The Explosive Conclusion To A Dark Trilogy

Finally arriving on Amazon and Barnes & Noble bookshelves, Casanova Da Vinci’s retelling of “The Opium Emporium” comes to an explosive conclusion with the third and final episode to the Trilogy. Spanning six months in “The Resheen World Calendar”, it is the final days of World Collapse. Told in First Person, the tale is told from Lady Danielle La Grande’s POV. Expect Mature content, Ultraviolence and some Sexual Preferences (not Erotica), as The Bordello 3 become just one. Full “Introduction/Synopsis” below.

The Opium Emporium: Circles Of Eight – Introduction/Synopsis:

Escaping The Royals, The Governance and the Mercenaries who had been sent to Borello to kill them, Danielle, Lucas and Michael found themselves in Valencia: The Golden City.

Having been passed through The Shift by Detective Chance, it became clear that they had died in their late lives as Outlaws and Assassin’s throughout the lands. The price of life at the hands of a mysterious man who is rumored to have been around since the very dawn of The Paroxinate War, more than ten thousand years ago!

Having escaped the total destruction of Borello, it soon comes to light that Michael, being of Borellian Blood, is cursed with the very same madness as his Mother – and his death was to follow quickly. Michael now dead, it is left up to both Danielle and Lucas, to clear their names and present evidence to the very Council that had condemned them, was coerced into signing their “Execution” papers. But, in an unexpected twist, Lord Lucas Cavendish is taken through The Shift, to a place that only one man would know the location – Chance.

Alone, worried and desperate to find her Sister, Georgia, the Courtesan, Danielle La Grande is forced to make a plan. If she was allowed to travel to Spirin to find her and bring her back to the city, then maybe there would be a home for them both.

With sinister plans being made by the Order, known as The Light, in turn it triggers an ancient and deadly Assassin: The Paroxinate. Only those of The Circle can ward off their enemy, as only The Paroxinate can bring about peace in Bryn.

What is about to Rise, will be the Legend in history to one of the bloodiest battles between two well-known and well-hated Orders. Dark Times are upon them all, and no more than Lady Danielle La Grande’s search for an impossible Hope.

This Condensed Novel can be found Here >>> The Opium Emporium: Circles Of Eight (Paperback)


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