The Factory (XXX21)

The Factory (XXX21)

The Factory

Redstone, Seacliffe, the hardline 1980’s; lives are touched by both luck and fate in this action packed violent crime thriller that looks deep into The Underground world of Clubs, their Owners and the people who shaped an entire generation.

Joshua Warburton is a nineteen-year-old opportunist; if it isn’t nailed down or secured, Joshua will claim it as his own. But times are changing – The Jilted Generation is spawned.

Warren (The Jackal – Self named) Jackson is a Club Owner of The Factory and Underground Boss in Redstone, one of Seacliffe’s worst hit areas for violent crimes, street gangs and gangland killings. Dubbed ‘Fire City’ because of its red sand foundations, the local police find themselves defenseless against the Gangs and their Leaders. A new initiative has been given the go ahead – but this is not without its technical problems.

Written in “1st Person” through the eyes of Joshua Warburton, Casanova Da Vinci exacts the adrenaline power and atmosphere that will take every Reader’s breath away with Action, Stunts, Thrill-Seeking and Adult Orientated Sexually Explicit Passion on a whole new level.

A true “Love gained, Love lost, Tragedy” tale – but with a twist so crude that it will leave you breathless!!

From “The Factory” to “City Limits”, Casanova Da Vinci delivers a punch so hard through the Lost Decade, that every Reader will want more. And, with “The Factory (2): Fall Of The Jackal” and “City Limits (2): Revenge” destined for 2017, it will be only a matter of time that their wish will come true.


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