Looking Glass (eBook)

Looking Glass (Book 1)

Casanova Da Vinci’s (aka Marcus K. De Storm) Looking Glass gets it’s Digital Download Release on GWN: Online (Click Details Below) at a fair price of just £1.20+Download Tax.

To mark the occasion, Marcus K. De Storm has announced that a “Looking Glass Script” is in the mix – bringing to life all the Characters’: Jaspro, Norsh, Cadabra and Jack, as well as the Creatic’s (Animals) and of course, the Looking Glass/Jetstream that allows these fun bunch to travel around the Universe.

If you haven’t read “Looking Glass” yet, then now’s your chance. Created and Written with young imaginative children in mind, the story follows Jack Dawson (JACKDAW Film Script In-Progress), who searches for the one thing in his life since the loss of his Father. Befriended by strange children who never seem to age, he is taken on an Adventure of a lifetime: Through The Looking Glass. Full Introduction to this story below.


Jack Dawson is a 12-year-old boy that has pretty much grown up his whole life with his Aunt, Milly Dawson, at her country home in the quiet town of Fairydown, Resheen. Having lost his Father at a young age, Jack’s Mother, is forced into a deep depressive state through the death of her Husband. Now she searches for a way to deal with her life, as Jack begins to deal with his – whether this is in Fairydown or elsewhere.

When Jack receives a couple of oddball characters appearing in his bedroom throughout his young life, he is finally confronted and introduced to Jaspro Sprig and his hapless friend Norsh Light – Shadow Runners of The Looking Glass.

Taken on an amazing journey through one Mirror to the next, Jack is taken to Spyglass Valley, meeting for the first time the Overseer of the lands: Charadelle – Mage of Light, as well as a few others of the same age with fantastical abilities, and skills.

But with the good, there also comes the bad. Jack’s arrival at Spyglass Valley is found to be no coincidence…it was written.

A race of time to save a Creatic Species threatened with death and extinction, Jack, Jaspro, Norsh and all the other Shadow Runners bring together a force more powerful than any Darken Mage could expect, to bring balance and peace to the rest of the land.


“Those days of adventure in Fairydown are the days I miss most as an adult – to be young once more would be Epic.”


Jack Dawson



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*Casanova Da Vinci is the pseudonym (Writing name of) Marcus K. De Storm

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