K12: Who Is Really Bleeding Britain Dry?

Anyone who believes that everything in the UK is fine and dandy need to know that it isn’t as rosy as they think it is! Today, the United Kingdom, formerly known as Great Britain, is far from being “Great”, and, additionally, it is being “Leached” at such a high level that even our own government is involved.

For more than four decades now, companies, organizations, charities and the British Government have been holding back – though this has been no big secret – to the public. In fact, the Nation has known all about these facts, only they, like so many others have become that 1% who are powerless to intervene or speak up on their own as individuals.

From day one, the stranglehold has been set in motion; companies putting into practice methods and ways to make the British People – You – part with your money, while Organizations, too, have adopted clever ways to siphon extra cash by way of “Deceit” in their ongoing structure of eluding the donator into believing they are getting “The deal of a lifetime”. Charities, too, as well as our very own Government, wrapping up pleas, funding, rules, regulations, guidelines and laws to look like official “Red Tape” necessities that aren’t worth the paper they are written on.


Today, unlike forty years ago, many Companies do not offer (or give away) anything for free – Fact. They carry the cost of virtually everything onto the End User, including the cost of those essential needs that they claim ‘Tax Relief’ for; from Stationary to additional extras that they acquire through default of buying in Bulk. Pricing is set from a minimum charge by the Manufacturer (previously referred to as Manufacturers Recommended Price or more commonly known as RRP: Recommended Retail Price), which has been so abused, that the Government and IRS (Inland Revenue Services/Agency) are well aware of, but they refuse to take action, unless there is a number of complaints made.

A Product is made (Manufactured) and Distributed to Outlets (Retailers), who then sell on to the General Public (Buyers). From the off, the Product is bought in Bulk, sometimes in their hundreds, while 9 times out of 10 in their thousands to reduce costs to the company. But, these Products are priced at High End Value, which pays for everything that the Product needs to be signed, sealed and delivered to the Customer. And, though many will argue that these Prices are “Fair” in order to make the company Marginal Profit, but the fact is they are not so fair at the time of End Sale.


Did you know that many Organizations have to be registered in order to Trade or sell on any of their Products? Whether this is Insurance, Loans, Funeral Cover or Repairs, each and every business that provides these are obliged by Laws of the United Kingdom to register their intent of business. Though to argue any such point of any Product sold or provided by any Organization will take the Customer or Consumer into a mine field of “Red Tape” and “Regulatory Jargon” of “Legal Procedure” in order to be reversed or refunded.

Insurance Companies now have so much “Red Tape” entwined in Policies, that some Solicitors find it difficult to keep up. In instances of “Short Claims” twenty years ago, the average waiting time for a pay-out was 12-18 months. Today it is 3 to 5 times that, because the Organization seeks out every turn, trick and pit-fall in which to keep their money from being handed over. Loan Companies, as we have seen recently, have hiked up their Interest/Pay Back Rates, shifted the goal posts and even left some claimants empty handed and without compensation for years.

Such are these price hikes that it is no joke when people admit that they ‘Can’t afford to die!’

Share Holders and Investors, as well as those inside businesses that have loaned monies to these have introduced their very own squeeze, too, by adding to claims their own Fees, many hidden by the small print that basically people don’t read, but bear the brunt of when they are finally explained to them in plain English.

Recently, in a spin by the Prime Minister of Britain, these Organizations have been told to make ALL information and regulations clearer to the Customer, but still, it is not clear for the Common Person to understand.


There are hundreds, if not thousands of Charities in and around the United Kingdom, many of which are the more popular known, whilst others are barely recognized. Over the past 30 years, more than two hundred Charities have opened their doors illegally and sold Products that they acquire Free from Donator’s to sell for more than Charitable Prices.

The local High Street Charity Shop today makes more revenue through selling Donated Goods than any legitimate first hand business selling Brand New Products, but this has been overlooked and left alone by the Government because they are said to be helping out many troubled areas and people.

It is what happens behind closed doors of these charities that are neglected, such as employees reselling Products donated free by well-wishers on eBay and Amazon Sales Networks. Because the Charity is not registered on these Platforms by name, instead they are sold by employers, and so the paper trails end and are not visible to be counted as a Sale.

Pricing of these items in Charity Shops also, come under scrutiny by many Customers, many of whom claiming that for a fraction more of the price can buy Brand New. Those of Sofas, Beds, Clothing and other Brik-a-Brack items that cost nothing, suddenly costing a lot more than they should – even as Second Hand. But it is not just the selling of these items donated that is put into question, but the flaunting of Rents and Rates by many Charity Shops that the Local Council allow to open up both Free of Charge and with large Rebates.

The question here is where does that extra money made from Internet Sales go? Does the money go to the Charity Body? Do the victims of these Charities actually get a penny of the sales, or does this go high up the chain and into people’s pockets that have worked out a way to obtain billions in Tax Free Revenue?

The British Government

We look at the British Government and see Politicians, Peers and Law Lords in a way that they want us to see them – Protectors of the State. While they stand and sit in Parliament speaking on our behalf, but yet we don’t see those misdemeanors that are now coming to light (or at least most of us don’t), but they are seen. Whether this is Expenses, Off-shore Investments or those instances of illegal embezzlement’s that catch some of these MP’s out now and again.

Between 2015 and 2017, more than 400 Members of Parliament have been successfully prosecuted in the United Kingdom, many through Tax Evasion and Expenses Fraud, as well as Off-Shore Investments that are most certainly illegal for any MP to become involved in. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg and as we are now seeing through “The Paradise Papers”, the line of assailant’s are far and wide throughout politics, authorities and even entertainment industries worldwide. And it is these that have been leaching Britain’s Public for a very long time.

Bigger Is The Problem

While we – You – sit down at your breakfast, dinner, tea or supper, there are those who have found a way to skim off the top a mass amount of financial gain that could, if calculated, pay off the deficit of the United Kingdom several times over to the EU. It is now becoming common procedure for those with money to tread the path of “Tax Free Earnings” and evade paying what’s left in the light of their true financial payments. The rich, the wealthy, the criminal and the profiteers that help those of similar walks of life to starve the country – You.

The NHS, Police, Ambulance Service, they are all being leached by a bacterial greed that has far been overlooked, ignored and allowed to happen. While the Common Man scrapes together a small donation to help a 3rd World country, or Orphan who needs food, shelter and protection. It is these people who flaunt the laws to keep their lifestyles lucrative and high who have brought a divide so wide between Societies, that there is no longer one Nation, but a split Nation.

The call for a Brexit Vote was made by the forced decision to allow the British People to have their own say, and it was found in favour to break away because of many reasons, not to annoy the European Union, or to play a spiteful game against the people. It was decided that we – the British People – were not prepared to sit and see our country thrown into chaos and made to suffer the consequences of those who have steered us away from the ways of making a Greater Britain.

How long will it be before our system is broken? How long before the Common Man have no rights against the backdrop of stupendous laws? How long before the British Government are held ransom by the Banks and Corporates for mistakes made by them while being the Caretakers of this Nation? And, would it matter to those in power to lose their seats of power while living a comfortable lifestyle in order to jump ship at any given moment, while we – the People – are left to deal with the fallout of their mistakes?

K12 are not positioning ourselves to bring Anarchy or Propaganda into 21st century Britain, but bringing truths that will hurt at first, until these truths emerge and allow the people – You – to decide what the future of the United Kingdom is to be. Our belief is that people have been living in the shadow of our Government for far too long now, and as a result, their ways are unjust to the building of a great nation, its people and the Common Wealth who have supported us for hundreds of years.

We are K12, we are proud to be British under a United Kingdom and its Sovereign Nation.

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