Tesla Unveils Semi And Super-Fast Roadster

Tesla unveils two new vehicles, electric semi and super-fast new Roadster. Tesla has today announced two new vehicle prototypes that will bring the total number of Tesla cars, and... Read more »

Intel’s 5G Modem In Development

Intel Announces: First Commercial 5G Modem In Development. The world’s second largest semiconductor manufacturer, Intel, has announced a major project in mobile chips. The company has introduced a future... Read more »

Uber Fires Two After Hack Cover Up

Uber has fired two employees after a breach of user data was covered up last year, Dara Khosrowshahi has revealed to the public. Khosrowshahi recently replaced co-founder Travis Kalanick... Read more »

K12: Britain’s Bitter Price Increases

K12 Warn Of Bitter Price Increases Today, K12 released a stark warning to the British People, revealing the rise of Food, Fuel and Household Bills will cripple Britain within... Read more »

K 1 2 Warns The UK Has Been Breached

Forster Rubrev of the Russian Group Go.Net has posted the first stark warning message believed to be from a British Orbistan, who claim that “The UK has been breached”,... Read more »

Cinematic History…Entirely On Smartphones

A cinematic movie made only with smartphones. We have accepted the challenge to make a 90 minute cinematic movie using only smartphone cameras. Join us and see if we... Read more »

Apple’s Paradise Paper’s Scheme

Paradise Papers leak reveals Apple’s tax evasion scheme. A leak from Appleby, a company offering tax haven services, has revealed tons of information about tax evasion practices from companies... Read more »

Facebook: Send Us Your Nudes

Facebook: Send us all your nudes, so we can block their distribution Facebook has released a feature in Australia that sounds more like a teenage boys’ prank than a... Read more »

iPhone X Freezes In Cold Weather

The new iPhone X, designed in California, freezes in cold weather – Apple promises a fix Unveiled first time officially last in September and finally released to the public... Read more »

Apple Acquires InVisage

Apple acquires QuantumFilm company InVisage You might have heard of quantum dot, and if so it probably is thanks to Samsung. Samsung has been investing tons on their QLED... Read more »

Qualcomm Rejects $105 Billion Offer

Qualcomm rejects Broadcom’s $105 billion offer. A week ago it was announced that that semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom has made an offer on Qualcomm, one of the largest competitors in... Read more »

Firefox Quantum Is Here

Firefox Quantum delivers significant speed improvements. Mozilla has released Firefox Quantum across platforms with a new slick UI and an overhauled core engine, providing for a speedier and lighter... Read more »

Android – 2 Years Outdated

Android fragmentation problems hit a new high, billion devices two years outdated. For its entire history Android has had one massive problem: software fragmentation. That means that people are... Read more »

Freedom Gaming Channel

Freedom Gaming Channel is a live YouTube Community that offers Subscribers the chance to join in with other Global Players. Subscribe, Join, Chat and become united with lots of... Read more »