City Limits 3: Takedown Gives Theme Away

When “Burnout” arrived on the Xbox/Xbox 360, it was hard to believe that anyone could write a true depiction of the Races, the Feel and the Experience of such a phenomenally successful release. After all, what we experience in games is Tunnel Vision Action, which cancels out almost all of our concentration to focus on anything else but the game. But, just three months after the purchase of the game, Marcus Kasabian De Storm began writing the first Micro-Novel, City Limits: The Long Road Out. It was furthering this series that mixed the “Big Picture” of “Resheen” into a Kriss-Cross multi-location Erotic Thriller.

Of course, as for respecting the copyright of the games, it was by leaving out the courses of race tracks around the world, and placing the races around Redstone City’s “Devil’s Crown”, that he believes the series will form its own popularity. Having released two Micro-Novels in “The Hardline 80’s Collection”, all eyes are now set to fall on the newest installment “City Limits: Revenge” (City Limits 2), before the early 2018 release of “City Limits: Takedown” (City Limits 3).

Between both new title releases, Marcus Kasabian De Storm has revealed an additional Micro-Novel that takes place before “The Factory”. This title coincides with “City Limits: The Long Road Out” and will include several characters common to the “Resheen” project and all of its associated books.

City Limits: Inner City (2018)

City Limits: Inner City reintroduces Readers to “The Devil’s Crown” before it was taken by bloody force in 1979 from the city born Rebels and Racers of Redstone (Fire City). From the Mapping of the tracks, to the very brutality of a corrupt Governance takeover, it is only a matter of time before everything changes.

Targeted for early 2018, this Micro-Novel’s release may differ and become available early.

What’s Next?

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