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Fairydown is a new Children’s Mini-Novel from Writer/Author Marcus K. De Storm. Set in 2007, a young girl is befriended by a group of Fairies and Glimmers who have escaped to Oakabow, Resheen.

Emily Marsham, is a normal everyday 10-year-old girl who takes life pretty much in her stride; playing here and there whilst out at her Aunt’s house in Fairydown, at her Nephew’s in Evermore, and nearly always at her family home on the outskirts of Borello, Resheen. For Emily, she finds that she has a lot to take in from the large house and its vast grounds of trees, clearings, fields and woodland in all but one direction. It was The Wastelands of Borello that nobody ever ventured into, especially children.

Emily’s adventures, however, weren’t by way of Evermore, or in the darkened small gardens of Borello, but in the tranquil picturesque town of Fairydown; with more than a thousand years of mystery surrounding it’s pyronoglade lands of rare and beautiful Creatic’s, flowers, trees and strangeness. In particular were that of Fairies, though the sightings were not for all those who lived there.

Happening across a mischievous Fairy by the name of Glint, Emily begins to spend rather a lot of time outside in her Aunt’s huge back garden. Emily’s Mother, Lady Rose Marsham, is charged with looking after her Sister, Aunt Lou, who is suffering from Cancer. With the occasional to frequent mishaps and accidents that she is showing, Emily’s Mother makes the decision to take Aunt Lou into a Care Home.

Albeit Rose’s decision to make the choice, it is when receiving an urgent phone call from Seryl, she is told of a tragic accident involving her husband – Emily’s – Father, Adam Marsham. There has been a rock fall avalanche that took away the building where he and his Archaeological Team were sleeping. This was harrowing news, and no news to break to Emily just yet, as her tender age and understanding of the incident would be both heart breaking and unbearable for her.

Leaving Emily to play around the garden, Rose brings in the help of a Nanny, Anita Mayweather, from The Sunny Dawn Agency at Maffo. Anita seems okay to begin with, until the day after her Mother goes away to make arrangements for both her Husband and Sister.

Becoming annoyed by Emily’s absence; disappearing in and out of the garden, Anita tells her that she cannot go out anymore without her being there to look after her. This is not fair to Emily, and she disobeys, only to be thrown into the basement of the house, where she recruits the help of Glint and other Glimmers from within Oakabow, Fairydown – a Fantastical and magic Fairy Kingdom. Glint, Speedy, Breeze and Sunflower all come to the rescue of Emily and set her free.

Disappearing into the woodlands of Oakabow, she finds herself on a magical and yet mysterious adventure, taking her beyond the imagination of any young mind. Asking only for a single wish, she is guided to Treppin Dale, where Majuka T’Ral would gladly give Emily one wish of her heart’s desire.

Pursued by Anita, with the help of her nasty Boyfriend Brian, Emily faces dangers of breath taking measure, while her quest fills with new understandings and hopes.  The race for the one true wish was on…


Fairydown is due for release this summer (2017) under the North Gable Productions (UK) banner. Available on both eBook and Kindle, as well as in Paperback from the Amazon Global Store. Prices TBC.

2017 © Marcus K. De Storm. All rights reserved.

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