Two Writers Map Out “Resheen”

Two Writers Map Out “Resheen”

Two Writers Map Out Resheen: The whole Concept of creating a world that is seen different as to the one we live in – currently – has been a challenge difficult of sustaining interest. Many of the worlds we are taken to are in space, or under the oceans, between mountainous rocks and caverns. It is now that those of us who move on to explore the boundaries of those ‘Other Places’, find something so rare, that it deserves to be shouted out from the rooftops.

Very few people occupying their time with me back in the 1980’s and early 1990’s knew of a book I was then writing – by hand – and calling it “Resheen”; a compilation of Story-Shorts that told of Sheekan’s and other nasty creatures (called “Creatic’s) that crossed an invisible boundary between our world here currently, and a world that is primitive. Of course, when you read the beginnings of “Resheen”, the truth be told, what began as an experiment of a small and compact scenario of Fantasy Adventure, was quickly turning into an Epic size Landmark in Literature history the world over.

The Brotherhood Of The Realms – aka Brotherhood Of Justice – began a story-line between the latter half of the 80’s, to introduce a multi-level build of “On A Storyteller’s Night”, a large collection of singular stories created and written from the imagination of Marcus De Storm. In essence, the full feel of the -as yet incomplete – Novel “Resheen”, began to weaken. This was presumed to be the “3rd Person Storytelling”, and yet, it was never dropped from the many other Projects.
The Storytellers Night Chronicles: The Beginning – Resheen Deconstructed

“The Beginning” for the Subtitle of “On A Storyteller’s Night” seemed deemed plausible at the time, it’s mysterious calibration offering “When”, while many waited to read about “Where”, while anxious to pick up from “The Brotherhood Of The Realms”, as others prepared for a new Time-Line Intervention. Neither Horror, nor Science Fiction, but of Fantasy and hard Adventure in a rough surround.

Taking away most of the Story-Shorts from the original “Resheen Build”, it was found possible to continue writing the Novel at a steady pace of just 3 Story-Shorts per day, hoping to make the ‘Paperback Dead-Line’ that was just 8–9 months down the road.

Currently released as a Break-Up Set, is “Men Of The Gods”, the interlacing history of “The 10,000 Year War” with the Gods and Human’s. A chronicle worthy of a read, if only to know where exactly these Gods came from – especially Vorelee, herself, a main player in The Paroxinate Religious Order within Borello Town, Resheen.

The Storyteller’s Night Chronicles: The Sanctum


The carrying on of “On A Storyteller’s Night” with the eagerly awaited sequel “The Sanctum”, brought quite a lot of distractions that delayed much of the Projects build. With at least six months wasted in research, home duties and other more pressing appointments, Marcus De Storm set out and bettered himself with the introduction of a new Concept.

Up until Casanova Da Vinci released the very first copy of “Evermore: The Bordello Tales”, it was a true fact that nobody really read “Story-Short Compilations” anymore. Their busky, wide and heavy ledger like size structure making it difficult to be a ‘Bed Time Reading Book’. In most cases the more defined and non-long winded a story, the better to satisfy even the shortest attention spanned Reader: 50–60 pages, opposed to 100–200.


Tabs & Ganj: The Chronicles


The story of “Tabs & Ganj” is that one piece of the mid-80’s-early-90’s “Wake & Bake” era that many people can relate to “The Music & Dance Phenomenon” that gripped a Nation, before going on to spread the news of its Freedoms. Written under the tone of sluggish, lazy and outright variations within the Underground Drug Scenes, the many stories of “Tabs&Ganj” are based upon true experiences and situations.



Telling the tales of two social fuck-ups who better their wishes to become more than the lazy Stonehead’s that they are, it soon becomes apparent that one of them is not who they claim to be! And with more than 40 Episodic helpings In Progress, what better way to find out the truth than to Serialize the whole story? Starting with “Mangina”, it was thought that by putting the Reader in at the deep end, they would appreciate “Tabs & Ganj: Beginnings” a whole lot better than to learn of the two main characters straight away.


Tabs & Ganj: Mega-Strain


Two years after “Mangina” was released, the Author threatened to have “Mega-Strain” released in various Seasons, but none came to be until 2016, when the first copies of Paperback emerged with the “Mega-Strain” cover.

Released without Promotion or Advertising, the “Tabs & Ganj” story was back, and it was bringing a friend along with it too.


Tabs & Ganj: The In-Law-Outlaw


Besting the previous story-line with a more gritty, down to Earth feel of hurt and pain, the premise on “Tabs & Ganj: The In-Law-Outlaw” was that Readers could find out more on both Characters, not just one at a time. With introductions of Family Members, some living in the surrounding troubled Towns and Cities became a “Venting” for the many other stories that told of “Resheen”. Tabs & Ganj are no strangers to the weird and eerie goings-on around their city of Redstone, where just a walk to the shops sends them into some twisted and perverted cast of “The Twilight Zone”, for real!

What Is “Resheen”


Resheen was written as an ongoing saga-like all-topic quest series. Starting with “The Brotherhood Of The Realms”, which by default held the running title: The Brotherhood Of Justice, and concluding with “The Storyteller’s End”. Throughout this series an estimated 25 Stories to each Volume and a further 25 Books would contain and tell the complete story – MKDS was wrong!

The creation of “Resheen” came from “Vorelee’s Curse” an installment of “On A Storyteller’s Night” – one of 25 in the very first volume. Within the confines of Time; Earth’s predating of Man had the presence of Gods who walked among us – Humans. With this in mind, the simplest of tears in the fabric of Space and Time would indeed cause a great “Shift” to occur – now there are 2 domains: The Isle of Storm and Resheen (our current world).

The battle of the Gods and Men brought much death, mostly to humans, until finally the day a God is killed by a Man, a compromise is made between several Gods who assist in banishing Vorelee – an attempt that seals her in an inescapable prison for 10,000 years.

The Great Shift

Okay, so Caldon and Seacliffe are at war, there seems nothing that anyone can do to stop the blood being spilled, until one day Vorelee is stricken down with a broken heart – That God that was killed by a Mortal man, he was her Lover and Betrothed.

In a fit of rage and immense power, Vorelee destroys Caldon, splitting and tearing it away from Seacliffe’s outer Province straight into the sea. In visionary style, if you consider that Seacliffe was the whole size of England, and Caldon Provinces were that of Scotland, then it wouldn’t be that far off being an accurate measurement of loss.
Fast forward 10,000 years, evolve mankind, make a single ‘Loop-Back’ aka “The Shift”, and what you have is a land that has started from Ground Zero up to live and survive. Is this classed as Science Fiction? No. It is Action Fantasy all the way.


Detective Marcus Chance

The young Detective Marcus Chance has from the very beginning known that he has never been a part of the “Norm” around Seacliffe (Our World), especially as Marcus Chance was one of the very reasons things were never normal around him. With a big story-line coming up that will have Readers pulling out their hair, we find out several new things that will tip the balance of his favor – Has Detective Marcus Chance been to The Isle of Storm before?


Time Lines & Flatlines – The Hardline 80’s

It was believed amateurish not to include many different “Mile Stone Timelines” inside all Projects; On A Storyteller’s Night, Severed Ties, The Storyteller’s End and, of Course, The Brotherhood Of Justice (in progress for a rebooted refresher).


Including original titles: The Factory and City Limits: The Long Road Out, the jumping into a rather referred point in many people’s lives brought a sense of nostalgia, not glory. With Redstone City – Fire City – on the verge of war with their neighboring Towns and Cities alike, it felt right to expand the Province’s and bring to the limelight other City and Town names speckled across the island. The rest of the world: Chatandra (named by the residents of both “The Island” and “Resheen”), Chatandra meaning “World Outside” – outside “Resheen” and outside The Island.


As well as The Hardline 80’s and the notable “Bordello Tales”, we have four further stops in the way of “The Lost Decades”; 60’s, 70’s, 90’s and 2K’s. A future bound journey in a space of 30–50 Books and Mini-Stories that map the whole Province’s out in equal measure, while still stealing home the one principle point: How real is The Isle of Storm and Resheen?


Time-Line 1: Stretching more than 700 Trest Millennia (seven hundred thousand years) it is The Gods themselves who wander The Isle of Storm while Primate Man are only in their infancy of walking the lands from Apes. References from these Gods suggest they were created 900 million years before they are confronted by The God Killer, though his dress and appearance was not of early Storm Island, or that of Resheen.


Time-Line 2: Man’s first encounter comes in the form of Vorelee, the little girl lost in The Grey Wood (Wastelands of Nasperine) and the first casualty of a fruitless war.


Time-Line 3: Resheen (the England Province) becomes embroiled in bitter disputes, scuffles and wars with Cities, Towns and even small Merchant Villages. Encompassed in this is “Darion’s Mile”, an epic story-line that brings to note the aftermath of “Men Of The Gods”, while setting down the foundations for history to dwell on the Iron, Bronze and Modern Ages.


Time-Line 4: The Shift has already occurred some 20–30 Millennia ago, which brings together the 1940’s and respectfully the 1950’s. Between “The Resheenian’s” (Future Evolved Human’s) and those of the inhabitants of “Storm Island” (aka The Isle of Storm), The references used as to The Second World War, are loose, considering that “The Shift” only becomes stable in the Mid-to-Late 1980’s. Crazy Scientist’s set out to test, sample and control “The Shift”, but with disastrous results and even worse consequences for the future to come.


Time-Line 5: The 1960’s and 1970’s, in its historical ‘Back Street Tales’, foretells the ‘Cool Down Period’; peace has been restored to “The Isle Of Storm”, therefore settling “The Rift”, so too, those strange seeping holes of ‘Other World’ Creatic’s that roam, prey and scour the lands for food and the thrill of the hunt.


Time-Line 6: In the event of “The Shift” opening, between those realms of “The Gods” and those of the Human’s, it is magnified quite clearly that there cannot be “Gods” without their counterparts of a differed good; their brutal reflections, frustrated loathing for those weaker than themselves – Devil’s and Demons! As the 1990’s range, bend and overcome a saturation of infested evil – through Bluebell Woods – the whole current day Seacliffe comes under attack from a new enemy.


Time-Line 7: Between the 1990’s and 2K’s, attention is taken away from “The Isle of Storm”, and solely for the purpose of defeating the Devil’s that plague Resheen itself. A phased “Shift” now stands center point to Seacliffe Future and Seacliffe Current. In a three year battle with Demon’s, Imps and Manifestations beyond belief, one man stops them all in humanities greatest hour of need, but not without consequences. This is witnessed in the novel “Men Of The Gods”.


Time-Line 8: It begins in 2001; man has been saved from slaughter and extinction – twice, and now it is time to build from the old into the new. Flavored in just the correct immersion of Fantasy, while hinting at Sci-Fi, though remaining on a Ground Level Basis in which to detail, map and tell of each individual. The 2002 Nasperine Bombing, the 2003 Sheekan Attacks, the 2004 and 2005 Bosker invasion that introduced the new Creatic to fifty thousand guns before it became extinct. 2006, however, nothing in or around Resheen or The Isle of Storm was out of place, attacked or killed. Isolated sightings and suspected attacks calmed.


Time-Line 9: 2007 was the year that Johnathon Stone came to Redstone, the very same year that began the affair of a love sought (Severed Ties). His Devilishly cruel intentions are somehow misguiding him, while his quest for the one thing he can’t have is reflecting each and every emotion he feels at the time; if Stone is angered, there are Floods, Storms, Earthquakes, even land movements that bury villages. The whole entire Time-Line 9 revolves around 4 people: Johnathon Stone being the protagonist.


Time-Line X: So begins “The Storyteller’s End”. Told throughout the remainder of Stories; Mini-Novels (condensed), Mini-Series, Novel’s and also Epic’s, the final details of “Resheen” will overshadow every story told in the Chronicles so far. With a prudent look into the past, present and projected future failures over Man, we are faced with the fact: All of our Actions cause an opposite Reaction, thus setting into motion various Consequences to reset The Balance!


The Bordello Tales Explained…

Evermore: The Bordello Tales was the very first spin from “On A Storyteller’s Night”, and the one which nearly never made it to the publisher. Its introduction of “Resheen”, as well as the feuding families of both Evermore and Borello towns, were written for the Author’s two twelve-year-old daughters’ (Chantal & Jade), who loved the story. It wasn’t until “Midnight Sun” was finished, that the basic mechanics of the series needed “Evermore”. (The Author’s daughters did not read this novel, which was considered deeply inappropriate due to its graphic adult content).

Written in a sequence as to the ‘Bigger Picture’, without the first story, people would be hard placed to understand Tristan’s anguish and pain. So, with consent of his girls, Casanova Da Vinci set about fulfilling the ‘Title Run’ by asking permission to publish – they were thrilled.

Now that all books were sequenced and brought up to date, the Synopsis of “The Bordello Tales” was finally written – three months after the completion of the first book, to produce four of the latest action packed, adult orientated Action, Crime Thrillers that pack a punch for every Reader.


Evermore is a darkly dramatized ‘Love Story’, one which is set in its very own standard. And being one of only several out of the 12 Book Collection (Series One) that is not “Erotic”, it stands the test of time too, with a “Love Gained, Love Lost, Tragedy” submersion plot. The relationship between two people forbidden to be together, while the back drop story-line is of war and betrayal against a whole Nation (Resheen).


Phasing into the XXX21 Version of “The Bordello Tales Collection”, the raunchy erotic tale of “Midnight Sun” captures a fulfilling flavor to an otherwise exciting and action packed tale of Alice Gruber – Daughter of Lady Mallandra Gruber-Borello – and favorited character in an otherwise deep void of people’s lives in and around “Resheen”.


Bringing to some degree The Shadows of Man, too, it is with “Breathe” that the Readers are met by Lord Lucas Cavendish, a flamboyant Libertine who lives a double life; by day he is the Lord who tends his duties at Evermore, under the watchful eye of his heart broken Cousin, Lady Melissa Evermore, while at night he is someone else – something else!

As “Breathe” fills in all the gaps and answers some of the questions left from “Midnight Sun”, so too does “City Limits: The Long Road Out” and “The Factory”, both as hot and brimming with sensual depictions of sexual lust and bloody soaked violence that was all a big part of the “Hardline 80’s”; merciless and vibrant with opportunity both, what exists in “City Limits” and “The Factory”, is a unique flow of Storytelling and visionary description.

Original Concept & Creation

The thought of “Evermore” came with a question more than anything else. If there were any true examples of ‘Love’ out there, then where would a ‘Forever’ Love Story come from? We all say we are “In love”, or that we “Love” a person, but where would all those ‘Sparks’ start – and alas, where would they end?

Making “Evermore” as unique as he could by including a former MKDS Formula of ‘Character’ and of ‘Reader’; a blending of literature that could fuse both Story and Observer together as one – Subconsciously relating and understanding each thought, spoken word and even those emotions that Carrie, Robert, Tristan, or even Lady Gruber experiences.

As many of “The Bordello Tales” are told in 1st Person (told from the characters’ POV), one of the main obstacles was found in ‘Descriptive Initiation’, the “On-the-Fly” coupling of both characters, but with the shared feeling of excitement and sadness.

All Novels as regards to “The Bordello Tales” are told from a single character in the series, to better the reading experience and render the Tales.

The Families At War

On the North-Eastern point of Resheen, you have Yorkshire – North Yorkshire – where the rich lifestyles of the wealthy celebrate in a large town called “Evermore”; an almost bright, vibrant and fantastical place where fame and fortune come from all of those who look down their noses at the “Borello Residents”. Whereas, on the North-South Divide, you have “Borello”, a short distance from one another when taking into account “Evermore Lake”; the waters of a strange substance that rejuvenates the very being of anyone swimming in its waters.

On one side you have one town, while on the other there is a town fighting off the attacks of its people and residents – Borello Town – dubbed “Bordello” for its clear and simple story, which is that  of a 300 year feud that has never been put to rest, and with it the town has acquired a reputation for many things illegal and without question sinful; vigilante’s roam the dark streets, criminals make their getaway and seedy back street opium dens, brothels and even Boudoir De Sexual  establishments are hidden but not without their clientele.

By dropping the Reader into the story where great changes are starting to happen in both towns, it is soon discovered that not all bloodlines are taken with the traditions and ways of the parents; Carrie Brindley-White, Tristan Lazenby, Michael Slattery, Alice Gruber, and even Lucas Cavendish, who being the twenty-something Libertine of a lost town, brings together an essence that is just as remarkable as the detail in their tales.

Heroes & Villains


With a vivid look into all the characters, we see that not all Enemies or Villains are so bad, but in fact, they are just as loved by both sides as each other is hated. With several Key Stone characters throughout the series telling their story of “The Evermore vs. Borello War”, we see that normality is not quite reached by violence and confrontation. Keeping each individual player unique and hungry for something, it was the introduction of a Faith that brought a tolerable thin line between violence and death; Lord Lucas’ character “The Borello Hood” has no real serious confrontations, his quick reflexes and even quicker wit saving him from near death clashes and torture. But, he, as well as everyone else needs to believe in something – 700,000 years is long enough for anyone to choose a Faith, even if it is of a selfish choice.

Having a single Hero in the series was never considered. The story-line had already been written out some 3 decades previous, so it was vital to the balance of the others to keep a low profile aura around the entire collection of 20 books, varied in size from 5.25 to 6.9, but certainly not failing to be complete in their layout and ‘Pick up and read’ formats.

As part of “The Bordello Tales Collection” – off-the-cuff one-off novels began to surface in all respects, the unlisted Episodes marked the changes between “The 50 Day War” and the timely release of Lord Lucas Cavendish from his “Prison Hell”, locked away in The Saunders’ Institute for 5 years. His own drive steering him toward a destination he does not yet know.

Bringing together 2 Story-lines involving 2 Main Characters whose stories have been told: “Breathe” and “Midnight Sun”, Elizabeth Spinks’ return to Borello after her Mother’s murder – killed by Lady Mallandra Gruber-Borello – has but changed one thing…Lady Melissa Ellington-Evermore’s reign. As in “The Opium Emporium”, with Lord Lucas Cavendish’s rightful taking of the title to the Throne of “Evermore Manor”, we subsequently witness the death of Lady Evermore. It is this that has “Shade: The Rogue Of Borello” now loose with more bitter hatred and loathing for The Rich Bloods of Evermore than ever before, including Lucas, himself.

The Opium Emporium: Rising, although many pre-Reader’s believed it to be ‘Just another Stonehead Story’, were surprised to discover that it told of Lord Lucas’ blazen belief in the power of Love over Majesty. Taken into the seedy depths of “Borello”, he finds that there are many who would give up their lives for the taste of indulgence and potential friendship. The Opium Emporium is but the “Start Point” of this trilogy, but far be it Narcotic fueled to lead anywhere but an explosive conclusion to “The Bordello 3” story-line.


Keeping the story based around Borello, it is the intervention of Michael Gruber, who finds Lucas collapsed in the middle of The Quarter, one place that he would never have survived the punishment of being caught by The Borello Guards or Alice Gruber.

What starts out as a courtesy between Men, quickly turns into a bonded friendship of two Brothers’ in Crime; Michael’s checkered past far outweighing that of Lucas’, while both are embroiled in the underlying “Wanted” motions of illegal activity. Integrating “Suburban Heat” into “The Bordello Tales” was seen as intentional, after its Official Debut in 2012 with a 740 page feast of symbolic overtures within the ways of Masonic and Political hold, while those “Rude Bits” of Adult Erotica sooth the fires and race for survival.


Having taken 2 years in the writing, consisting of 70–100 pages per Chapter, 12 Chapters plus Bonus: The Petticoat Maid (Chapter One), and almost certainly every essence in which to include it in “The Bordello Tales Collection”. The whole concept of “Resheen” was coming together once more – and for the last and final time.


The 12 Houses of the world are thrown into turmoil when (Law) Lord Terrence O’Neill is taken ill and dies in Wolf Wake Manor – a major Power House (if not THE largest of all Power Houses) on the planet – which causes a sudden crash!

Plotted and sub-plotted with Masonic references, the reader also finds The Illuminati, too, as well as other, more vested Secret Orders that are less well known. Around these indulgences and self-tolerant guises there is the story-line, a non-stop action ride of one man’s hope of changing the world, and sadly, everyone in it.


Suburban Heat: Rise Of an Empire (Book 1) is available now in all good Bookstores and Online DL.

The Future Of Suburban Heat


It was initially the intent and purpose for the Author of Suburban Heat to write the last two remaining novels, which were “Fall Of The Law Lords” and “Rise Of The Law Lord”, respectively. But, as everything that is attached to a long Project, things create change, and change is good in its decent and ample amount. As for the two remaining novels, it is highly unlikely they will ever be released in any Full Novel format.

Plans to condense “The Suburban Heat Chronicles” by way of Mini-Novel has been suggested and well noted, taking into consideration, too, that the average reader these days wants more of a lighter, much pocket sized read that can be as portable and robust as any other twice its size.

“House Of Swan” will be written for early January 2017, with a second follow up “Master To Lord” coming Summer 2017. The Petticoat Maid will be complete sometime this year, too, with a big reference to its main character, Lady Melissa James-Cartwright who frequents Evermore Manor in The Bordello Tales Collection.

The Rift Epicenter And Divides


The Rift that first appears in late 1967 (The Brotherhood Of Justice), was the one which begins the echoes of Bluebell Wood; the past piercing through the fabric of time, its inner world colliding with ours – Chatandra (Earth), while fusing together with Resheen; a vast world where sits The Isle of Storm (Storm Island). The Great Battle of Vorelee has punched a hole through time, letting loose a horde of monsters (Creatic’s), including Sheekan’s, one of the deadliest of them all.

By the 1980’s, it is “The Rift” that has chipped away the limited boundary of all evil, and it is now that Bluebell Wood in Seacliffe (Chatandra) that is feeling the whole cause and effect of it. Only when the main Character Detective Marcus Chance enters the story-line, does the reader begin to understand that his life has been changed. He is a young man forced into a Police Organization that is headed by a corrupt Officer, who is a member of “The Light” (reference to The Bordello Tales Collection”). Ordered on a mission to kill a known terrorist that resides in “The Maze”, a fortress built around The Seacliffe South Estate, Chance carries out the final actions which inadvertently opens up “The Rift” large enough for him to pass through it – He disappears.

Though Bluebell Wood is the Epicenter, the line in which it travels from is just as large as its blast – 20,000 miles, to be precise! How does it do this? With the infusion of both planetary bodies (which we’re not insinuating that Resheen is a Planet!), both are effected and equally scarred with the devastating rip; Resheen hit the hardest with their Gods that have walked among them, terrorized them and even killed them, all killed by the simultaneous show of force from both sides fusing together – this even the Gods themselves didn’t see coming.

Marcus Chance; his story is long, spanning the entire collection of “On A Storyteller’s Night Chronicles”, story shorts that are being rewritten to the condensed Mini-Novels that they were meant to be – 100 to 200 pages per story.

Inspector Ted Calvert; the more strict but corrupt Officer of the law with convictions of his own against the take-down of a well-known terrorist that has rigged “The Maze” with a highly volatile bomb – a Dirty Bomb – with enough power to destroy a whole city. This, of course, is unknown to the police officer, whose only sight is on seeing his Nemesis dead, by any means necessary.
Marvin Poyndexter; the good mannered American who crosses the path of Chance during a close encounter with a Sheekan in Resheen, the first story-short introducing a “Crossed Character”, who is originally seen in “Severed Ties”. Marvin is the “Call Barer” who informs Marcus Chance of The Rift’s increase in size – resulting in Hell rising from its solitude to both Earth and Resheen. Where there were Gods in earlier stories, now come the Devils and Demons.

The Storyteller’s End…!


The Storyteller’s End was included in a discussion about “Severed Ties”, with the concept having been very small, and yet, the current development being larger than what we believed it could be. Giving the “Finale” of the five character’s who are brought together over the 25 Volumes of “On A Storyteller’s Night Chronicles”; it is the depth and breadth of the 290 page novel that concludes the whole series. “The Storyteller’s End” which is estimated to be released between Mid-to-Late 2017.

After writing “The Opium Emporium: Rising” in late 2015, it was recently considered worthy of a second mini-novel to accompany the first. As Readers will find it is neither for Stonehead’s (reference to “The Tabs & Ganj Chronicles”), its base line key stone points make it one of the longest staid “Vigilante” tales in the whole “Bordello Tales Collection” so far.

The Opium Emporium, like “Evermore”, is Non-Erotic, while, like “Midnight Sun”, it is “The Opium Emporium 2: Sanctum” that becomes a true runner in modern day Adult Erotica “Love Gained, Love Lost, Tragedy” tale.

The Opium Emporium: Rising was released September (22nd) in Paperback and on e-book, it also sees the very first mini-novel to be released on Kindle Electronic Format, too. This does not change the decision, however, of having all the other previous mini-novels being put onto Kindle.


More information soon…


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