EVERMORE: The Bordello Tale
Evermore - The Bordello Tales - Novel

Carrie Bryndley-White returns to her home in EVERMORE after 3 years, once back she meets Tristan Lazenby, a well-to-do young man with a huge burden on his shoulders.

When Carrie’s transport back to Evermore House is blighted with the driver injuring his back, Tristan offers to take her himself, something that Carrie objects to, due the two not being formally introduced to one another. Finally, with no other means of arriving at the house, she concedes to the offer and slowly begins to understand the man that looks at her in no other way she knows; the familiarity of her actions, reactions and responses soon has the young woman falling for the stranger.

Taking a detour to the house, Tristan stops off at The Old Mill, now restored and upgraded to become a house. Here Carrie experiences flashbacks, flashing images of her past that bring great pain and take away a large amount of her energy. Through one vision to the next, she feels the need to push forward and discover the truth of what really happened the day she was involved in a car crash – and only then could she rest from the tormenting dreams that refuse to explain or answer her questions.

One of the many tales to emerge from “The Bordello Tales Collection” from new Writer/Author Casanova Da Vinci, and certainly one for the Tissue treatment, too!

EVERMORE is a story taken from “The Bordello Tales Collection”, an inchepesetory of the two split lands: Borello and Evermore; two rival families fighting for what they believe is their right. With Intrigue, Passion, Zest, Erotica, Mystery, Death and Murder combining twelve Mini-Novel Stories so far, the county of Borello will be for Evermore…

eBook and Paperback Available Soon. Estimated Price: £4.99 (excl.VAT & Delivery)

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