The Opium Emporium: Rising (RX18)

From Writer Casanova Da Vinci
Dark Times Are Upon Them All…


The Opium Emporium: Rising, is the first installment of a running Trilogy of the same title. Written from a “1st Persons” POV, the story opens with the reintroduction of Lord Lucas Cavendish (The Borello Hood) and Lady Danielle La Grande (Midnight Blaze) of The Bordello Tales. Action, Adventure and Danger pursues the infamous “Bordello 3” from the falling town of Borello, Resheen, to the picturesque Redstone (Fire City) in the southern regions of the coast.

Favored for its immediate jump into a darker side of “The Bordello Tales Collection”, Rising hits the spots that all other Bohemian Styled adventures fail to provide. Have a seat, buckle up and prepare for a modern day Vigilante Tale that will take you into a whole new era of War.


For more than 300 years, the two towns that border Yorkshire’s borders of North and East: Evermore and Borello, have been at war; through each generation since the very first in the late 1700’s, to present, both families have been taught by their peers to hate their neighbors, while all the while during countless battles, something has caused a great change in each their retaliations.

For the Duchess of Evermore, Lady Melissa Ellington-Evermore, the present day changes in her family have led to the death of her youngest niece, Carrie Brindley-White.

Lady Evermore’s husband, Lord David Evermore, the last remaining Evermore, is too saddened to bury his niece, because he is inconsolably troubled to find that her death was through no accident, but murder.

In Borello, Lady Mallandra Gruber, the land owner of Borello and all of its houses and businesses, comes head to head with the hands that deal fate. And from “Evermore” to the dark, seedy confines of “The Quarter”, love, passion, lust and depravity may well conquer all within the adult erotic stories of The Bordello Tales.

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Certified an RX18 for it’s Ultraviolence and Adult Themes, The Opium Emporium: Rising has been given an Adult Literature Lock on Amazon Stores. Anyone under this age is strictly forbidden to read any of the Trilogy.

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