City Limits: Feel The Need For Speed

City Limits: Feel The Need For Speed

If you’ve had a chance to check out “City Limits: The Long Road Out” or “The Factory”, before the latest release in the series “City Limits: Revenge”, then you should!

“City Limits: The Long Road Out” offers a story-line that will appeal to anyone who is a Speed Devil, Roadster, Boy Racer/Girl Racer, or Fuel Junkie. As well as fast cars, glamorous women, turbo accelerated first person driving, erotic interludes and a damn fine thriller plot, it (as well as the series) hints at its origins. And, with its prequel “The Factory”, there is no margin of difference, but for the splash of Writer Casanova Da Vinci’s ‘Ultraviolence’.

Two books, two stories, two time-lines, two races that will leave the Reader breathless…here’s why?

City Limits Introduction

The City Limits was the place where all the ‘Fuel-Heads’ went to quench the thirst of their madness in extreme driving – it also doubled as a graveyard, too; the victims of break-neck speeds, sheer cut bends and mistakes, as well as ‘Dirty Driving’ tricks that went unpunished.

This was The 6.6: The Devil’s Road, its stretch of 6.6 miles from ‘The Devil’s Crown’, down through ‘The City Gate’ and across residential streets and businesses until reaching the forked road that brought all drivers back to ‘The Devil’s Road’ and the finish line. This run attracted more than its fair share of challengers every year, and every year there would more fatalities, more deaths and more bodies to stack up against the Body Count.

Connor Derby and his wife to be, Eleanor, are passing through Flame City, the name given to Vale City, when their vehicle is run off of the road. Hospitalized from his injuries, Connor falls into a coma. Eleanor is not so lucky. After three months he awakens with hardly any memory of the accident or Eleanor’s death, until he meets Jayce Hanson, a ‘Fuel-Head’ that was on the road the night that Connor was run off into what drivers called ‘The Devil’s Mouth’; a dangerous crossroad that had claimed others, just like Eleanor. It is now that Connor teams up with Jayce to find out who it was that caused the accident leading to Eleanor’s death.

Infiltrating the group of ‘Fuel-Heads’ that race ‘The Devil’s Road’, Connor is introduced to Jules Malone, a girl racer with a passion for extreme. Connor is blinded by her, making him lose sight of the true reason he has befriended the group; to find the person who killed the woman he loved more than life itself. His drive for justice brings him to a bitter struggle of friendship, loyalty and choices that test him beyond the limits of The Long Road Out.

A Love gained, Love lost, Tragedy Tale that will satisfy the senses of Speeders, Bikers, and those who live for the thrill of the ride.

The Factory Introduction

Redstone, Seacliffe, the Hardline 1980’s; lives are touched by both luck and fate in this action packed violent crime thriller that looks deep into The Underground world of Clubs, their Owners and the people who shaped an entire generation.

Joshua Warburton is a nineteen-year-old opportunist; if it isn’t nailed down or secured, Joshua will claim it as his own. But times are changing – The Jilted Generation is spawned.

Warren (The Jackal – Self named) Jackson is a Club Owner of The Factory and Underground Boss in Redstone, one of Seacliffe’s worst hit regions for violent crimes, street gangs and gangland killings. Dubbed ‘Fire City’ because of its red sand foundations, the local police force find themselves defenseless against these Gangs and their Leaders. A new initiative has been given the go ahead – but this is not without its technical problems.

Max Kingsley is a University Student who is down on his luck, when the police arrest him for Disturbing the Peace. When it is found that he has a warrant out on him already for the murder of a man in Briarsdale, he is offered a deal that may well have been a big mistake. For Love, Joshua will do what needs to be done, as for freedom he will do whatever is necessary to get him through the journey alive.

A true “Love gained, Love lost, Tragedy” tale – but with a twist so crude that it will leave you breathless!

RAYTHEON: The Dawn Rider – Tipped For The Top

Wealthy billionaire and High Guard Senate Member Lord Darius Theon, was one of the very first Lord’s to introduce a “Freedom of Movement” policy throughout all regions of Resheen. The policy alone had attracted both positive and negative responses from The Senate in Seacliffe, but more so the negative end of the defeat against those dependent on the restrictions imposed by rules and laws to allow Governance and Control of its people. It was the early 90’s, people wanted more than restrictions, curfews and anarchy in their streets.

Darius Theon, though a Lord, had several Chantandran business involvements that included a well-known radical right wing faction, one which was hell bent on “The Servesto Agreement” being pulled from a national vote in Resheen. Unfortunately, it was cast and put into motion. A week after this agreement was initialized, Lord Darius Theon was murdered by the faction on the belief that it was he who had the bill passed as a rouse to a greater plan that The Senate was creating.

Completely unhinged by his Brother’s murder, Earl James Theon set in motion a “Servesto Agreement Policy” of his own, which was made by several Senate Lords of The High Guard. As a result an internal war was declared upon the Sons and Daughters of “The Libertė”; anyone with a Class Status within the working foundations of Governance, Sovereignty or High Guard through Resheen would be marked by factions around the world – nobody was safe.

Warned of an oncoming storm between the Factions and the Noble’s, many became fearful of the night, while others came to ignore the threat and walk out freely into the streets. For what appeared to be months without incident or enforcement of the threat’s set out by the Factions, one by one the dependents of the Noble’s began to venture out, secretly at first, until eventually they began to blatantly ignore the golden rule of their Peers and Protectors: Discretion.

On June 3rd 2014, the first casualties of The Faction War came with the cold blooded murder of Lady Annette Colson-Theon and Lord Raymond Theon, son of the late Lord Darius Theon of The Senate, and his wife of less than a year. Their car ran off a deserted road dubbed “The 105/66” in Redstone, Resheen, where the body of Annette was discovered one hundred and fifty feet below a large crevice of The Devil’s Core; a bottomless pit of red clay and large mixed ore that was deemed non-retrievable.

Having conducted a three month search of the perilous ground around The Devil’s Core and surrounding area, Raymond’s Uncle, James Theon announced publicly his scaling down of the search for his Nephew. Local police and volunteers were all in due course thanked by the family, while elsewhere around Resheen more Noble families were being victimized by The Factions. Soon after the search had been scaled down to mere paperwork by one officer, people of Redstone City staged a memorable funeral for Raymond, though it was just an empty casket, until his body was recovered.

Twelve months after the horrific murders of the noble couple, a sequence of incidents began to emerge into a familiar pattern of events, many being the cause of a mysterious vehicle that ran illegal smugglers and criminals known as ‘Runners’ off of the road to their deaths. To The Senate, the deaths were of no great loss, but to the local law enforcement, the menace that they could never find or capture was starting to mount up a considerable number of ‘first time’ offenders. Something had to be done to stop them.

Passing a Bill that would give ‘Executive Decision’ to the police forces throughout Resheen, it was now time that the menace of the roads in Redstone City was finally dealt with.

Assigning a Task Force of officers with high powered vehicles to track down and put an end to the problem, DS. Gregory Haze, accompanied by twenty trained officers patrolled the streets, highways and dirt tracks around Redstone in the hope of coming up against the one that the Roadsters and Racers call “The Dawn Rider”.

“Giving RAYTHEON something that extends beyond City Limits and The Factory, it was considered to be raw, gritty and unrestricted by way of story-line and energy. As with all the Hardline Series of Micro-Novels that have a First Person fix on giving the Reader a real feel for the drama, action, sensuality and intensity of the ride, as well as the plot, RAYTHEON will appeal to all those who have read the previous two installments.” Said MKDS, Creator and Author.

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As unique as his work is, Marcus Kasabian De Storm, has always believed in the “Sample Before Purchase” theory. His own distribution taking parts of his Books, Novels, Micro-Novels and Scripts all over the Internet, to every country, has proved positive to the point of the Reader knowing what to expect from these exclusive Reads. If you want to jump aboard the high-octane hardline series, then click the links below to find out what all the fuss is about. All Hardline themed books are EXTREMELY MATURE and are not suitable for anyone under the Legal Age of 18 (eighteen).

The Factory (XXX21/Hardline 80’s) Free Read

City Limits: The Long Road Out (XXX21/Hardline 80’s) Free Read

What’s Next?

If you have read all the episodes of the series so far and feel you need more, then don’t worry. Coming very Soon are some additional new titles to the Collection:-

We hope you enjoy your Free Reads, but at the same time, we hope that you will look around the website and further your familiarity of this Writer. If you would like to buy any of these Released Titles, then please find Marcus Kasabian De Storm on Amazon Bookstore. Some titles may not be available on Kindle.

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