Suburban Heat Double Bill Starter

In 2012, the one book that was passing through the Internet was one which caused a lot of talk. It was Masterly compressed down from 1,200 pages to just... Read more »

Spirit Walker Will Haunt You…

It has been almost a decade since Marcus Kasabian De Storm wrote “The Brotherhood Of The Realms” aka “The Brotherhood Of Justice“. The story’s main character, Detective Marcus Chance,... Read more »

City Limits: Feel The Need For Speed

City Limits: Feel The Need For Speed If you’ve had a chance to check out “City Limits: The Long Road Out” or “The Factory”, before the latest release in... Read more »

Meet The Assassin’s Of Borello

Two years ago, Marcus Kasabian De Storm (MKDS), set out to change Literature and upscale the readability for a 21st Century audience. Taking an extra step by Writing under... Read more »

The Explosive Conclusion To A Dark Trilogy

Finally arriving on Amazon and Barnes & Noble bookshelves, Casanova Da Vinci’s retelling of “The Opium Emporium” comes to an explosive conclusion with the third and final episode to... Read more »

Suburban Heat: Master To A Lord – Synopsis

The continuing story of the original “Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire” sets Master Xander O’Neill on his dangerous journey through the world of the Orders. The second synopsis... Read more »

Suburban Heat: House Of Swan – Synopsis

It is considered one of the most controversial novels of its time; bringing both Masonic and Erotic overtures to the foreground of any Adult Political genre. And yet, within... Read more »

Looking Glass (eBook)

Looking Glass (Book 1) Casanova Da Vinci’s (aka Marcus K. De Storm) Looking Glass gets it’s Digital Download Release on GWN: Online (Click Details Below) at a fair price... Read more »

The Opium Emporium Double Bill Release

Casanova Da Vinci’s The Opium Emporium To any discerning Reader, picking up the new novel “The Opium Emporium: Rising” would read just like any other ‘Stand Alone’ book, but... Read more »

Suburban Heat: Rebooted

Suburban Heat: Rebooted It has been 3 years almost to the day that MKDS (aka Marcus Kasabian De Storm) has written under his own name (pseudonyms aside), which makes... Read more »

“Looking Glass” A New Age For Child Literature

“Looking Glass” A New Age For Child Literature   “Looking Glass” A New Age For Child Literature After the progressive writings of “The Bordello Tales” and “The Sexual Healing... Read more »