Sales Platforms “Crippled” By Facebook

EBay Sales Platforms “Crippled” By Facebook

Written By MKDS

For the past 15 years the ‘Sales Platforms’ better known by popularity as “EBay“, “Amazon” and “Argos” have openly admitted recently that they are being “Crippled” by Social Network ‘Pages’ and ‘Groups’ such as “Facebook: Selling & Swaps” and “Gumtree” free services, as well as others.

GWN: Online looked into the matter after receiving one of several key emails from “eBay’ and ‘Amazon’, both containing “Important Surveys”. The one that was most interesting was “eBay”, which clearly went on throughout its entirety about ‘Charges’, ‘Costs’ and ‘Fees’. Amazon and Argos, however sugar coated the very same questions with lengthy description instances that amounted to the same as other ‘Sales Platforms’, but hesitated in naming any such competitive sources for customers to relate to.

The Social Network’s Goals…

Through ‘Social Networking’ we each have an ability to do anything, some great, while at the same time bad, too, as in cases of “Bullying”, “Degrading” and “Instigating Violence or Hate”. Those “Good” examples can out-range the latter examples, however, and bring change, as well as hope. In the case of ‘Online Sales’, what is “Out-Trending” these giant platforms of ‘Bargains’, ‘Cut Price Products’ and items is the very thing that changes every human life – Finances.

Today “Social Network” is as attached to our daily lives just as firmly as any of the umpteen bones in our body, and it is becoming more deeper buried as from the very moment we wake up in the morning we reach out for the first daily fix; Check In, Post a new Status, check our Alerts, ‘Like’ others’ Status’ or just make sure that we have no PM’s in our Inbox. Strange as it may seem, the purpose of “Facebook” was to get people ‘Liking’ pictures, ‘Chatting’ and ‘Interacting’ on a global scale like no others available at the time. Its seedy truth was to ‘Hook’ and bring the ‘User’ to ‘Addictive Parallels’ and eventually lead the ‘Users’ into ‘Digital Fixation’ – and this, as we can see by the latest statistics of “Facebook Users” has done exactly that which it set out to do.
As well as the “Digital Addiction”, we have some fun sub-apps that allow those ‘Cold Turkeyed’ users to shrug away the more frequent use, to a more tolerable and acceptable level of control over the yearning in reaching out for the Smart Phone, Laptop or Tablet and settle for ‘Self Gain’ means instead; Pages, Groups, Advertising, Contacting, and that kind of general worthiness. Businesses having now jumped from the ‘Interweb’ chasms into gathering a wider audience through their ‘Facebook Contacts’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Followers’, the chances are high that those percentages of real customers will have a Smart Device in their hands at the very moment an “Offer” is posted, right?

Unlike the High Street, however, those ‘Businesses’ on Facebook have nowhere to run in regards to palming people off with their ‘Wait Spiel’, as the business on the largest ‘Social Network’ knows only too well, that a ‘Bad Feedback Comment’ delivered on their ‘Page’ or ‘Group’ is just as effective as the authorities stamping “SCAM” on a ‘Footfall High Street Business Store’.
Sad is the fact that history has shown us just how unconcerning many businesses and companies can be, and how, when their misdemeanors are discovered they are but slapped around the wrist and allowed to do it again…and again, until at last they are fined with what is considered a ‘Light Fine’. Corporates, too, who rely solely on a “Brand Name” or a built up reputation that is for them ‘Untouchable’ to the point of peak pricing, and now, all of that is changing…

“Social Selling vs Ebay”

Ebay Selling Platform…

Selecting a single basic item, we chose a medium range ‘Product’ of an ‘Xbox 360 Console’; its bulkiness bringing into effect the size, weight and cost of postage. Additionally, for ‘Multiple Sales’ purposes, we added several games and the consoles accessories: Controllers, wires, etc. Finally, the actual ‘Postage & Packing’ estimate for such a medium range item.
Selling through “eBay” entails several procedures; “Title” or “Name” of the Item, “Category” and “Subcategory”, “Condition”, “Description”, “Auction” or “Buy It Now”, and finally, the “Postage and Packing” charge in the form of “Free Delivery” or “Tariff Mailing Price”.

Selling through “eBay” will cost (unless allowances or offers are given to the Merchant) a charge for the initial “Insertion” of a photograph of the item (this cannot be evaded), a percentage of the final sale price, too will be deducted through the ‘Sellers’ “PayPal” account depending on the location of the ‘Seller’ this can be as much as 20% (as the UK Government now insist that there is no difference between ‘Brand New Goods’ and those that are ‘Second Hand’, albeit that the “Tax” has already been paid on the ‘Second Hand Item’ when originally purchased).

Social Network Selling…

Selecting the very same item: Microsoft Xbox 360 with accessories, it is placed onto “Selling & Swaps” that can be found in every Town or City in the UK and beyond, even. The “Seller” will find that there are no procedural insistence’s to this method, none that are complicated as to the “EBay Insertion Requirements” such as ‘Item Descriptive Details’, or ‘Category/Subcategory’. In fact, submitting a photograph and brief description with the picture along with price and ‘Collection’ of the item renders this ‘Sale’ complete…All that is needed now is a ‘Buyer’. Additionally, the full benefit of “Selling & Swaps Social Media Sales”, is the fact that while the ‘Buyer’ collects from the ‘Seller’ and pays only in cash currency – no cheques, no credit cards, no bank transfers or any fees – the ‘Sale’ is Tax Free to those who place their ‘Unwanted Item(s)’ on the ‘Page’ or ‘Group’.

From Social Networking – To The Real World…

With such a dark cloud hanging over all businesses in the UK – if not the entire world – regarding ‘Pricing’, ‘Branding’, ‘Re-Branding’ and ‘Costs’, “Social Networking Selling” would certainly not be the first indication that there are other alternate methods out there which ‘Consumers’ can turn to in order to ‘Buy’ – and now ‘Sell’ too at a much reasonable and down to earth financial ease. In such a competitive world as business, it has been disclosed on many occasions that there are methods and ways out there where the ‘Competitor’, whether on a DotCom or Static High Street Store, can have the carpet pulled from under the business faster than they can say “What the hell happened?”

In the twenty years leading up to the 2015 General Election, the blind-sided actions of both Government and Inspectorates have allowed many Businesses, Companies and Corporates to run a little too wildly in our humble opinion. In allowing this to happen, the ‘Rise’ and ‘Fall’ of prices, as well as the ‘Free Open Market’ for any businesses or companies to sell anything it chooses, has reached a ‘Saturated’ level of ‘Overstock’, and this alone has brought the closure of many local and regional ‘Family Businesses’. It wasn’t that long ago when Supermarkets sold only Food and Groceries, Hair Dressers only cut and dyed hair, the local Co-Op sold every day commodities and Fast Food Restaurants only sold burgers and refreshments. Today, our Supermarkets sell everything that the ‘Family Businesses’ attempt to build up their empires with; food, clothing, electronics, cleaning chemicals, glasses, pharmaceuticals and even insurance for the home, car and business. Hair Dressers now sell equipment, clinical remedies and even promote those clinics and spas for a slice of the pie. The local Co-Op hand over ‘In-Store Loans’, sell in bulk and even offer a delivery system of any products which you cannot get in their stores. So how do we measure the extent of damage caused by these ‘Non-Conformists to the Monopolies Commissions’ and begin to understand where everything went wrong?

Blame The Internet…

While there is ‘The Internet’ there is no quick or easy solution of how to stop many large companies from falling, nor is there an easy answer to halt more from crumbling into fading rubble in the coming years ahead. What we can do to calm and slow the amount of companies and businesses from ending up a memory, is to allow the ‘Monopolies Commissions’ to fortify the way in which those ‘Retail’, ‘Commercials’ and ‘Industries’ behave around the UK; Supermarkets are for Food, not High Tech or other equipment outside of the Catering area, so why allow it to sell anything but Food and Groceries? The terminology “Everything under one roof” was once used by “Woolworths”, which by the way didn’t overstep its mark in Product Selling, but yet it fell foul in just the same way as other Giants. Pricing of ‘Essential’ and ‘Non-Essential’ products and items should be monitored more, and in this, it should not condone price hikes on items just because of their ‘Branding’ or ‘Face Value’. Where there is smoke, there is always fire when it comes to ‘Fly By Night’ businesses; they pop up and rent out empty shops and stores with ‘Rip Off Goods’, and while this still persists at an alarming level throughout the UK, there will always be those Valiant ‘Business Owners’ and ‘Directors’ who are willing to put the spanner in the works for Corporate Companies who charge too much for so little a commodity. So too are the ones who will buy by bulk and sell cheap to flood the market place, and in doing so, the higher branding manufacturers suffer and increase their prices to match the loss and never the gain.

In a world that is filled with ‘Greed for the Green’, the expansion of the ‘Love Hate Relationship’ with Manufacturers, Proprietors and Sellers has reached a level of ‘PONR’ (Point of No Return). In addition, the “Well done” slap on the back has come in various tell-tale signs, from ‘Cut Price Stores’ taking the clients and customers from the ‘High Street’, ‘DotCom Websites’ taking what remains and tempting them further and further into an area where they remain as loyal to the Digital Offerings as they did with the physical interactions of being out and about in a Town or City mixing with other the fellow buyers.

At a rate of 12% per month, we are looking at City Economic Collapse within 3 years. Accelerated growth of the structural presence of ‘Non-Conformist’ businesses which trade multi-items and products will see the UK’s business sectors crippled by the turn of 2017, while outside contracting and purchasing will decline even faster due to ‘Insolvent Worth’.

Still not convinced? Well, here’s ‘Food for Thought’: If you had the choice of any singular product or item to choose from two optional areas, the ‘High Street’ or the ‘Internet’, with the ‘High Street’ item being more expensive and also ‘Pick Up Only’. The other from the ‘Internet’ at 50% cheaper and Free Delivery to your home, then which would you choose in a climate such as we have today? The thought is sometimes mistaken with the fact you can physically touch the item, see it up close in its box and receive a welcoming guarantee by the store that they have sold hundreds, if not thousands to other happy customers. What this practice lacks is the fact that not many unwrap the item to check it on the premises of the store, not after struggling to find a parking space in the Town or City that charges you less than £10 for up to 2 hours anyway – You could get the item delivered for less than that charge. Secondly, the guarantee will always come from any brand new item regardless of its source, unless it is being sold as a ‘Second Hand Product’.

Statistically, the ‘Internet’ offers more than 70,000+ businesses while the ‘High Street’ alone only offers 48,000+ businesses in which shoppers and potential Customers approach daily. To put this into perspective, from the 48,000+ stores and shops, you cannot buy a haircut or blow dry, you cannot buy a tattoo, you cannot buy pets, animals or live stock (it’s not only cruel to post animals, it’s also highly illegal), and you cannot buy a restaurant meal that will be delivered hot.

Socially connected by broadband, the future of ‘Product Sales’ is taking the lead on a whole range of our needs, and it is these needs in a fast lane way of life which we turn to when the only time we get to spend window shopping is a weekend – even then, with so many businesses and companies keeping up to demand of their customers ‘Physical Footfall’ or ‘Online Reservation’, it looks like 24/7 and 365 wins hands down every time. And in essence to all of this investigation into the balance of both ‘Digital’ and ‘Static’ Sales, more than 65% of Shoppers blame the Internet for the decline and closure of shops and stores throughout the UK, when in fact, it is these shops and stores that have jumped aboard their own fate…

Written for Global World News: Online by MKDS

© 1999/2020. GWN: Online/North Gable Productions. All rights reserved.

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