacon for the ‘also known as’ Author.


Written in a Bohemian/Steam Punk Style of modern day Dark Noir, the story of “Evermore” came from the personal request by Marcus Kasabian De Storm’s two twin daughters, Chantal and Jade, who asked him if he could indeed write a Drama? He did and they were happy to read the result, unlike many of the pre-release samples that were sent out for Feedback. People were saddened, angry and enraged by the ending…or beginning to “The Bordello Collection“.

Originally, it was “Midnight Sun” that was the starter of the Epic Series, until Marcus approached his daughters and asked permission to include “Evermore” to the collection. Introducing a “Love Gained, Love Lost Tragedy” to the start, it would be the fate of Carrie Brindley-White, who would set off the feel, glow and misfortune of all those who were residents of “Resheen“.

From “Evermore” and “Midnight Sun“, there came “Breathe“, a further introduction to those less off than the “Rich Blood” town – Vigilante’s. This was a direction turner, as many noticed by the sudden change from Drama and Scenic landscapes of “Evermore“, to the dark, seedy chasms of “Borello” (dubbed Bordello), where the poor were left to die, criminals corrupted the authorities and, the whole town was run by one family – The Gruber’s. With “Evermore” aside, it was merging all Projects into one “Bigger Picture“, that Marcus released “Suburban Heat” into the story line, and why not?

It had been through time consuming research of a “Time Set“, that a limit of 300 years be placed on “The Bordello Tales“, while for “The Redstone Tales“, a further “Time Set” placed was 10,000 years – times of Gods, powerful Witches and Mages. Bringing together all of these factors, including Horror by way of “The Brotherhood Of The Realms“, and “On A Storytellers Night“, it was concluded that the transition was not only successful in its merge, but also varied to a specification that would keep the Writer busy for more than 10 years in completing the largest Project in writing history.

With 2 Scripts completed already in “The Bordello Tales” series, of course “Evermore” being the Primary offering, it unfortunately lost to the “BBC Writer’s Room” in the UK; a loss that Marcus puts down to ‘confusion’, rather than ‘outset’, with the Casanova Da Vinci being the Original Writer and Author (but not explained of it being the pseudonym). Nevertheless, the Scripts still pass through several “Script Vents” and with more Contacts and Connections being made daily by way of Actors, Producers, Directors, Film Production Companies and Power Houses worldwide, there is no loss to the multi-level offerings of this Writer/Author, whether using his real name of pseudonym.

Stepping up the pace from introducing those of “Evermore“, duly noted being “Rich Bloods“, to those of “Borello“, who are almost on their knees with the suffering incurred by “The Royals” and “Governance“, the use of ‘Vigilante’s‘ in the story-line brought to the surface a clever redirection.

Lord Lucas Cavendish (The Borello Hood)

First of all, for the record, Lord Lucas is not who the Author of the series writes as, though from a First Person approach, it was felt, whether writing as a Man or Woman, the story’s edge would be clearer. For the Lord, whose rich lifestyle and highly respected status has brought him luxuries beyond compare, it is this life that has him split between ‘Conscience‘ and ‘Guilt‘ – as well as ‘Rebellion‘.

Lucas’s story begins in “Breathe” and (for now) ends in “The Opium Emporium: Sanctum“. His many adventures carried through all 12 Collections, including “The Redstone Tales“.

Lady Danielle La Grande (Midnight Blaze)

For Danielle (character taken from Bestie Danielle Danes-Harrison), the beautiful but deadly Paroxinate Assassin from Bryn, her story comes not from Lord Lucas’s extra curricula antic’s as a Lord of Evermore, but from the cold blooded murder of her Mother – Susan – by the Overseer of Borello. Revenge has carved this able bodied, Kick-Ass killer into “The Bordello Tales” best loved characters.

Danielle La Grande’s story begins in “The Opium Emporium: Rising” and does not end there in the Trilogy, but extends elsewhere in the epic Big Picture story that is “Resheen“.

Lady Carrie Brindley-White (White Orchid)

Lady Carrie Brindley-White, the daughter of Overseer Lady Melissa Evermore, has had but one story told of her inclusion in “Resheen” – favorably “Evermore: The Bordello Tales“. However, deciding to open up the “Bigger Picture” to Readers, it was revealed that the upcoming and most anticipated Micro-Novel “Tears Of The Rain” includes Carrie, but not as the Lady that everyone in her home town of “Evermore” finds quiet, peaceful and god fearing.

Carrie’s introduction to the series comes in “Evermore: The Bordello Tales“, while both her ‘Legend‘ and ‘Legacy‘ continues in the many episodes and books of “Resheen“.

The Paroxinate Order

To enable such a cast of selected characters, it was necessary to find out just how old an Order could be! When was the very first “Secret Order“, when did they first exist? Where were they created/formed? When did Man become the catalyst of both Greed and Power?

The Paroxinate Order (as real as The Illuminati) was first founded 10,000 years ago. It’s province of interest was wide and vast – some records showing it was created in the East, while others dead set on it being an English country of origin – where one Grand Order: The Circle split into two; The Circle and The Light (hence, The Illuminati).

At the very pinnacle point of The Great War, which brought Gods against Man, Witch and Mage, a New Dawn was born. The residents of “Resheen” no longer had bounds or boundaries, restrictions or laws. The lands were free…but they were also treacherous, too. So began “The Paroxinate War” that last several thousand years, until finally, those of “The Albion Witches” and Mages went into hiding.

Trained in the deadly arts of Assassination, the numbers of The Paroxinate dwindled, more and more of the dedicated disappeared, some killed, others allowing themselves to be considered dead or killed in battle for like of staying alive. Today, no more than five thousand exist.

5 Reasons To Own & Read “The Opium Emporium Trilogy”

With more than enough characters to Love/Hate, the trilogy gives the Adult Reader what “Peter Pan” and “Treasure Island” gave to us all as children. For today’s Reader, it would be safe to compare “The Opium Emporium Trilogy” with the amc hit show “Into The Badlands“, though MKDS’s books came well before this hit series.

Spanning a timeless ages of Modern, Victorian, Tudor, Elizabethan, Bohemian and Paroxinate, those of a need for Olde Worlde, Period and Historical Drama will be submersed in the settings, landscapes and locations of these Micro-Novels.

Each Micro-Novel is perpetual of other Micro-Novels and books in the series, including “Suburban Heat” and “Resheen“. Each giving their own flavor and grit to the story-lines.

Written in Current Times, but giving the feel of “yesteryear“, the pitch of the tales allow the Reader to relate, endure, share and support the characters in a Fantastical world that could be any given time in our own future.

With more than 1,700 Novels to the entire Collection, who wouldn’t want to Own and Read this once in a lifetime creation by a Single Writer? Hand written from the mind-set of Marcus Kasabian De Storm, each book is unique, and many of these “Stand-Alone” for those who are particular to a certain category.

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