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The Christmas break is over. For North Gable Productions Writers/Authors, the story continues with a much anticipated return to the breach – so to speak. Upon the last release (The Opium Emporium: Sanctum) it was revealed that the two Writers would lay to rest their pens and concentrate on something a little different, and different it was, too.

Healing Wounds

The controversy surrounding “That Book“, which coincidentally became much of a slaver, than a spring of joy and celebration, Casanova Da Vinci, revealed that more Readers were saddened – deeply saddened – by the conclusion of “EVERMORE: The Bordello Tales” than any other in the series (so far). And, with the very near approach to “The Opium Emporium: Circles Of Eight” drawing to a publishing date, what lies ahead is very much in the same direction of a “Carrie Brindley-White” conclusion.

“EVERMORE was a pilot model to the entire ‘Bordello Tales Collection‘, that had all the well noted hallmarks of British Drama at its very best. Categorized under Romantic Drama, it was soon echoed that ‘Tragedy‘ was in hot pursuit of its Protagonists: Carrie Brindley-White and Tristan Lazenby. It’s ‘Love Gained, Love Lost, Tragedy‘ tagline explains this very clearly. But, it was the unexpected form of the Tragedy that knocked the wind from the sails of Readers as a whole, and this in turn caused much upset.” Casanova Da Vinci explained.


EVERMORE: The Bordello Tales became a sequenced labyrinth of twists and turns to the follow up stories: Midnight Sun, Breathe, The Opium Emporium: Rising, The Opium Emporium: Sanctum. Though it was never considered to have been an ‘Erotic Tale‘, like those that followed, as people would have been led to believe by the ‘Pick Up And Read‘ collection. We here at North Gable Productions asked the Writer what exactly inspired him to write the condensed book, and strangely enough, his reply was almost as weaved and twisted as the ending.

“EVERMORE: The Bordello Tales was written through two inspirational medias: Pride, Prejudice and Zombies (movie), and Banshee (Television Series). Taking the two plots, it wasn’t long before I had the baseline foundations; Pride, Prejudice and Zombies would pave the way for the Haute Boheme – present day Bohemian themed lifestyle – while Banshee, with its dark, gritty and in many ways seedy backdrops of Heroes and Villains, would set the pace within the two towns: That of ‘Evermore‘ and ‘Borello‘. Bringing the combination together, it was now that ‘EVERMORE‘ was born.’

In a 2015 interview on one of GWN: Online’s smaller Blog sites, Casanova Da Vinci revealed that he was in the midst of writing a “Children’s Book“, but never would anyone have believed that it was that of the much ‘Love and Hate‘ novel “EVERMORE.

“At the time my head was in the field of Drama, having just written a Horror Script the previous month. And, as it was, my two daughters had requested a children’s piece – much challenged by the richer blood of more adult oriented pieces previously – and so, I set about writing an untitled project that was soon to be given a name. It was at times considered hard to avert the maturity, or at least keep it on an even keel, as to not disrupt the lower age expectations. Finally, however, it was completed and handed over to my daughters for inspection – they loved it.”

The Sequel…!

Having written nine further books to the collection after “EVERMORE: The Bordello Tales“, included was the sequential episodic variants of “Midnight Sun“, “Breathe“, “The Opium Emporium: Rising“, “The Opium Emporium: Sanctum“. EVERMORE: The Bordello Tales, of course, flavorably different – if not non-erotic – in it’s approach to a Bohemian style fresh image of today’s current climate.

From Casanova Da Vinci’s point of view, the continuation of “The Bordello Tales” was neither tired or even exhausted of further tales and ideas. As also indicated in note sent out, it was “Midnight Sun” that would receive a ‘Sequel“, until the Writer felt that a second installment would spoil the true feel of its unique style, and so decided to shelf the idea altogether. The future of “EVERMORE“, however, we’ll let the Author explain…

“Several weeks before Christmas 2016, it was decided – or rather squiggled – to write a sequel of EVERMORE, but with a much richer, if not Young Adult approach. With the conclusion of the first tale, it was never considered to raise people from the dead, but, to run side by side with the upcoming ‘Sapphire St. John‘ tale. Unfortunately, as it was cast in stone that ALL Borello Tales are of ‘Love Gained, Love Lost, Tragedies‘, then the sequel would again bring tragic loss. Giving the subtitle: Monachopsis to the sequel was carefully thought out along with a few others, including a number tag, but, it was Monachopsis that made the final decision.”

EVERMORE: Monachopsis will be completed – approximately – Summer 2017, as well as four more Tales of The Bordello Tales Collection, though no further details have been forwarded to GWN: Online.


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