“City Limits 2: Revenge” Will Be Sweet

“City Limits 2: Revenge” Will Be Sweet

The well awaited sequel to the super-octane speed demon thriller “City Limits: The Long Road Out“, is in its final stages of completion. The new release will continue exactly where the first left off, which was on a ‘Cliff Hanger!’ For sure. Get “City Limits: The Long Road Out” In Paperback or on Kindle.

What’s Unique?

Both books, as well as their continuing series, are part of “The Hardline 80’s Collection“, bringing the Reader closer to the Action, Thrills and Excitement of the Character’s, the Cars and the Danger. Written in a New Style of First Person, where attention to detail has been condensed and filtered to bring a Real Feel to the Plot and its selection of Characters who lead the Story Lines.

Connexions – >

As ALL City Limits books are connected to “Resheen: The Bigger Picture“, there may be the odd appearance of other “Collection” series, such as “Suburban Heat“, “The Bordello Tales” and, most recently “Midnight Dark“, too. All writing’s occurring after “The Brotherhood Of The Realms” and from “Evermore“, will be a major part of “Resheen: The Bigger Picture“.

What’s Next?

City Limits has brought the Writer much enjoyment, both in putting together the Driving descriptions and those of the Erotica contained in the stories. With the completion of the first book, it was felt that there should be something that matched, or beat the adrenalized feeling and mind-wandering that each page allows the Reader to experience. The second book, however, will be unique in its style, flair and flavor.

City Limits 3: Takedown

For those who like their Micro-Novels (180 pages) to contain that certain flair and unique blend of both Full Throttle Thriller and Sensual Erotica, then “City Limits 3: Takedown” is that Micro-Novel. Filled with the Need For Speed and breakneck Burnout speed races, the series would not be complete without the whisper of our “City Limits” split-off. The question is, of course, with such dastardly television series such as “Blood Drive“, films like “Mad Max” and our greater loving passion to get Steam Punked! Who will remember the 80’s Phenomenon that was…

From the passion of playing the PS Race Game, to writing it’s very own stand-alone (!) Micro-Novel, it is with pride that Marcus Kasabian De Storm states: It will be the Ride of your Life. A Full Synopsis will be available soon here on GWN:Online.

City Limits Exclusive

While “The Hardline 80’s Collection” gets it’s first three titles, along with “Road Rash: Inferno“, the tilt of “City Limits” returns for a late 2018 release of “City Limits: Inner City“. The Story Line here, just as moist and tasty as the previous offerings, except for the Characters. The story opens up before “City Limits: The Long Road Out” and “City Limits 2: Revenge“. More information and Full Synopsis coming soon.

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