Apple’s Paradise Paper’s Scheme

Paradise Papers leak reveals Apple’s tax evasion scheme. A leak from Appleby, a company offering tax haven services, has revealed tons of information about tax evasion practices from companies... Read more »

iPhone X Freezes In Cold Weather

The new iPhone X, designed in California, freezes in cold weather – Apple promises a fix Unveiled first time officially last in September and finally released to the public... Read more »

Apple Acquires InVisage

Apple acquires QuantumFilm company InVisage You might have heard of quantum dot, and if so it probably is thanks to Samsung. Samsung has been investing tons on their QLED... Read more »

Qualcomm Rejects $105 Billion Offer

Qualcomm rejects Broadcom’s $105 billion offer. A week ago it was announced that that semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom has made an offer on Qualcomm, one of the largest competitors in... Read more »

Firefox Quantum Is Here

Firefox Quantum delivers significant speed improvements. Mozilla has released Firefox Quantum across platforms with a new slick UI and an overhauled core engine, providing for a speedier and lighter... Read more »

Android – 2 Years Outdated

Android fragmentation problems hit a new high, billion devices two years outdated. For its entire history Android has had one massive problem: software fragmentation. That means that people are... Read more »

Amazon Key: Allows In-Home Delivery

Amazon deliver Prime packages inside your home, here’s Amazon Key Amazon is constantly trying to come up with new ways to sell and deliver you products whether its acquiring... Read more »

WPA2 Encryption Broken – Worldwide

Every WiFi Network In The World Is Now Non-Secure – WPA2 Encryption Broken. Researchers from Belgian university KU Leuven have managed to find a way to break WPA2 encryption... Read more »

Google’s Echo Show YouTube Block

Google’s Echo Show Competitor Plans Revealed After YouTube Block Earlier this week Amazon revealed a bunch of new Alexa powered smart speakers. A day before that it was also... Read more »

Google Signs A Billion Dollar Deal With HTC

Google Signs A Billion Dollar Deal With HTC As expected, Google and HTC have signed a deal marking a new era in cooperation between the companies. However, HTC was... Read more »

Tesla: Developing A Chip With Nvidia’s Rival AMD

Tesla Abandoned Nvidia? Developing A Chip With Nvidia’s Rival AMD The electric car company Tesla has worked with Nvidia for a long time. Nvidia has delivered chips to current... Read more »

WhatsApp: All Data Is Revealed To Chinese Gov.

WhatsApp Competitor Confirms: All Data Is Revealed To Chinese Government It has been revealed that the messaging platform WeChat, owned by the Chinese technology giant Tencent, shares all its... Read more »

Apple’s Former GPU Partner Sold For $740m

Apple’s Former GPU Partner Sold For $740 Million Earlier this year Apple decided to start developing graphics processors in-house. This meant that their longtime partner, Imagination Technologies, was going... Read more »

Here’s The New Nokia 8

Nokia Releases Its Latest Flagship Phone – Here’s Nokia 8 HMD Global who currently has the rights to use iconic Nokia brand in its phones, released its latest Android... Read more »

What Caused Note7 To Explode?

Samsung Has Finally Determined What Caused Note7 To Explode Samsung has conducted an internal investigation regarding last years Note7 and its exploding tendencies. The company has now finally found... Read more »

Windows New Game Mode

Windows Insiders Get Their Hands On The New Game Mode The upcoming and anticipated Creators Update for Windows 10 is still a long way from being released but there... Read more »

Leaked: New Samsung Galaxy Gets World Pre-Look

This Is The First Leak Of The Samsung Galaxy S8 You Should Look At Samsung is preparing one of its most important launches in quite some time as they... Read more »

R9: Apple Loses The Number One Spot In China

R9 Comes Out Nowhere And Smashes iPhone’s Top Spot R9 pushes iPhone out of number one spot. Apple’s iPhone has been the number one smartphone around the world for... Read more »

Video Reveals Two iPhone Prototypes

A Video Reveals Two iPhone Prototypes With Competing Operating Systems It’s been ten years since the iPhone was unveiled by Steve Jobs. Sparking the smartphone revolution the iPhone was... Read more »

The Farmer Who Built Her Own Broadband

The Farmer Who Built Her Own Broadband “I’m just a farmer’s wife,” says Christine Conder, modestly. But for 2,300 members of the rural communities of Lancashire she is also... Read more »

Intel Finally Unveil Kaby Lake Processors

Intel Finally Unveiled Desktop Kaby Lake Processors Intel has today unveiled their seventh generation Core processors for desktop computers. Codename Kaby Lake is heavily based on the previous generation... Read more »

Microsoft Admits It Pushed Windows 10 Update Too Aggressively

Microsoft’s unofficial podcast Windows Weekly had a surprise guest in Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela. In the podcast he reviewed the year for the Redmond giant. Even though... Read more »

iPhone Major Camera Improvements

Even The Smaller iPhone Will Have Major Improvements To Camera Even The Smaller iPhone Will Have Major Improvements To Camera. Largely leaked iPhone 7 has been seen in pictures... Read more »

Seagate Reveals 10TB Barracuda HDD

Seagate Reveals 10TB Barracuda HDD It’s likely overkill for 99 percent of PC owners, but Seagate has revealed a new 10TB Barracuda Pro HDD this week, giving users a... Read more »

Base Model iPhone 7 Will Have 32GB Space

    Report: Base Model iPhone 7 Will Have 32GB Space Base Model iPhone 7 Will Have 32GB Space According to the WSJ, the upcoming iPhone 7 will finally... Read more »

Microsoft Finally Discontinues Xbox 360

Microsoft Finally Discontinues Xbox 360 Following the console’s 10-year anniversary, Microsoft has stopped manufacturing the Xbox 360, letting it retire as rumors of an Xbox One successor swirl. The... Read more »

Nintendo NX To Launch In March 2017

Nintendo has announced today that their upcoming NX console will launch in March 2017. The company gave little more details but they did also announce that the highly-anticipated Legend... Read more »

VAIO’s Windows Phone Flagship

Here Is VAIO’s New Windows Phone Flagship Despite its struggles, Microsoft’s Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile) program could be getting a boost from a well-known brand. VAIO, the brand... Read more »

Google Promise To Make Chrome Run Faster

Google Promises New Algorithm Will Make Chrome Run Faster Google says their latest algorithm will significantly increase Chrome’s speed, with the ability to compress up to 26 percent more... Read more »